Stella Dimoko Happy Birthday Blog Visitors Uwaila Ugiagbe,Eneanya Chukwuemeka And Kevin Ogun


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Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Happy Birthday Blog Visitors Uwaila Ugiagbe,Eneanya Chukwuemeka And Kevin Ogun

I am Dr. Ugiagbe Nehis, a regular reader of your blog which 
introduced to me by my lovely wife. Please permit me to use
medium to wish her a happy birthday.
" Hey baby, this is your first birthday as my wife and I 
to blow your mind".
As you become a year older , may the blessings of God 
shine bright upon you and may you continue to be a 
blessing to me in particular and the world in general.
 May your utmost heart be met and may you continue 
to be the supportive wife that you are and an amazing
 mother to our unborn kids. I wish you the best my
Happy birthday baby. Your BUBU luvs you.

Bubu?LMAO...Babe abeg happy birthday..
Una two 
weh done oh


I am changing yall. I really am. Today I am +1 in age I 
God Almighty Mba mori ki re, mba korin fun e oluwa jo...
Wa gbe 
mi soke... I am sorry if i ever offended anyone. 

I still love all those who dislike me I got nothing against
 Please forgive me if I wronged you knowingly and 
 Toast to yall... 
One thing i have learnt is that No man can make you 
Rich in life, 
never depend on a Man but God. Worrying doesn’t 
Change anything
 Prayer does. Whatever is worrying you Trust that God
 has a Plan.
 My heart goes out to the Less Privileged Ones, 
I promise to
 do more. 
 I will keep Giving back In a Big way. One thing 
that baffles
 me most
 in Nigeria is that The Poor mass defend the rich who
 stole from 
their pocket. 

The Youths baffle me most because we are meant to 
be the 
Government's Opposition not divided into Political Parties. 
I have understood that nobody's legacy can change the 
because everyone has a Choice to make but we can get 
right by doing the right thing so that the future Generation 
wont regret our decisions. 
I Love You Stella.  Happy Birthday to me Nwachimerueze 

LMAO..Emeka you sef!
I have known Emeka personally for about 5 years?
or more...he 
has a heart of gold and is too emotional so make 
una forgive the outburst up

Ol Boy happy Birthday...Time to..?lol


Today 21st September a Legend was born and the world

I am thankful to GOD for my Life thus far, and am also 
I found U (SDK)... Now, all ye Anons look for a better 
 today o cuz the former one is stale (esp that my
daft Anon 
Edo Sis, LOL)..Lmao! and dont worry i wont be 
pyessing or 
lashing any otele today... I also  promise to redeem 
pledge of shoki dis time in days to follow and will give 
 female bvs, free BBQ... Kizzez to my females,  
yall know 
urselves...Kelvin ogun

LMAO..Only females get the BBQ?Anyway
 birthday my dearest dear Kevin...



  1. Abeg guys no say I dey ask stupid question o if dey born person December old be that person now? some say 22 and some say 22

    1. Kwakwakwakwa, wonders shall never end. So Nehikhare, this was the NYSC nurse that jazed you to marry her in months and you broke my darlings heart? No be small thing. And that your yeye Dr friend with a female name... Blessing abi na Mercy... Him own dey wait am for front. Happy Birthday sha o. Continue using Dr to break hearts.

    2. Mehn you know Nehikhare too. Mehn this world is such a small place. Wow. Happy Birthday uwaila.But I don't like you

    3. Don't mind Nehis,blessing n Dr jim, forming one thing up and down. Happy B-Day to your beautiful wife sha.

  2. Yayyy

    Kevin you are cute for days. Kisses baibe.

    Am I not falling for Kevin already??

    Emwka hbd n iyawo

    1. Bae is a fine boy hiya hiya o πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒKelvin dear happy birthday to you my darling 😘😘😘😘😘

    2. Happy birthday Uwaila and Eneaya. Have a wonderful celebration

  3. Stella babe, please check your fonts ooo. It has passed the margin line.

    Happy birthday to all our blog visitors.

    Hahahaha kevin, the bwest pwesser. So no pressing for you. Kevin come island now, so that i can have free babeaque.

    I no trust this ashewo kevin, only women. you don spoil finish.

