Stella Dimoko Mystery Behind Olojo Festival Explained In Details..


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Monday, September 26, 2016

Mystery Behind Olojo Festival Explained In Details..

The day GOD created day ...Ojo-ti-Ojo-di-Ojo
Olojo Festival October 14-17 2016

The Olojo Festival commemorates the descent of Oduduwa into Ile-Ife..
Symbolically a cock sits on the staff of Oduduwa,this is so because a cock is the only bird that announces the dawn of a new day.

Olojo is celebrated in Consonance with the Cosmos hence movement and communication with the Sun dictates the exact time Olojo festival must be held.

Olojo festival commemorates the period Oduduwa and other Spiritual Deities descended on the Earth.

The Olojo festival calender goes thus...

Idijo -This is the determination of the sacred days of the Festival and this is done during the first week of August (Osu ogun)

Gbadure - The commencement of the Olojo festival a week before take off,two days after the Oonirisa goes into Seclusion physically and spiritually with the ancestors,the Esoteric beings and the Almighty God for 5 scared days during which he does not interact with Mortals

Oonirisa comes out of Spiritual Solitude on a Friday.

Ojo Ilagun - a day of earth cleansing when the Oonirisa delivers Terestial message to the world.

Ojo Oke Mogun - Usually on a Saturday is the day the Oonirisa adorns the Aare sacred beaded crown which shall be adorned only ONCE in a year.

Sunday is the day of Pomp and pagentry.of homages,royal awards and embracing of International Tourists.....

His Imperial Majesty Oba Adeyeye Enitan Babatunde Ogunwusi Ojaja II,the Oonirisa celebrates the maiden Olojo festival since his ascension to the throne of his forefathers.

The Entire Human Race is hereby invited to the Palace ile-ife ibi ti oju ti mo to celebrate the day of creation...

Ojo-ti-Ojo-di-Ojo by the Authority of God Almighty.

Oti se se!


  1. Kini gbogbo eleyi nisiyin?
    Inside this hunger,una won use festival collect oerain destiny again 😩

    1. Hahahaha this crack me up. No one can collect your destiny abegi

    2. Buaahaahaahaa hehehehehe kikikikikiki kwakwakwakwa. U made my day. I pity ppl dat wil go there.

  2. Who else enjoys licking her man's balls? Uhmnnn, I love it! Just discovered ouh, could as well be my fetish. I can lick him for Africa, like I did him yesterday. Wow, just wow!

  3. I LOVER THE GENERAL'S WIFE26 September 2016 at 22:26

    Akuko Ifo....

  4. don't even have time to read this labbish...

    my birthday is on Friday...

    yesss #happy

  5. This is just to say they are celebrating the creation of the world according to ile Ife history.

  6. Replies
    1. Christian that spent 21 days in isolation with the corpse of the previous Ooni? He's the head of yoruba demons.

  7. Anon 22:16 eku enjoyment oooo. carry go nothing do you


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