Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 50 And 51


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Saturday, October 01, 2016

Labour Room Drama 50 And 51


LRD 50

Hello Stella of life!!!  Keep up the good n
Work God bless ya.
Here goes my labour room drama. 

Pregnancy was smooth, had the best experience ever, no nausea, early morning fever, and I ate for I loved the most was the fact that I didn't have to spilt saliva all through. Fast forward to the deal day, it was on a Saturday I already made dinner, semo and correct veggie, after the meal na hin cramps start o, meanwhile I was 3 days past the EDD.i was worried when the baby didn't come before the EDD and when it finally came I was scared o, in my mind I was thinking is this real? 

Do I have to to face this? Can't someone else help deliver ni? OMO for where...  Lol. Naso I gather courage and say if younger ladies can do it, then I can. Back to the matter, I told DH I think it's time,and he said we should chill since I was yet to see any of the possible signs so I said OK,but for where?  

The contractions didn't stop, so we called my mom and she said we should head for the hospital, I must confess the pain was bearable that I had doubts it was time. But I kept praying to God, that I wanted my cervix opened on getting to the clinic,a beautiful baby and a smooth delivery, lo and behold when I  got to the hospital I was told to enter the labor room, I was like just like that? My heart started pounding fast, the doctor tested me and said I was 4cm gone and that was around 1:00 am. 

The nurses told me to lie on my left side, it wasn't easy as I wanted to change positions but I sha managed,while in labour 2 women were also in labour the first one went for CS and lost her baby, the second one had a premature delivery of a still birth as well. Come and see how I started pleading the blood of Jesus.

Hubby came in at intervals to ask when is the show time from the midwife , and she was like just go and relax its her first and you should expect nothing less than 16 hours I said Yeeee temi bami(my own meet me) and that if it was time his wife (me) wouldn't be this wasn't allowed in the room afterwards. Around 6am I begged them to please come and check and they said madam chill you ain't ready, if you were you won't even see your self, they sha eventually came to examine me reluctantly, on the instructions of the doctor on duty, and they shouted OMG the baby is almost out, that was how they told me to push o, na him I see my bundle of joy(a boy) . I was speechless, that feeling is unexplainable o. I'm so grateful to God..i remember my hubby saying you mean something as big as this came out from down there??lol. 

My son is 4 months already,and my joy knows no bound everytime I see him and I know the pain was worth it . I pray for every Ttc may you experience this soonest in Jesus name.Attached is his picture for your eyes only o. Lol. Thanks. 

Ah ah i see that not everyone has the urge to poo cos you didnt say you had it...Congrats oh


LRD 51

Hello Stella,
I thoroughly enjoy reading your blog because of its content .It  puts a smile on my face each time I read through your write-ups. So here goes my labour room tale.

While pregnant about 5 years ago ,I visited the hospital for my routine checkup at about 38 weeks .The doctor informed me that my baby had stopped growing and that there was a probability of carrying out a caesarean section, if by the 40th week there was no growth spurt because the trauma of labour would be too strenous on the baby . 

I left the hospital in fear and cried my eyes out because my husband wasn't there with me .He was so diligent that he followed me to every doctor's appointment and this was the only time he couldn't come with me because of a work engagement.So receiving this news was really hard on me .I   felt I had done something to inhibit the baby's  growth but the devil was playing mind games with me .

Anyways fast forward to the 40th week,there was an improvement in the growth spurt but the baby had not come ,so I  was told to wait for another week ,if nothing happened I would be induced .A date had been set for that . come  Dday

I was so excited ,I was up at the crack of dawn and cleaned the whole house .My husband and I arrived  the hospital at 6pm and checked in ,he opted to spend the night with me on the small hospital bed. .

The nurses then said I couldn't have any dinner only fluids because they were going to use an Enema at dawn to clear out my stomach contents .So I only had crackers and juice for dinner .
By 6am the nurses administered the Enema  to me ,after that I was taken to the labour ward ,fortunately for me my delivery was the only recorded birth for the day so I had the full attention of the doctors and nurses .
During my pregnancy I kept a journal and was so religious about recording my pregnancy journey .

I was given the drug to induce intravenously  , can't remember the name .I started playing gospel songs and filling my journal and was  upbeat about labour .My husband and I prayed and just  to keep me motivated my husband kept taking pictures of me and laughing at me that I was strong o ,that i even had energy to write .

Stella ,when the pains kicked in  I didn't know when I flung my journal ,the music became irritating to me and asked for it to be turned off  ,each time the nurses inserted their hands in my virgina to check how dilated  I was ,I screamed out in pain .

I had already made up my mind that  wasn't going to use any epidural ,i wanted to experience the pains of child birth and there was no going back on that .My husband kept massaging my feet and back to alleviate the pains,i walked around the room  yet nothing .