    1. I think say na only me notice the margin thing
      Hbd to all of them

    2. Lol at "babeaque". Hahaha.
      Oyibo biara Abiama(Literally: The English language is a visitor).

  4. Am not understanding this you post oh

    HBD to people I can't see

    1. Is that kelvin like seriously... I use to think he is a small boy oh kelvin go marry you don old.. Happy birthday to you more money good health more bwest lol

  5. Hahahahahahah...
    HBD Kelvin!...
    I can bet my lunch that your preek is as tiny as my pink finger...
    You look like a woman mehn...
    See as you FAT full everywhere like a Michelin tyre!, toned abs or what so ever...
    Infact,you no follow at all!...
    Dashing sef,I won't take!...

    1. Hahahaha. Monkeynofine&Ibukun bestie.
      He's tired of stalking quickie.
      HBD fatty.

    2. comment..did women is so bold.

    3. Kelvin beard gang? Lmao

      happy birthday to the three of you.

    4. Lmao, I scrolled down immediately to see your comment and as usual,you didn't disappoint.Happy birthday Kevin and all the lady.Have a blast!!

  6. Chime. You should have just written an article so stella will put it IHs, any happy

    1. Happy birthday Uwa, Emeka and Kelvin....... So this is the Kelvin ? ☺️
      Kelvin go and " pwest " Ara nwanyi asaba 🚢🏼🚢🏼🚢🏼

  7. Happy birthday beautiful people.
    Happy birthday to the breast pad of SDK.

  8. Happy Birthday Uwaila!
    Happy Birthday Emeke nwannem nwoko.

    So Kevin is actually a man? Hmmmmm.

    1. Liv, calling kelvin a Man is an insult to real Men.
      That's a boy up there, A boy.

    2. Hahhahaha @ So Kevin is actually a man? Hmmmmm.

      Ibukunoluwa abeg com n see ur blog boo

  9. lady 1, biko use tooth whitener

  10. Happy birthday all of you. Kevin I hope you begin to act your age now

  11. Happy birthday to you all. Kelvin hehehehehe. I comment my reserve!

  12. You mean the pwest breast Kevin is matured guy? Chineke Nna ekwena ngwele gbaa aji. Nna, ife omimi na adigi mma full time, but can you eat ofe ogbono with those bear bear? Haba? HBD to you nwokeoma. Many breast your way today.
    HBD Emeka, which political party you belong? Hope no be change? Oga adirigi na mma.
    HBD madam Bubu, unu kpakwalim amu na photo unua. Mana make I reserve comment. All the best people.

  13. Happy birthday to you all.Kelvin is good looking.

  14. Happy birthday lady and gentlemen men, may God butter y'all breads and sugar your teas.

    Contact me for your celebration cakes and cupcakes.
    *Faithful bv*

  15. Hehehehe Kelvin the bwest pwesser!! So this is you? #Beardgang things #Yorubademons things lool.
    Happy birthday cutie..pls take it easy on bwests today.

    Happy birthday to "Bubu" the pretty wife and to Emeka the political eulogist!

    Beautiful people everywhere today.

  16. I knew Kevin will be one ugly guy like that.... Happy birthday still.
    The Emeka guy, you for include shoki after this your rant?.
    Happy birthday from BV staphylococcus aureus

  17. Edo people and these their names self. Happy birthday Evwevwevwe, opposition Emeka and Kevin the bwest presser. Kevin I thought you would have added and inch this year. You don join press inside again.

  18. Kelvin,And you have to repeat the same line that always makes me ashamed of coming from the same state with you?

  19. Plenty talk.

    Happy birthday to you all

  20. Chei!!! I dun die. Em go kill person ontop this post today.

    Happy birthday y'all.

  21. HBD fat man with small plik no wonder na only pyess u fit do.

  22. Happy birthday to the celebrants

  23. Happy Birthday Uwaila
    Ugiagbe,Eneanya Chukwuemeka And Kevin
    Ogun...wish u many more blessed years...Oga dat agbada make sense die lol!

  24. Happy birthday to beautiful people.I wish you all, many more years to come.

  25. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    Happy to them.....

  26. Awww...God bless all the celebrants..kevin the bwest pwesser...your birthday post cracked me up..beautiful people


  27. Happy Birthday Uwaila
    Ugiagbe,Eneanya Chukwuemeka And Kevin
    Ogun...wish u many more blessed years...Oga dat agbada make sense die lol!

