Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 22 And 23


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Thursday, September 15, 2016

Labour Room Drama 22 And 23

She landed him a hot slap for looking...

LRD 22
Hello Stella,
You are doing a fantastic job. My day isn't complete till have read all post for the day, which makes me sleep late at times, although I do carry over. ......

Now my LRD, not 'drama' really. As a first time mum, my pregnancy wasn't so eventful, apart from having to vomit everything within me whenever I fail to eat before 8am, and unfortunately, I just didn't enjoy food that I cook. So I turn to a buka faithful, but when I tried some of these joints after I resumed work, I still wonder how I managed to eat those food cause I can't stomach them now.

So back to my story, my edd was still about 2wks, although I did a 4D ultrasound that gave an edd which was about 10days earlier. So when the day came, baby didn't show,although I had planned going out that day, but once I was ready to leave, you won't believe that I couldn't walk out of the house not to talk of reaching the gate. I just cancelled my outing and rested, felt better few hours later, this was a Saturday. 

I continued with my normal activities during the week, on Wednesday, which was my last day at work, ran a lot of errands and used the stairs about 5 times cause my office is on the 3rd floor and the lift wasn't functional.
Finally settled on my seat around 1pm, had to clear my table and was finalizing my handover. At exactly 2pm, I felt a warmth all over and noticed I was wet, went to the convenience discovered my water had broken. Had to ask a colleague to drive me home to pick my bags, got home, had to finish packing, had my bath and even poo. 

We finally got to the hospital around 3.55pm, I wasn't feel pain yet, a nurse attended to me at the reception, so I walked in to the delivery room and all the midwives and nurses were like 'what do you want, this place is restricted', then I said ' I think am in labour', some laughed and one replied 'you think!!, if you dey labor you no go tink o'. Another said ' said na your first time abi, I said yes, so was told to remove just the pant to check how far gone I was, this was about 4.15pm. 

The midwife that checked actually screamed that 'what!!! U don almost reach 10cm, another round of talk started, 'wetin u dey do for hause' , u no get contraction' 'so if ur water no break u no go come'. As they were talking my mind wasn't there, cause after the check, more blood was gushing, had to quickly remove my clothes and as I laid down, the contraction hit me, I started begging baby to please come Had my baby at 4.25pm. 

I hail women who have contraction for hours, that 10mins, was 'heaven on earth' but I thank God for that wonderful experience. My boy is 3years now and have gone again. I will send the 2nd supernatural experience. 

Wow!!!...yours just made everything sound like Child's play.I hope your second Journey turns out as easy for you.


LRD 23
Hi Stella,

Kudos plenty.
I never knew I was pregnant oo. Six months after marriage I wasn't re‎ady for a baby. I was menstruating as usual and everything was fine.
Only for me to be giving a presentation at the office in the presence of top management and I fainted.

Omo, see rushing to clinic when I didn't wake up after one minute. I got there and after examination and tests, the doctor said I was already three months gone. I just started laughing hysterically.

My PA reached out to Dh and he zoomed to the hospital and was greeted with baby news. Naso the guys sef burst laugh oo.

I had an uneventful pregnancy oo until I was 8 months gone. 

Baby decided to start acting up. Na so body go dey scratch me ehn. See ripe farts. Chooi, the mess go dey leak out everywhere. I went to shop with Dh and I polluted in the presence of a young boy. You can't imagine the expression on his face. That day was horrible. Every step brought forth one smelly loud fart. It was like that until I got to the car.

Labour day, I had strange energy. I didn't know I was in labour sef. I carried jerrycan and I told Dh I wanted to fetch water. My oga nearly died. 'baby the taps are running now'. I didn't hear oo I went across the street and fetched water with jerrycan on my head 6 times. My hubby followed me and was begging me. I didn't answer him. 

Neighbors kept on hailing me and yabbing him. Immediately I dropped the jerrycan ehn, my water burst. See speed. I was rushed into the car ooo. On our way to the clinic, I suddenly shouted, 'baby park, park the baby wants to come'. 

My dh teeth were shaking, see prayers. He jumped to the back seat 'baby, what are we going to do'. I told him 'close your eyes don't look at me'.

 I was pushing and screaming 'don't you dare look'. I caught him looking and I slapped him while screaming and pushing.

 I pushed the last time and my girl slid out. People were already surrounding our car by this time and I kept on hearing, ' e be like say person dey born'. Dh entered the car with speed and drove straight to the clinic.
I didn't even know how I got to the clinic‎ bed. I was busy smiling down at my girl.
My oga reminds my daughter anytime she is cheeky 'you that your mother slapped me before she could push you out'.

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHA teeth shaking reminded me of scooby doo cartoon series.
You slapped him for looking?Bwahahahahahahhahahahahaha


  1. I believe in love @1st sight cus I loved my mum the 1st time I opened my eyes.

    God bless our mothers.

  2. Wonderful stories.

    So you are mrs fart fart. The smell will not get part 2. God bless the 2 posters.

