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Sunday, 25 September 2016

London Tatafo season 37

**Tatafo strolls into SDK blog arena with mat**


Yes, Tatafo is finally bringing you the REAL DEAL about the latest roforofo fight in London. There's no need for any long intro because it's gone viral, but better late than never. And also, Tatafo will clarify some major aspects of the story that was misconstrued by many bloggers who reported the story based on merely listening to the audio.

Most of you have listened to the audio, but for the sake of those who haven't heard it, or who do not speak or understand yoruba like Stella, here's the full gist.

‎It was an epic show of shame between two friends. In fact, there's a part 1-8 audio recording on YouTube.

Tatafo was able to dig deep into what transpired between these two friends. 

 Abike is the lady who's voice we heard over the viral audio. As she took to social media with grave allegations against her erstwhile BFF Jibike.

You be the judge after reading this report, whether Abike did the right thing or not. 

Although, only one of these two friends participated in the show of shame, while the other friend named jibike, that was accused of infidelity, maintained a deafening silence all through the controversy. It was indeed a dirty expose by Abike, but so many people lashed back at her for revealing her friend's topmost secret online.

**Be advised that this is a lengthy read** 
The full story..  

Abike the aggrieved friend starts the audio recording by introducing herself to listeners. She claimed that she has been friends with Jibike (whom she exposed) since their childhood days in Nigeria before they moved to the UK. However, she explained that she fell out with her friend since 2014 because her friend jibike said some nasty things about her to friends, and also to her husband who lives in Nigeria. 

Jibike continued her narrative by giving an insight into her friend's fake life style, how she talks a lot, gossips about her to other friends, her vindictive ways, and how she sleeps around.  She even accused her of being a petty thief etc.

But the highlight of the audio was when she accused her childhood friend jibike, of shamelessly giving another man's child to her hubby who's known as Mr Olayinka Olaribigbe.  This lady claimed that she was so disgusted by her friend's sexual shenanigans that she advised her against it but she wouldn't listen. Not until the issue of the controversial baby that broke the camel's back made news.

**Let's take a break from Abike's audio narrative for a minute... here's what an insider who's a friend of both Abike and Jibike revealed to Tatafo exclusively** 

According to this friend, The story goes that Jibike's husband who's name was published as Olaribigbe, married Jibike from Nigeria and brought her to the U.K. According to the insider, Olaribigbe, before marrying Jibike, has 3 kids of his own who all live with their mother somewhere outside London. We were told that he abandoned those kids and their mother. So he brought in Jibike who was unable to have any kids for him initially. 

It was also said that this man didn't hide from Jibike, the fact that he had a medical condition that would hinder him from having anymore kids. She was aware of his condition which he was treating, but she chose to marry him all the same. 

All of a sudden Jibike became pregnant and had a baby... her husband had a big party in London to welcome their new child. Trouble started when the baby turned 4months. This is where Abike, Jibike's friend who released the audio, came into the picture. 

*The story between Abike and Jibike** 

The insider revealed that one day, Jibike called her friend Abike to reveal that the baby whom they all welcomed in an elaborate way didn't belong to her husband. She revealed to Abike that s certain Mr Ola was the real father of her child, and that he also lived in London. Out of shock, Abike asked her friend why she got entangled in such a paternity mess. But it was later revealed that the only reason that Jibike was now confiding in Abike her best friend, was because she was receiving a threat message from the wife of the man whom she codedly had the baby for, Mr Ola. 

Mr Ola's wife had stumbled on Jibike's intimate pictures with her husband, as well as pictures of her when she was pregnant for her husband. So the lady got in contact with Jibike, and she threatened to expose her to the world. So out of distress and fear of the unknown, this prompted Jibike to confide in Abike, asking for a way out so that she'd not be disgraced. 

Abike then advised her friend that the best way to overcome a threat that serious, was for her to quickly go and open up to her husband on the paternity of their 4month old baby. As well as plead for his forgiveness ahead of time, so that if Mr Ola's wife made true her threat, Jibike would have a soft landing with her husband. It was gathered that Jibike took to Abike's friendly advice, so she finally told her husband that he wasn't the real father of their baby. Jibike also assured her husband that NO ONE other than the two of them and God knew of this secret. So in view of this, her husband forgave her and they continued to live happily. But unknown to him, it wasn't a secret...  because his wife had told a few other friends apart from Abike her best friend.