Remember I hadn't eaten the night before and no breakfast the morning of labour ,I was so weak that I started sleeping .My husband had to keep waking me up .I kept saying when the baby is ready to come out I would wake up .
After about 8 hours ,my water broke ,but I was still not dialated enough ,I waited another hour and was wheeled to the labour room .

About 10 minutes after ,I said I wanted to poo ,the nurses said I should wait .All this time my husband was taking pictures and recording .
When the doctor came he asked me to hold on ,I just kept saying 'Doctor ,I want to poo ,I want to poo and started pushing .

He then said okay ,now you can push ,That's how I pushed once and the baby started coming out ,I bent and used my hands to pull her out .My husband shouted no don't  do that .I just wanted the baby out of me.
After the second push ,my baby came out and my husband happily kept saying  to me "Babe its a girl ,its a girl ."

I had a small tear but the pain was nothing compared to the joy of seeing my daughter . I was so tired and hungry ,immediately pepper soup was served and strength returned at once.

Every moment of my delivery was photographed and recorded thanks to my amazing husband .My daughter has seen the images and  keeps laughing at me.
Five years after ,I look at her each day and I am amazed at God's work .She is the joy of our Lives and can't imagine a life without her .
Warm Regards



  1. @Poster 1, I love your drama, God bless that boy for you and amen to you prayer

    @Poster 2, you and you hubby are same, God bless your home

    *Larry was here*

  2. U wanted to pull the baby out? Lol.

    Nice one

  3. Wow ! Very lovely stories...ha at madam 2nd poster,u mean u used ur hands to pull out ur baby urself?U get mind oooo

  4. Awwwww,,, lovely.
    Women, we are stronger than we think we are. The pains we go through, men wont take even half of it yet they rate us as "weaker vessels"...

  5. Where do they do public workout exercising abi fitness morning workout in owerri (not gym oo) mostly weekends, I would ve checked the stadium bt it is far from my house. Abeg drop location,

  6. Where do they do public workout exercising abi fitness morning workout in owerri (not gym oo) mostly weekends, I would ve checked the stadium bt it is far from my house. Abeg drop location,

  7. I just remembered reading on mamalette where a woman said she was just sleeping anyhw, to the extent that the nurses said madam na sleep u come sleep here abi na pikin u come born.

  8. Wow!!!!!!!
    Very lovely stories, I smiled all through.
    May God continue to bless and keep our children for us, Amen.
    Thank you posters for sharing.

  9. Who is at The Platform ooh?

  10. poster2:you and ur hubby are funny persons o.
    You even had to bend to pull her out..(that got me cracking up)eeyah

    interesting stories yet again.

  11. Congrats to you all, I shall experience it soonest in Jesus name...

  12. Inukwa experience the pain@ poster two.
    As kiliwi nwachukwu that you is now😳
    You tried oh.
    In my case, I was actually more afraid of the aftermath of the epidural injection.
    Next time, if tis going to be a vaginal birth, I sure will use it.
    Haa!! Pain? I hate oh!! My first baby, I kept saying... doctor, is it too late to ask for an epidural? Then when the pain subsides.. I'm like, don't worry I got this...before the "wickeddess" of all pains will hit again😂

    And I never let my Mom come before I put to bed, she's still in active service... so once she comes, it means her leave starts counting... plus I love her traveling knowing that we've jumped the hurdle,she can fret.

    I love this segment so much.😘

  13. Lol @ both posters. The relief after pushing out your baby is heavenly.

  14. Nice read! I am so happy, found out I am pregnant no I have not been TTC infact wedding is 22nd of this month just didn't use condom for September and it's turne out positive, God has been so good to me. I pray I carry to term and birth my desire twin boys safe and sound IJN, I decree a stress free pregnancy and I pray to deliver like the Hebrew women. I use myself as a point of contact for every one TTC no matter your situation God will put a smile on your face before the end of this year. He's a merciful father.

    1. Ehi is that you? Congrats ooo

  15. I am always amazed when people say they want to experience d pain. Odiegwu I had my straight three Cs two boys and a girl. Brought dem out fresh, I cannot come and go and be opening my yansh anyhow sake of say I wan born pickin.

    1. It won't be bad if you tell us why d did that cs. And stop making mouth

    2. U should be thanking God for your life, not making unnecessary noise about something that's not natural!

  16. Thank God, mothers well done

  17. Madam next time don't pull again, congrats .hoping mine wl come next year. Oluwa bless me

  18. wow, u mean u pulled ur daughter out wid ur hands

  19. Lolz it's nt easy

  20. Enema in this time and age?

  21. Poster 2...u and ur husband are funny

  22. Post my comment


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