Stella Dimoko London Tatafo season 38


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Sunday, October 02, 2016

London Tatafo season 38

Happy Independence weekend Nigeria!!! 

Tatafo isn't left out in this memorable celebration .. a lot is going on in town this weekend to mark our independence. Albeit amidst the usual London brou-ah-ah-ahh!! 

I just dey sniff gists upandan...  

What do we have today? 

Tatafo's phones have nearly gone kaput from receiving too many calls of the orisirisi drama that's been brewing in town. Social media has gone agog with different fights and serious nyansh openings. 

Bloggers have been having a filled week at the expense of the folks having different roforofo in London town. So where do we even begin? 

Remember that Tatafo gave you a hint last week as to another drama that involved two friends similar to that of Jibike and Abike? 

In a nut shell without too much talk, the ladies involved here are threatening each other's lives. 

Tatafo actually stretched her neck outside London this time to scoop the koko of this gist. 

This is 'bout two friends who are well known in the city of Manchester. They party hard together and are always known to wear the same outfits until 'katapiller' divided them fiam. They used to flood the social media with pictures of every event that they ever attended together. 

One is married and the other a single mother. 

Tatafo was hinted that a while back, the single mother was once disgraced on Facebook on a certain popular group over her usual indecent exposure of her boobs, which many found rather appalling and disgusting. Tatafo also gathered that she's not facially blessed unlike her friend whom she's now at loggerheads with. 

According to words on the street, these friends had a misunderstanding at some point, and the single mother who many have described to be a very vindictive busybody lady, decided to call her friend's husband and told him that the new baby she had was not his. 

This single friend narrated to her friend's husband, all that she and his wife ever did together with men around Manchester and even London. The friend's husband believed her and decided he would not accept his wife's new born as his. 

After friends and family prevailed over the man, and after his wife pleaded that her friend was only being jealous of her because she was single, the man decided to carry out a DNA test, and lo and behold, the baby was 99.9% his baby. All coast was cleared and to show how happy he was about this, he threw an elaborate party to christen their baby. 

What did the story teller friend do? 

She wasn't satisfied. She continued to elaborate on her story telling, even after the couple ascertained the baby's paternity. She was disgraced and embittered, everyone condemned her for trying to ruin her friends home. Ever since then she has not been her self. She has launched out a series of attack and Facebook campaign against so called married women whom she believes are adulterous, and who she says usually give a bastard child amongst other kids to their husbands. 

Na wa!!

But some of her friends have asked whether this single mom turned campaigner is a saint herself, judging from her equally wayward lifestyle both in London, Manchester, and even Nigeria Which many of her friends whispered to tatafo, that her waka waka and behavioural deficiency was the major reason that her baby daddy abandoned her and fled to Nigeria. Tatafo also gathered reliably that recently, this single mom has been begging her baby daddy to take her back but the man refused vehemently.. Hence her sudden bitterness.

Tatafo's overview.. 

What is really going on with Nigerians in the U.K right now? Is there an epidemic of some sort that has suddenly taken over the atmosphere, thereby making all friends turn against each other? 

Or shall we just conclude that majority of the married folks around here are just cohabiting with each other until the true ;nyansh opening' of infidelity rears it's ugly head amidst them? 

Who is to blame here? The friends telling on each other, or the actual perpetrators of adultery? Are we really going to stop reporting this sort of scandals any time soon, or perhaps, we should get used to it so that we are not shocked as many more are yet to be revealed? 

Tatafo is asking too many rhetorical questions, I know. But as my ear don full with all the nyama nyama, I say nor be only me go dey hear am.. I must bring am come house for deliberation. 

Perhaps, next time, Tatafo should just look the other way and bring you less similar gists. As in the past couple of weeks na so so gists of "back stabbing friends" full ground. 

Anyhoo, this single mother in manchester should free her friend and husband and allow them enjoy their home. Leave the so called adulterous women and let their husbands find them out. Since all attempts to dissolve your friend's union has failed, why not face your market? Hian

Before I go, lemme ask if you've heard this gist. 

It's about that fine looking posh pastor in NW London. That one that errr...remarried sometime ago. Hmmmm.. have you heard? Tatafo is still investigating and will be sure to gist you when all is clear.  

Taa is out

Stella Stella Stella.. how many times I call you? 

*Tatafo my hand no dey,abeg you no carry Anointed man of God gist near hear oooooh...ARE YOU CRAZY?
If you no see story go sleep oh.
Menahwhile this your gist,them no get names?at least first names keh!