**Now this is where the twist to the story starts **

After Jibike cleared the air with her husband, she became more relaxed and continued living her life not minding what Mr Ola's wife was up to. So one day, Abike went to Jibike's house and she heard her on the phone speaking with a man. At the end of the conversation she realised that her friend Jibike was on the phone to the real father of her baby, and she was very actually inviting Mr Ola her baby daddy, to enter into her matrimonial home after her husband had gone out. This shocked Abike who was there listening, and she told her friend that she would not sit there and allow Jibike invite her baby daddy into her matrimonial home. That, what if her husband came back home unexpectedly and found the man there, that the husband would think that she was aiding her friend to be promiscuous. 

So Abike did not allow Mr Ola to enter into her friend's home, Jibike had to go outside to attend to her baby daddy. This didn't go down well with Jibike who felt that Abike was being holier than thou, and this was when the bitterness and resentment started between the duo. 

Before their relationship became permanently severed, one day yet again, Jibike confided in Abike that she wanted to run away with the baby from her matrimonial home. ABIKE was alarmed and she vehemently kicked against this suggestion by Jibike.  Saying that it would bring shame and dishonour to her poor husband who had been nothing but good to her, even after learning that the baby wasn't his. And not after the elaborate baby party they had in London. Plus Abike was worried that should Jibike runaway  with the baby to another man's house, everyone would think that she supported such a despicable behaviour.
Abike's refusal to aid her friend finally made Jibike to stop confiding in her. Then the animosity started in full force.

 Soon after,  Jibike started to look for ways to recover her secrets from Abike because she no longer felt safe with her. She adopted a lot of means to achieve this, she even suggested to Abike one day, that she may have to carry out a DNA test to ascertain who her real baby daddy was. That after all, she could be wrong that it was Mr Ola's baby. 

**Hmmmmm see format**

Abike saw the deceitful plot  by her friend to manipulate things to reverse the facts about the baby's paternity. She noticed that her friend suddenly became excessively paranoid. But she let her be and distanced herself from Jibike. Then one day, Jibike finally called Abike to say that she had done a DNA test, that alas, the baby was now her husband'. 


The insider friend revealed further how after this, Jibike stopped at nothing to destroy her best friend Abike, because by now she assumed that she had succeeded in confusing her with the DNA result. All because Abike kicked against her continuous love  affair with the father of her baby whilst she was still married to Mr Olaribigbe. They even revealed that she had many other men that she was sleeping with in London. So hers was not a case of just wanting a baby...but that she enjoyed the company of other men other than her husband. ‎

**Now let's go back to Abike's audio**
Abike claimed that she later realised that her friend Jibike also revealed this top secret to a few other friends, meaning that the revelation that she had a baby outside her marriage was no longer exclusive to her alone. And these other friends had been matting out a plan on how to disgrace Jibike after she stepped on their toes. ‎

So what caused the roforofo fight???? 

Abike said that her reason for choosing to disgrace her friend in the viral audio was because her friend Jibike and her husband Mr Olaribigbe wanted to ruin her home. Abike claimed that jibike lied to her hubby about her being sexually promiscuous in London because her hubby lives in Nigeria. That it was Jibike that encouraged her to have a baby outside her marriage. Abike said jibike's hubby on hearing this, made a call to her own hubby (Abike's) and accused her of being a bad influence to his wife. Not only that, they said that Mr Olaribigbe took to his Facebook page to insult and embarrass Abike.. calling her all sorts of unprintable names.  

As was expected, this infuriated Abike.. and this was why she took to the public domain to clarify herself from the slanderous and treacherous accusations put against her by the Olaribigbes.

So in a bid to exonerate herself fully, Abike decided she'd let the world into their intimate secrets that prove she's not the promiscuous wife, but rather, her friend Jibike is. And to further prove her point she decided to reveal in the audio that the only child her friend has for her hubby isn't his child, but that of her boy friend Mr Ola who also lives in London.

