Stella Dimoko Bloody Thursday At Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta.


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Thursday, August 18, 2016

Bloody Thursday At Federal University Of Agriculture, Abeokuta.

The Students of Federal University of agriculture,Abeokuta staged a protest today and it is still on-going....

According to those who school there,what caused this morning's protest was because, 2 hostels were robbed over the night and this is not the first time of it's happening.

Adejoke hostel was robbed with Phones ,laptops and some valuables carted away with a student seriously injured on his head..
It has allegedly become a routine in FUNAAB environment with Robbers/burglers upsetting the peace of the students and the school has allegedly done nothing to secure the lives of properties of the students.

The road leading to the school is blocked making it impossible for any vehicle to go in or out.

The student union president popularly known as DENCO has addressed the crowd and stated three things must be done before the students stop the protest.

*NO ACADEMIC activities till a lasting solution is
* School management should write a letter of commitment to the students off campus to show that they are also property of the school from
hence forth.

* The commissioner of police Ogun state should be presented at the protest ground right way .

He stated that If any of these three is not put in place the protest
would move to the school grounds...
Students are already moving to the main Express

Meanwhile it is alleged that the VC of the School was a visitor at the EFCC
office yesterday .

*Could not post the picture of the student dangerously injured by armed robbers.its horrible.

Parents and guardians,please call your wards to leave school premises at once ooooh.


  1. So it's their vc that's robbing at nite,abi what's the connection btw his visit to EFCC and the robbery?

    1. Students!!!! *in patience jonathan's voice....

      They would still end up paying for damages.

    2. Don't mind them
      Is it the responsibility of the school authority to provide security for students staying off campus, what happen to their Landlord association. Can't they pay for vigilante service

      Youthful exuberant lo worry won

    3. Lizzy T, i tell you. Auchi Poly resumes on the 29th and each student is to pay 7k for damages and if yoi didn't pay fees before the protest you will still pay for late registration.

  2. I just love peace!!
    All this kinda things make me soo uncomfortable..

    I just hope the school management finds a way to provide a good security measure in the school and it's environ...



    1. Was the robbery on campus or off campus? If it was off campus, there is little or nothing the school authority can do.

      Quick recovery to the injured students.

    2. School has no business with student off campus o. Don't mind them

  3. Na wa o. That's bad.

    VC was invited by EFCC? He's a thief too? Lol

  4. The management should act fast. This is not good.

  5. And those ones will claim future of tomorrow*

  6. Eeeya, evil everywhere. Ndo nu ooo

  7. Can't they have a peaceful protest or why are they burning vehicles? It is well with our nation.

    1. It was a peaceful protest untill a student was hit by a stray bullet that what angered the students

    2. I wonder ooo!
      What's with the burning of vehicles, destruction of property?
      Why can't it be a peaceful protest TRULY?
      Our so called leaders of tomorrow, compounding problems for themselves and their parents because @ the end of the day, they will still be taxed to pay for the damages done. So it amounts to STUPIDITY.

    3. madam ify onyekwelu don't conclude on a matter u don't know about. it was a peaceful protest until a student was shot in the head. i witnessed this first hand. his head was blown open. he is alive but in very very critical condition. that is why the students turned violent.

  8. Good evening Stella, I'll just like to add one or two things to the post earlier about funaab, there were omissions in the post. To begin with, the robbery incident isn't just happening, we have been going through this since the beginning of the session that's February /March, students have cried out tirelessly especially those that stay outside school nobody is, safe phones and laptops are stolen, rape and molestation inclusive, they use their cutlasses on students at will, our cries fell into the school authorities deaf ears, according to the vice chancellor he isn't responsible for students outside school hostel whereas the hostels inside school can't accommodate half of the students. To what really happened today. The robbery incident was in the early hours of today, i stay very close to the hostel that was attacked and at exactly 3:42 I heard a bang at my gate and those that were banging were shouting they've robbed Adejoke and they've injured people, most were scared but eventually at past 4am we came out and after some deliberations we decided to go to the road that leads to school gate and block the road so there would be movement and there were no weapons. To most Denco's(SUG president) words don't hold water because he has disappointed us time and time over. I left the protest ground at 8am because I had to be somewhere this morning. When I was leaving students were all out all the way to camp and they weren't misbehaving police were there already. Less than 2 hours after on my way back everywhere was scattered already, the police had shot a student in the eye, a student who was without weapon, after releasing Tear gas. That was exactly what got the students angry and they started destroying things, and students from FCE took part in the burning saga. the cream and blue building is the VC's church and they didn't hesitate to destroy the windows for obvious reasons, he completed that church with part of his embezzled fund(God forgive me) if he had listened to out pleas all these won't have happened. Violence isn't the answer though and nobody set out to destroy properties this morning. We have been sent home for a week! #Pls Pray for Taiwo#

    1. God will heal Taiwo and as many that are injured. Our higher institutions need to start seeing students living off campus as their responsibilities. They couldn't provide enough accommodation so the need to stay out. This very institution have about 80% of her students living off campus so the VC should rise up for their safety.

    2. I also learnt that one person was killed..May GOD Almighty restore peace.

    3. How on earth will police Open fire on students who are doing peaceful protest,thats so wrong. You all should leave campus already and go to your previous homes for safety purpose.

    4. So what connection does d vc vs with off campus? Abeg how many hostels dey off camp n how do u expect him to protect students scattered all over town? Shey una get brain so? The school is not liable 4 students off camp n can never b. U should b directing ur anger to d state/community n police whose primary responsibility is 2 protect its people. What u should request is more school hostels 2 accommodate more student but like we know most student dont like school hostels cos they cant stand d rules n restrictions. Mk una rest.mtweeeeeeeeeew

    5. Don't you have landlords, can't they employ vigilantes
      Whoever lead that protect is a fool instead of fighting your vC confront your landlords

  9. I'm glad you don't post graphic pics Stella..
    The sight of blood makes me queasy.

    I hope to God this protest doesn't lead to more blood shed and death.

    The school authorities, Pls do something, enough of all this barbarism.

  10. I heard that a student lost his life. Nigeria sef!

  11. Some of the ppl stealing from them might be fellow students oo... After, they will join them and be protesting. #sad

  12. It's not the responsibility of the school to protect students living off campus but that of your landlords.


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