Stella Dimoko PDP Blasts Gov Ambode,Says ''Stop gallivanting while floods, traffic ruin Lagos''


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Thursday, September 08, 2016

PDP Blasts Gov Ambode,Says ''Stop gallivanting while floods, traffic ruin Lagos''

The Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, in Lagos State has accused governor Akinwunmi Ambode of roaming round the country and spending Lagos funds on partisan activities that are not beneficial to the state.

In a statement by its Publicity Secretary, Mr Taofik Gani, the party faulted governor Ambode for allegedly neglecting and “exhibiting busy body in his style of governance”.

PDP said: “Governor Ambode now appears disillusioned and has thus compromised the welfare, Security and concerns of Lagosians and Lagos State for the sake of his party’s interest, thereby plunging the state into neglect, distress and prodigality.

“Governor Ambode abandoned governance and travelled out of the state to Osun and Edo states within the last five days, at such period that he ought to empathise with victims of the flooding now ravaging the state; destroying property, causing traffic E, distress and deaths in parts of the state.

“It is now obvious that Governor Ambode is nonchalant to the plight of Lagosians and attaches no humanitarian value to the welfare and lives of Lagosians thus his decision to take the executive and legislature to Osun state to commission just a school building constructed by the Osun state governor, Aregbesola, after almost whole eight years in office.

“Worse still is that governor Ambode accepted the needless burden to be the National coordinator of the APC Edo governorship campaign committee and has literally moved Lagos governance to Edo state and also pledging further human, logistics and financial supports to the APC candidate for the election day. 

We are keeping tabs on him and we shall demand his probe at the appropriate time.”

*LOL...I like Gov Ambode...well he can gallivant as long as work is going on but if not then he should be called out.The roads and drainage should be fixed,there is nothing he can do about the rains falling..


  1. Abeg they should park well.

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  2. PDP should go and meet Sherif. He has their medicine

  3. Stella Stella Stella,
    There is nothing he can do about the rains...
    There is nothing he can do about it raining
    Rain falling is vernacular English
    Thank you

    1. Nothing he can do about it raining? Just use real bullets please. That's how you people will be teaching your kids disjointed English

    2. If u feel his not doing well let the appropriate action be taking but if his good I don't see why you blame him for his good work.what I know is that Law of karma will prevail one day.

  4. Ambode is better than any governor pdpd can ever bring its a fact .....

  5. I love Ambode! all work and no play.......

    Ignore PDP. toothless bulldogs!

  6. Wetin concern me. D road should be fixed

  7. Dem just wan talk...... na him send the rain? Abi na him say make people no do drainage for front of their house? Abi na him say make people dey troway dirty for inside drainage even when lawma has been very active. Joor ooo......leave the man and his busy body alone. The scale of projects going on in the state right now no be beans.

  8. People don't take sanitation serious in Lagos again.
    Lagos needs a governor like fashola many tins are going wrong in Lagos

    1. Mumu u sure say u dey live for lagos? Abi na outskirts?

  9. Ambode, the silent but mighty worker. pple r to b blamed for flooding too, not d govt pls. some areas, pple throw their waste rite in the canal or gutter. all to those that consume bottled drinks n dispose rite on the road, v u ever thot abt where these bottles go to...PDP is dead n buried.

  10. Ambode is doing a great job in Lagos but sometimes, I think he's skipping steps... Some of his commissioned projects ain't meant to come now when the basic needs of the people ve'nt been met.

    These days I read about so much flocakkn Lagos n I say to myself; should I call daddy Noah?

    Mr Ambode, plz do something about the flood. Thanks

  11. Ambode's leadership style could be likened to that of Rochas of Imo. Too much talks, bragging, excessively arrogant, too much craving for public attention and eventually ends up achieving little or nothing despite the huge resources at his disposal.
    Ambode, is not a leader and to make matters worse, he was picked by his godfathers to run Lagos State on their behalf, he's just a figure head. This is called positional leadership and it does not yield any meaningful result at the end of the day.

  12. Let's hear the conclusion of the matter, PDP is dead and hating successful Governor from a ruling party.

    Just sharaaaap and fix your own house!!!

  13. Ambode should do the needful as a governor of lagos state.

  14. What are these "pdpigs" talking about?joor ooo dey should leave my governor for me. He is doing the best he can.


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