Further more, another reason Abike released the audio was when she discovered Jibike's vindictiveness towards had been taken to a higher level.. she discovered that Jibike called the home office to ask that Abike be deported back to Nigeria because she was an illegal immigrant. Abike on hearing this was very pained by the level of animousity shown by her friend. 

But the crux of the matter was when Abike inundated the public that her friend's husband Mr Olaribigbe knew that the child didn't belong to him, but that he decided to forgive his wife for reasons best known to him.  

Abike also claimed that she was never in support of her friend  cheating on her husband. And that she stood by her through her trying moments when other friends dealt with her for being a busy body...  but that Jibike would later betray her trust and that was what birthed the dirty expose. 

** The Public's reaction to this Saga**

Tatafo noticed the unparalleled support Jibike garnered after her friend Abike exposed her. Even as she never responded to Abike, a lot of people condemned Abike for releasing the audios without knowing what truly transpired between the duo. Many thought that she went too far and shouldn't have disgraced her friend in such manner. As it was said that she should have considered the child in question, as well as the feelings of Jibike's husband. 

To top it up, there was a grave misconception about another inaudible audio tape that was circulated and was believed to have been released by Abike's Mom cursing everyone out. Tatafo can reliably confirm to you that THE AUDIO TAPE WAS NOT THAT OF ABIKE'S MOTHER , but rather it was one of her supporters. Tatafo gathered that Abike lost her mother years ago and that person is definitely not her mother or relative.

**Tatafo's overview of this roforofo fight** 

Obviously the public reacted to what they heard on the surface. Not many understood what really transpired between these erstwhile friends and what precipitated Abike's outburst. But a closer look at the situation from the insider's story as was revealed to Tatafo, it would seem as if Jibike wanted to eat her cake and have it. She had the opportunity to quietly leave her sick husband to marry the man who impregnated her, as it was gathered that the man was ready to marry her. That he even gave her £3,000 to go get an apartment and move in, but she kept collecting his money whilst she also enjoyed in her real husband's home. Jibike played both men, hence the disgrace.

Then it also appeared as if Jibike used and dumped her friend Abike, as she used her to fight her other friends and later turned against her.  Hence, Abike resorted to clearing the air. Although, Abike seems like she's the bad friend now for revealing certain things in public, but it is pertinent to note that all the 'considered secrets' were already known to all parties involved. So really, Abike's audio did little or nothing to them. Except of course, you and I now know their dirty secrets.  

How una take see this matter? Was there really a betrayal here? Who was betrayed? Who was the victim? Who was the user or the used??  

Shouldn't Abike have come out to clear the misconception that Jibike spread about her? For example, Abike was at a time accused of saying that one of their friend's was HIV positive, and so many other cringy accusations that she was accused of. Should she have been quiet?

After the roforofo, Tatafo gathered that Jibike's husband was so embarrassed that he became suicidal. It was said that he had to delete all his social media handles because of the monumental disgrace. 
How true is this?

See how London so called big babes dey take finish themselves for here? 

Another similar story is brewing and is being whispered into Tatafo's ears. In fact this story is as HOT as Jibike and Abike's story. Only this one is a bit outside of London Tatafo's jurisdiction of amebo antenna. It happened between two erstwhile friends in Manchester and it is also as dirty.

Una don hear their tory too? Make Tatafo spill? 

Tatafo will be back 

*Na wah.....All this BFF ISH!...If you dont know who to talk to,please talk to God,he will never disgrace you or let you down.I have plenty close friends but i only tell what i dont mind being retold oh..hmmmmmmmmm.


Anonymous said...

Who laughs last,laughs best! Jibike shouldn't have started what she couldn't finish. She went too far, and Abike just went over the cliff! Thank God I don't hv female friends,just my kids and husband. I've never been happier. Peace of mind!

Ebony Ama said...

Hmmmmm na wa oooo. My bestfriend is God ooo, we dey gist togeda. I no wan betrayal.

white Berry said...