  28. Enter your comment...happy birthday honey i want to pwest ur nipple tonight pls send my shoki to zero eight one five six seven five three four one six that ur edo sister from another mother E- huge. Veckydiva was here.....

  29. Happy birthday Kelvin my sugar😍
    I wish for you all the good things I wish for myself
    You are one of the real MVPs for sending in your pix
    God bless you baby😍
    In advance to meπŸ‘Œ

    1. Ibk your type are the reason men disrespect women,fool themselves and go free if you can applaud a man as that thing up there I wonder how you look like in real your self esteem I need not measure since you are cool with him it would be better if you advise him thoroughly stop licking ass cause you think he has money it is disheartening and shameful and please save all your bashing towards me instead use it to advise your own "man" in advance.smfh.

    2. All for u Baybay!

      Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

    3. @ naked picture ur moniker and profile pix speaks well about who you already so let me save myself the stress

    4. @mynakedpicture, you're just one stupid idiot.

    5. "Your naked pic, why this memo ? Have read ibk's comment over and over to see the reason for your memo and I can't find any,.. Am not a fan of ibk but this memo is uncalled for please

  30. Happy birthday to the lady and the guy
    Una fine😍

  31. So this is Kevin? Chimo! Happy birthday you all

  32. This bday post dey do missing in action,happy bday to you guys

  33. Hehehehehehehe Mr Bwest!
    But wait!
    I actually think Kelvin is cute
    Happy birthday Kelvin

    Happy birthday everyone of you.

  34. This bday post dey do missing in action,happy bday to you guys

  35. Kelvin ..Happy Birthday
    See....foto.......Guy abeg u set no be small
    Emeka....Happy Birthday.
    Politician with Portfolio....nothing do u
    Dokitor wife Happy Birthday.......

    Kelvo send dat recharge card make e reach me......Glo.

  36. kelvin see as ur body loose guard u be like soak bread...are those r best pictures I know say money no gum u...I wonder how tiny ur prick go be like battery finger das y u go wan like to dey press under age girls breast bcos DAT ur battery prick no go fit perform.

  37. Happy birthday guys!God bless you today and always

  38. Happy birthday peeps....πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚

  39. Lord in heaven! For a man to be this foul mouthed then something is definitely wrong geez when these niggas ever gon learnt? Happy birthday Uwa you are the only one I see shame on the rest on you and if you come under my comment to type nonsense as nonsense as you are God will punish you.shit I can't deal at all coyote ugly ill mannered men *spits* Happy birthday Uwa😘.

    1. No die o! lmao!

      Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  40. Stella post my comment please it doesn't matter if these boys have birthdays today so freakishly annoying set of Australopithecus wikeri excluding Uwa love ya bae.Niggas have said worst to people.

  41. Happy birthday wifey, nwachimerueze and Kevin bwess... God bless y'all immensely.. biko one of you should comman buy me iphone 7

  42. Happy Birthday guys, more Blessings and Favor I pray for all.

  43. Kwakwakkwakwakwa nywais Am having a ball thanks yall i appreciate... IBK thanks baby, my Lafresh and Idetao kizzes... Linda Eze i challenge u to post ur pic! i fear no one dats y i uploaded my pic lol


    1. Why would I upload my picture? think everyone is an attention seeker like you?...
      Go joor!...
      You are a fine boy but you allowed FAT to destroy it!...
      Don't ever marry a Fatty bum bum like you or else,una children go turn to yokozuna!...

    2. See this twerp called Linda Eze! u think its all about attention? i kno ur kind no confidence in urself u have so bashed pple dat shame has clouded u! i didnt do this for attention but hey! its a blog and am proud of me,bt i dare u show urself and kno dis,if i woo u i will lash u cuz u a freak like me, lmao!


    3. Linda Eze keep quiet yeye woman Na only mouth you sabi Send ur own pix for a birthday post make we see weda fear and shame go allow you

  44. Happy birthday to you all.
    Beautiful lady, handsome young men.
    May God Almighty continue to shine His face on you all.

  45. Happy birthday lovely people. God bless and prosper y'all in Jesus name. Amen.
    Kelvin you look like a Teddy bear. Have fun peeps.

  46. Happy birthday to all the celebrant

  47. Happy birthday to all the celebrants

  48. Happy birthday to all the celebrant

  49. Happy birthday people,God bless you all.

  50. Happy belated birthday to the celebrants..


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