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Sunday, September 18, 2016

Sunday In House Gists + Saturday Results

We are changing trends and the winning gist will be posted today....That is if there is a winning gist ooooh.

DRoyalty come in here and post the results.

THIS BVN THINKS THIS SHOULD QUALIFY AS A GIST but what happens to the original person who posted it?..and what if the person lifted it?..Anyways,only Saturdays that i specify as a competition date will be for winnings.Sundays will be used for something else.

''Hello Stella, Good day. 
Good Day House. 
Hmm... The hardship in this country na dead o.  I must confess, this gist is not original to me. It was culled from the comments section of S. D. K.  blog, posted by Kehide Ake, our blog Sex therapist. But stella never said that copied gists should be disqualified but that the source should be mentioned. I hope I win, I really need the money. Anyway, Here it goes. 

It was the first time I was confronted with a live pussy, a healthy one. It was winking at me... with slightly parted, pinky inner lips. I fearfully touched as if it is a wound. Na so the vjay yawn, open mouth for me. Is it suppose to behave like this? So I rewarded my curiosity by asking

Me : "e dey pain you?''
She: "why e go pain me?''
Me:" As e be like sore, I think say e go pain you "
She: (feigning  anger, she covered her kpekus)" make I cover my sore then'' 
That was when it dawned on me that I could lose the opportunity if I don't stop showing stupid sympathy.

Me: "Anwili m, no  vex, I no know say na so e dey be''

 I did the North-South-East-West sign and sank in with caution. It was warm, huggy and s.... Moments later, I felt a heat coursing through the soles of my feet. Convulsion don dey hold me. It felt like I wanted to pee. I tried to  pull out, but she held my butt cheeks and was dragging me in... we were struggling. 

Me: " Piss dey catch me! piss dey catch me!''
She: "No be piss''
Me: "Na you get my body?''
She: "Oya piss put''
Me: "I no dey piss inside house'' (village restrooms are usually built away from the main house)
She: "Them dey piss for this kind house...''

That was when my water broke. It was the sweetest piss of my life as she had me buried in her *house*. Then she started laughing. Don't ask if she was way older than me. Please vote for me guys. One love. 
B. V datFATuvwiegurl

Culled from S. D. K. Blog. 


  1. Replies
    1. I remember this gist. The comment section was set alight that day. Mr Ake, hope you are doing well I miss you..

  2. Replies
    1. Kehinde said he was on a woman cleanse. This cleanse must be very serious to hide him like this.

      @Stella, The gist funny sha and the original author has been duly credited.
      Even if Kehinde isn't the original author, Harvard rules of referencing states that you credit the person/article you lifted it from and you're good to go.
      You're not expected to trace the information to its roots.

  3. Wats dis one saying

  4. I thought the gists were supposed to be somthing that happened to you or you witnessed? I don't think this qualifies.

    Your opening remark drew my attention stell.

    1. Yes oh Stella, no be gist be this naw

  5. Just passing by. Didn't read jack. Una do o!

  6. This gist nah wah. Thus gist is not working for me. Poster forming not knowing shit. No be only I no fit pass for house.

  7. Smh. I don't even understand the story sef. Pls, this gist should not win anything oh. Ha! Confusing something especially at d end.

  8. Nawa for this poster o.You really expect this gist to count?

  9. #You'd often regretted your speech, never your silence*

    1. I've sometimes regretted my silence. Never again though. I've learnt to speak up and say my mind regardless of anyone's feelings

  10. why na? And I was in church today, kabashing seriously tha I win, It is well. Igho na bastard. Good Afternoon House.

  11. Lmao. Still fresh in my memory

  12. HaaahaaahaaahaaaHaaahaaahaaahaaa!!! Crazzzzy!!

  13. Then scrap sunday gist if it will not qualify as part of d competition. Becos I believe winner shd be after sunday gist might av been posted so as to have equal chances. E no easy to string to sentences together to form a story. I also dnt gbadun d double standards,one week,10k,anoda wk 5k,anoda week highest vote of 40.
    UR blog,my opinion.

  14. This ain't funny. Try again later.

  15. This comment has been removed by the author.

  16. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. And I didn't want to open this post!
      Keep them coming dear 😀

  17. Saturday In House Gist Result

    Hello my fellow BVN Visitors
    Make una no vex say I come late, I went to Church today, infact I waited and attended all the after-church meetings. Who knows, my dedication may pay off and I might just get hooked with an handsome rich brother before I become a gwegs *Holy Ghost fire**.
    As you all know now, we women have evil spirits. One of them is the 'spirit of after one' which I already have, Ikwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwakwa.
    Therefore, it will be very dangerous to add the 'spirit of Gwegwegwe' to it plus other ones that I don't want to mention e.g 'spirit of trouble'. Ikwokwokwokwokwokwokwokwokwo

    Back to business.....
    only valid votes are considered here, they are votes made with GOOGLE IDS and posted before 12midnight of the day in view.
    Gist one - 10 votes
    Gist two - 25 votes
    Gist three - 9 votes

    The winner is GIST TWO

    This result is subject to blog CEO's approval.

  18. SDK are you still eating Cookies and Cream? Oya enter here I don come back from church.

  19. Lol.... I like the sender. Every way na way
    *God bless my Angel in human form*

  20. Kehinde my SDK crush where are thou? Miss you so much!

  21. Kehinde my SDK crush where are thou? Miss you so much!

  22. This is quite funny, wish it came in yesterday

  23. ROTFL...I remember this comment.

  24. Enter your comment...senseless gist.telling us how u gbensh.long hissss.

  25. droyalty go and siddon for potopoto you and your bff are just playing on our intelligent. With your fake gists and result and voting conditions. Let me see wheather the five K will be paid.

  26. Stella, I called mama emmanuel's number today and it went through. She said her phone was faulty. I have told her to mail you.


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