Yes by the time something secretive is already spit out to someone you call close is never a secret anymore. I must say jibike was so wrong calling the authority to deport his friend Abike back to Nigeria, she just felt so unsecure anyway with her secret guess that was the cause of all this and we ladies I mean women as well are like this, when you are not in support of what they do or not in support or don't like their lovers they start hating on you. Their business anyway, fooling themselves since 1900

Audrey said...

Orishirishi, just take a look as aunty abgayas are disgracing themselves.
They are birds of a feather jare.

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That's what happens when you cant keep your secrets secret. Very dirty fight. Reason I hate bff thingy

Monkey Face said...

😚😚😚😚😚 @ stella n Tatafo

Adisa Akomolede said...

See as den dey disgrace their self. LT thumbs up ojere lemme goan listen to the audio on YouTube

Ehi Human hairs and handmade wigs London said...

All these videos and audios people are sending on WhatsApp,I find then really degrading. Tatafo there's even a not so new one making its rounds about....

lastborn said...

No be today yansh dey back. If dem carry DNA do for a lot of Pikin,kasala go burst.

Anonymous said...

my flat mate told me this story a few days ago and I was busy cursing the Abike Lady. God forgive me sha. Better to hear all sides before judging. There is no real friendship in this England Abeg. your friend is your work.

Chidinma Grace said...

I support Stella's opinion. If I say anything to anybody, it means I don't mind if it gets out. Guard ur tongue

Bravitudenaturals said...

Keep your matter to God and yourself. People can talk talk! Nawa for this life sef,I no get friends only acquaintances. Hmmm

Anonymous said...

Nothing new under the sky. Ofe Nmanu's can fuck anyhow. The thing plenty for Lagos. My colleague told me how 3 different women have babies for him. They are married with best rich husband, the type bv's they like. Their husbands no know.

Iman Bella said...

I Listened to the audio from beginning till the end
The Abike lady was only trying to exonerate herself
She felt hurt and used by her friend
These days, friendships between ladies no dey last
Make God, your work, your children and husband your best friends
People come, People go

Mrs. Romas said...

Stella i like what you wrote with your red pen.
I don't really have any secret, but whatever i tell my friends, i always make sure is not what will cause me reproach when someone/the public hears about it.

I had a friend that i helped in the past when she was having serious problems with her fiancee. I begged her not to reveal where she was to the said fiancee (My house) and she promised not to say a word, to my greatest surprise, her boyfriend sent me a message threatening me because i was not a citizen.

I peacefully begged her to leave my home, and she went back to her fiancee who impregnated another girl. She went to her other friends, trying to bring me down. I am the kind of person that don't have time nor strength to shout or quarrel. I just brought out my phone and open the numerous messages her fiancee sent me, after allowing her other friends read it; i quietly left, and distance myself from her.
I will never allow money and man cause any rift between me and the only close friend i have now.

Debi said...

Na wa o. If I have no one to talk to, I will talk anonymously on sdkb. See mess hian

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for dis story on stells blog. Omo see correct nyansh opening. Taatafo I carry face cap for yr amebo skills. See hw u turn dis gist to home video for us. So Ajibike is d Delilah wen use pussy destroy everywhere. Gud for dem all. Buh abike too do sha no marra wat. She shud av gone to Jibike to gv her correct beating sef. Y call home office bcos u av issues wiv ur friend?I think d second manchy gist is bukky Jesse d ugly big mouth shapeless amoeba n her friend olaide abi olaitan. Twas on fbk sef as dey disgraced demslvs. Awon Oniranu dede

1nigeriangirl said...

Talk to God, exactly. I like myself, secretive to a fault

DaSparkles Beads 08035239797 said...

ok na, we all just need to be careful

Shyla said...

Disgraceful lot they all are. My secrets remain with me. Which one is sharing it with another?Its no longer a secret then.Abike would have minded her business from the onset. Na aproko de cause all this one. If you feel your friend might be a bad example where you are, cut her off and be friends from afar. They have too much time in their hands to engage in such nonsense. See where their nonsense has landed them.

malia cakes said...

