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Monday, October 24, 2016

Governor Yahaya Bello Is Already Defining His Leadership Style - DG Media

The Director General, Media and Publicity to the Governor of Kogi State, Kingsley Fanwo, has  said the people of Kogi State are already getting abreast of the leadership style of Governor Yahaya Bello. 

Addressing a Christian congregation at the Chapel of Freedom, Lokoja, Sunday, Fanwo said the Governor has a divine mandate to fix Kogi State and right the wrong of the past. 

He said Kogi State was in shambles before the advent of the present administration, saying Governor Yahaya Bello is well equipped to handle the challenges of fixing the State. 

His words, “Kogi State was on her knees before the advent of the present administration. The State was bedeviled with thousands of ghost workers, poor roads, failed healthcare, education in ruins and gross insecurity. 

“But today, Governor Yahaya Bello has restored the confidence of the Kogi people. Lokoja is cleaner and has better roads, the Governor is working hard to provide water, security and better education. Today, road projects are going on across the three Senatorial Districts of the State and the Fair Healthcare Scheme will help give healthcare services to people at a ridiculously low cost. 

“The decision of the Governor to ensure ghost workers have no place in a new Kogi State was informed by a determination to check the waste of State resources in order to better serve the people of the State."

Fanwo thanked members of the congregation for their prayers during the court processes, which dragged to the Supreme Court, saying the determination of the cases showed that God is involved in the affairs of Kogi State. He said the Governor is open to working with his opponents who are ready to put Kogi first, urging the church to intensify prayers to ensure the Governor succeeds to the benefit of the people. 

According to him, Governor Yahaya Bello has identified corruption as a major bane militating against the progress of the State, assuring the people that the Governor will fight against corruption, no matter who is involved. 

“Corruption is a big issue in the State. The Governor is suffused with a great determination to fight corruption through legal means. The institution of a Judicial Commission of Inquiry was not targeted at anyone but a system that failed in the past. The best way to stop the future from failure is to look back to see where we hit our foot against the stone."

The Director General urged the youth in the State to key into the New Direction Agenda of the present administration in the State in order to synergize with government to develop the State and empower the people. 

He said the Governor’s working visit to the Greater Lokoja Water Project was to assess the state of facilities at the place as well as ensure that the contractors handling the project conform to the terms of agreement, insisting that government will review all existing agreements that are not in tandem with the interest of the people of Kogi State.


  1. What Gov Bello? Petra,Fanwo,Onoja and Co Lugard house is not on social media. The more you try to shove him down our throats the more you push him off from us.

    Any project that don't have kogi citizens welfare and human development at the centre is dead on arrival.

    Going on witch hunt and calling it fighting corruption is laughable- pure case of pot calling kettle black. Evidences are already springing up on how you won the supreme Court case thanks to the judges raid- you took billions of Kogi treasury to buy judgement and you think you will end well? Justice Okoro is already whistling and sooner than later breeze go blow.

    Young Gov my ass! What have you done differently from what is obtainable in other parts of the country? In this age and time you subjected Kogi workers to suffering and poverty. For over 7months for a so called verification exercise that can be done effectively within a shorter time and without hurting anyone- the blood of the innocent especially the teachers that died via road accidents in the course of this screening will stand against you.

    The many people who are sick but can't manage their health properly cos of lack of payment of salaries will judge you.

    The many children who can't be in school this session cos their parents can't pay their school fees will judge you.

    You use Kogi money to sponsor TV broadcast and tell lies that you are not owing any worker. In a parastatal of 1000 workers you sparingly pay 100 and you said you have paid? Apart from the judiciary can you swear that you have paid every ministry?

    You removed roundabouts in Lokoja for over 9 months how long will it take you to fix them? Fix Kogi ko, fix yourself.
    The cry of the children of God has gotten to God and his judgement will come upon you soon. Repent!

    1. God bless you anon, See common Ibro water! We no dey see am again, or should we talk about right? Opotorigbam!! May God help us.

    2. May you live long and prosper for this post. I can confidently say that you are echoing the thoughts of 99% of all Kogites.

  2. I lmao.
    All I can tell you is that the sleepless nights you have caused my family and many other families in Kogi state will hunt you.

    Be there living on SDK blog o

  3. Tales of two cities

    The Gov and his close allies live in affluence while the state workers and their children go to bed on empty stomachs

  4. Oga Ade face ya work and leave propaganda alone.

  5. God help the citizens of Kogi state.

  6. I'm so disappointed with the church that approved this nonsense. This man is wicked & heartless. He will never go unpunished, our God will disgrace him sooner or later. I hate him so much he disgust my soul. Evry tears my mum has cried because of u will fight u forever, may u never know peace..

  7. I'm done with anything that has to with "politiking" Who you epp?

    .. Jesus is my worth!

  8. It is evident of disunity in Apc that was responsible for somebody who did not campaign for the main governorship election or even campaigned along with Audu.we should not expect much from him.Apc had not been fair to kogi southwest and the igala sides.Apc should not what it took them before they could wrestle the state from Pdp.
    Kogi people voted for Audu/Faleke ticket and this a clear fact on Apc platform.from the constitution it is the person that the party present that is approved.

  9. He must be talking about a different kogi state. The kogi state I know, has citizens that are being owed salary for months, has legitimate workers that have been screened out, lacks water or good roads, has roads that go worse by th day, has a governor that's busy enriching himself by selling hi own residence to the government for about half a billion, has a Chief of staff that'll rather throw money at Lil girls for sex than face his work, a governor that thinks hi God and everyone must now to him. I have friends that haven't been paid for months and are barely surviving. If I start to talk.......

  10. Nobody should come and start writing nonsense propaganda here! Stupid screening exercise. Do you know that some pensioners have not received pay since January? You are all very stupid. They even took this nonsense to church. Longer throat media team. Young governor my black nyash. Who young governor epp?

  11. May almighty Allah judge for the injustice u Hav brought to kogi state,my mum is due for retirement by 2018,she has use her young age to serve d state,nd since March no payment,u shud fear Allah so dt u may Hav a good ending,cos leadership is what u must acct for on d day of judgement,I rest my case nd hand it to d almighty to be the judge.

  12. Heartless governor....the cry of the hardworking people you have chosen to starve will judge you. useless people in governance,God will punish you all.


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