    1. Kikikikikikikiki
      Poster2, damn you are strong!!!!

      Poster1, damn you are blessed with painless labour. God bless your homes.

  3. Hahahahaha@ madam're strong sha! Glory to God.

  4. @1st poster, I pray for such an easy labor for myself too

    @2nd Poster, you must be a drama queen, just like Stella

    *Larry was here*

  5. Stella did you get my LRD? Lemme even check my sent items again.

  6. Lmao @ second poster
    But why didn't u want him to look nahπŸ˜‚

  7. Poster 1, that's supernatural....
    Wow, thank God for you.....
    I pray my 2nd would be like this....

  8. What drama filled labour you had @ poster 2

  9. I loves this ones...😍😍😍 God willing my story will be told.

  10. Lol@ last poster. The two posters had very easy pregnancy/delivery. Let me tap into your blessings.

  11. I pray for an easy delivery oh, 10 weeks to go.
    scared a bit.
    First time mum.

  12. Two sweet stories...

    Stella, chop knuckle πŸ‘Š

  13. Hahahaha poster2 u are funny 😁 Nice one ladies. I swear I enjoyed reading it

    1. I laughed so much @ Poster 2's story eh. Stella now made it worse by reminding me of scooby doo. See tears flowing down my eyesπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚. Chai! This blog can make one forget the worries of life

  14. Hahahahaha, got well cokked slap for looking but why now eh Madam anyway congratulations!!!! to poster 1 &2.POSTER 2 you be strong womanooooo, Thank GOD for His strenght



  15. Beautiful stories.

    My birth was so easy. My mum didn't even push. She said as she laid to push, the doctors started screaming that the baby is out already.

    That was how they cleaned me up. And her as well.

    In pray mine will be too easy yo be true

    1. Ideato your mom lied to you...she didn't want you to feel offended, I was there when she brought you into this were actually begging to be born in Jamaica.... I wonder why Jamaica? Perhaps your love for weed....kwakwakwakwa

  16. Oh my God, the stories are indeed Hebrew women. To God be the glory. SO shall it be for all the pregnant women in the house.

  17. Wow! Second story is shocking oh. Did all that really happen? ! You gave birth in a car?!!!
    Wow! Wow!! Wow!!!

  18. Wow Hebrew women things.
    God I key into these lrd n that of my sisters, painless without drama.

  19. Wowwww you did it without midwives oo

  20. 2nd LRD is so funny u had ur daughter inside d car? Woow..

  21. Stella, first poster said she has had another and will send the story. Nice chronicles, the woman who fainted during a presentation and was carrying water on her head is so funny. God bless both posters.

  22. Some women don't know they are pregnant. They drink, smoke and under go strenuous activities before finding out and changing habits and they still have healthy babies. I think babies are a lot stronger than we think.
    Poster 2 thats heavenly strenght oh. You husband is awesome for allowing you continue. lmaoooo Why won't oga look? Isnt she his baby too? If I was there i wld have chopped slap too. If I hear say i no go look. *yimu*
    Poster 1 Nigerian nurses are super annoying. I pray your second journey will be even smoother than the first.

    1. Mechionu gi there. Nigerian nurses are annoying my foot. Birth the child in your room. *tongueclick*

  23. U slapped him for looking, lolzz.

  24. oh God I want to experience this in december 2016, in the right way, traditional and white wedding done.Amen, beautiful story, God please protect all the pregnant, let them all come out of the journey alive Amen.

  25. Awwww, lovely stories.

    U slapped ur hubby? Lol.

    Me too will slap o. I'll blame it on labour pain

  26. May God help the pregnant women all around deliver safely like this women in Jesus Name, Amen.

  27. Lol slapped him for looking @ his properties very funny

  28. Of all the things,you slapped him for looking at his property??

  29. Each time I want to put to bed I sneak to the hispital,this time I will even do worse,i'l say I'm travelling and going on a trip and disappear then call after I have put to bed.i don't want anybody to see me screaming and demonstrating.

  30. Poster 1 your delivery is so easy, just like my second child. Poster 2 you are very strong keep it up!

  31. finally i hv seen ppl who had an easy labour, i pray dat mine will be more easier on dat day

  32. Both posters had very easy labor,I tap into this oh but threshold for pain is LOW.

  33. I pray for easy delivery next year ijn.

  34. Looooool poster two really cracked me up *rolling to Pekistum with laughter* madame macho I hail o
    Poster 1 thank God for ease ooooo you gave birth like the Hebrew women of those days...10 mins contraction and the baby is out ...I claim it in Jesus name ooo

  35. My friend had her 3rd son in the car on her way yo the hospital....

    A story of real bravery and strength. Women are indeed made to bring forth life....
    Congratulations, you both!

  36. Pls I need prayers. One week to enter Favour room. Only contraction pain alone na wa

  37. Madam me ruwa why u slap oga nah?haaahaaaaha!

  38. Hahahahaha see me smilling Meeeehn i enjoyed this post.

  39. heheheheheheh...poster 2 ubreally cracked me up with laughter....


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