Who bff help,we shld learn to keep our secret to oursef

Mhzzbee int'l said...

BFF no dey my dictionary abeg, what you tell her she will end up telling another person and jibike's husband didn't do well at all. He shouldn't have contacted abike's husband since he knows he is not the father of the child. Who wouldn't behave like Ajike when her home was to be ruined over this matter.... London babes I raise yansh for them.

Komimi Solomon said...

No friend in this wicked world oh. People are getting more heartless everyday. Me I know get friend oh, wetin my eye use take see friends, I can't even explain.

Nneka Ugochukwu said...

We Give it up to you you go get d correct gist out just as it was in Abike's audio. Yours is accurate. There is no harm in Abike supporting her friend during trial period and mind you all d Abike doesn't seem like d dirty bitch Jibike married woman that flirts around. Abike did not even know her friend is engaged in extra marital affairs until d baby secret come up months after d naming. We can't blame Abike at all because we all wonder why the Jibike can not file a law suit against SlAbike with all her red P..instead she would rather be in the hiding because apparently she did what Abike accused her can't give a baby 2 paternity right and expect your innocent friend to support your dirty ways. Let's not be judgemental here..the promiscuous wife Jibike exposed herself and and hubby Olayinka and Abike did d right thing by releasing the audio when she had no other means of contacting her friend to stop viciously tarnishing her image. Madam alagbere Jibike it serves u right. May God forgive our utterances towards Abike initially.

Nneka Ugochukwu said...

We Give it up to you you go get d correct gist out just as it was in Abike's audio. Yours is accurate. There is no harm in Abike supporting her friend during trial period and mind you all d Abike doesn't seem like d dirty bitch Jibike married woman that flirts around. Abike did not even know her friend is engaged in extra marital affairs until d baby secret come up months after d naming. We can't blame Abike at all because we all wonder why the Jibike can not file a law suit against SlAbike with all her red P..instead she would rather be in the hiding because apparently she did what Abike accused her can't give a baby 2 paternity right and expect your innocent friend to support your dirty ways. Let's not be judgemental here..the promiscuous wife Jibike exposed herself and and hubby Olayinka and Abike did d right thing by releasing the audio when she had no other means of contacting her friend to stop viciously tarnishing her image. Madam alagbere Jibike it serves u right. May God forgive our utterances towards Abike initially.

Anonymous said...

Jibike the promiscuous wife you see your life? May God forgive our utterances towards Abike. She has not done anything wrong with the audio. Jibike greedily put herself to this dirty shame and show. Dirty woman. You don spoil your pikin life come dey cry say na friend finish you. Deceptive liar. Why u no come out talk or arrest Abike for slandering you? Cos she is telling d truth.

Anonymous said...

Nigerians should stop being sentimental. Abike that did d audio is not to be blamed at all with this accurate report from Stella which is d same as d audio we heard from Abike. Why can't d shameful promiscuous Jibike come out to defend herself or sue her friend to court? D lady has kept d secret for her so far..why is she still sleeping around when d hubby has forgiven her? The Thanni family name and Olaribigbe has been mudslinged for having ds bitch and dirty woman that ruined the future of her baby herself out of carefree fucking while married. Ezioku. Madam Abike we love u and whosoever cursed you shall be cursed back in multiples.

whummy said...

This is my first time of commenting on Stella's blog though I'm an ardent reader. I CAN NEVER confide in any female friend, they are mostly pretentious hypocrites. Lessons learnt never trust your secrets with anyone except God.

Whirlwind said...

Hmm, my mom will say show me your friends and I will tell you who you are.

Why was Abike still friends with Jibike even when she was aware that her friend was sleeping around?
What exactly do they have in common?

If I have a promiscuous friend and I know you are promiscuous, I will dump you fast and stay on my lane.

Personally, I am of the opinion that the kind of company you keep matters.

I may be wrong but I think Abike shouldn't have done that audio. Why does the whole world need to know what transpired between both of you? Are there no other ways of taking your pound of flesh or getting even?