  1. All the decoders where are thou?? Lol not good at this

  2. Hian no idea...juz lemme sit n read .

  3. pls what can I eat to enable me gain some pounds?I'm so slim...I hate it

    1. I was like you few years back,I tried complan,used superappetite tablet,omega h3,all kinds of blood tonic,milo ooo,raw was all in vain,I didn't add weight,I was really bothered and felt insecure cos of my very slim body.some evil friends were even whispering behind my back that I was carrying that disease (GOD forbid)....but then my story changed from size-6.... Am now a size 12 with great like an hour glass,beautiful face to compliment it all,now those my bad friends talk on the other side of their mouth when they see highness Gwen just eat well,take lots of rest and think less,you'll put on will happen.

    2. Eat Golden morn with milk

  4. I'll read later.

    God Bless Everyone.

  5. Replies
    1. Bitch shift. They are still together and still flooding your timeline with their pictures

    2. I don't like the unexcessary exposure that nimdefaboulous gives her family- Westin be my own sef. I just pray and hope the friendship between those two lasts the test of time; I'm just scared of their closeness- it seems too good to be true knowing women and their issues.

  6. Is it Pastor Agu?

    Abeg bring the gist oooo.

    My hand dey there wella... na human being we be.

  7. But seriously tatafo so you pay transport fare to go get aproko gist? Damn babe your own craze dey anoda level.

    *hangs leg on the cupboard*

  8. Pastor Agu. Jesus house. Brent cross?

    1. Agu Irukwu that married his late wife's yaraba friend?...

    2. Idiot his wife wasn't the late wife's friend. ITK

    3. Next week's tatafo will be hot ooo
      Agu of Jesus House

    4. Tatafo Bia, leave my pastor for me o. If it is Agu. What did he do??????

  9. This is the point we need those Decoders. Please u all should get in here and decode this gist.

  10. Which Pastor o. God help us.

  11. The Manchester gist is easy to decode but will leave it for someone else to decode....

  12. I think sleeping around here is easier than in Nigeria... I'm not a Saint, whenever I'm bored that's what I do.. Seeing my new guy tonight for a quckie at high gate.

    1. Tooor.. Lmao. I like you. You didn't lie at all. Choi

    2. the men kuku like oshofree. yeye London men. who want give them free so?

  13. Waiting for decoders

  14. Bukola Jesse Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh dah calls herself Yeye Mesho eleribu on fbk. Wiv her pandoro, Her friend wiv baby is Olaide. She wanted to brk Laide's home. Bukky Jesse is alayebaje. She also had issues with Bisi Danlando onetime on fbk envying Bisi for showing off her shoes, and Bisi as omo igboro Ibadan finished bukky. Bukky jesse omo baba alaso pipan, abirun alakisa omoale, d envious bitch. She's a failed caterer in Manchester nobody patronize her. She also had kuanta wiv bimbola Shonde outta envy yi noni. She also had issues wiv Dayo olomu's wife too, lying to her and almost broke her home. Bcos dey never gave her award. Bukola Jesse elenu mujemuje ugly bastard. Dey use her for nakan alejo ni Manchester. Shapeless eleribu. Wiv her cheap akisa. I know her baby fada oooooo ahhhhhh. Movie to gun ni, koni wo tan. Coming back pelu awon goons mi

  15. One sided infested dog

    Your downfall is coming

  16. Big mouthed Bukola Jesse and her friend Olaitan

  17. Manchester ashewo, oluwabukola jesse yeye mesho nkan alejo Manchester.Thank me later!

    1. Who is the friend na?

  18. Oh my God! Our own Laide Adeniji? But the baby looks like the father now? Too much resemblance sef! Oga o! So she dey wakawaka after she Don marry? No wonder the husband no get mouth talk? Na Laide the feed the man sef! Which throw big party? Na Laide foot the bill. Laide husband too get children for naija from different women. But Madam bukola Jesse leave them alone. Let them live them life as them want.

  19. All these wahala is cause by illiterates and semi illiterates, they either live in east London, South London. They love attending owambe parties,buying gold and aso-ebi.
    Some of these people should not have been given visas to come to United Kingdom. I was born and live in London, I have never seen nor heard of any of these people before. You will only know about such people if you associate with their likes. There are very decent Nigerians that are professionals that live quietly and are not in to any of these shenanigans that these illiterates get themselves in to. They give us a bad name!!! You will find on investigation that most of them have no valid visa to stay in the country. I wish they would all be deported, we really do not need any negative publicity.


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