Why was Abike mentioning other people's names and secret in her expose? Talking about someone who bought a child? How are we sure her friend tipped the Home office about her status? So if home office contacts you, you are sure it was your friend that snitched on you?

Anyway, na dem sabi, 2 irresponsible friends who shared dirty secrets and had a lot in common, mstchew.

Whirlwind said...

And women do this shit a lot.

You will never see men fighting like this and exposing their secrets. But women, everything you told them in confidence will be broadcasted to whoever cares to listen when the relationship turns sour.

Who'sThatGirl doubleuteegee said...

Hmmm just listened to the audio now. Who's Abike? The short one?

chikavincent1 said...

Iya boys why is my commentor missing

Yemi7up said...

Jibike started what she couldn't finish and her keeper quiet makes some believed she is the good one.

Anonymous said...

This is all so stupid. As one grows older you must know where to stop. Who cares whose child someone is carrying? And if the man said he forgives her what else is left? People should find work to do abeg.

Seun ogayemi said...

Tell your secrets to God as Stella said its no longer a secret once its revealed to someone else. The story is a dirty story oga o old women n show of shame like this!!

Anonymous said...

Friends who can encourage, support and even push their own self and friend(s), into bad ways are all of the same feather. See how you who claims faithful to her husband don "mix" well-well with "dog-pig", wetin you come expect?????

Even when you run from such, they keep coming back or find ways to still smear you and even succeed sometimes BUT dear "KEEP KEEPING DISTANCE FROM YOUR END NO MATTER WHAT COS NA DEM GO TIRE AT LAST."

Fab_divas online store for designer bags, footwares and clothings said...

Serious wahala!!

Anonymous said...

@Whilwind we are talking of 2 matured women that started of the basis of friendship trust here, people do change, it's angels that most commonly become devilish friend overnight. No enemies will wage war at one suddenly without firstly disguising as friends , the Abike had no issue or course to doubt her friend until d baby paternity secret. Leaked. Why are d public being overzealous and pointing bad fingers at d woman? Sure alot of pple would even kill having being exposed to the immigration office and why can't d Jibike come out to defend not doing it? Biko d Abike woman did d right thing

Anonymous said...

Godbless u whiteboard, it means d Jibike lady plot evil for her friend yo be deported simply because she has her secret. It was d evil she plotted that bounced back on her. She go fit send hired assassins to go kill Abike and others she kept d secret's not even a secret the way it's narrated here cos d original baby's father n his wife are both aware they have a child with Jibike before madam Abike was told.

Anonymous said...

Abike welcome, though you tried to give yourself an igbo name with your blog id, we are not stupid.i don't blame though.its all tit for tat.i know you tolulope and that your back biting friend jibike, you are all wayward ladies.thanks for all the drama, you people entertained us.

Anonymous said...

Abike welcome, though you tried to give yourself an igbo name with your blog id, we are not stupid.i don't blame you though.its all tit for tat.i know you tolulope and that your back biting friend jibike, you are all wayward ladies.thanks for all the drama, you people entertained us.

Anonymous said...

No BFFs secret sharing thingz abegi. In short keep your secrets inside, your belle no go burst.
That's why Omotola's life, marriage and family is scandal free. She no dey hangout with any girl friends. Some say she dey high like one cup garri (arrogant) ; but no. She is staying outta unnecessary trouble.

Have friends but no the limit of exposing your innermost things, cause the devil can use someone to use it against you.

Anonymous said...

Stale gist,it's been everywhere already since over 2weeks.its on YouTube,its been passed around on WhatsApp,it's gone viral tey tey,on Facebook on other blogs.all in detail even.......tatafo go find us fresh gist.

Anonymous said...

If your tatafo pot is empty,tell people to send you stories via your email ok, this gist no be am at all,we have heard all these already......lots of juicy scandals happening in thamesmeasd,waka go bring us better gist.

Anonymous said...

Some ladies cannot keep their mouth shut especially with extra marital sexual escapades. Why because they are having a kick out of it, thinking they are smart, so they have to tell someone to prove how ' baddest ' they are.

I've had friends telling me their deep deep baddest secrets, na only me I go dey beg them not to mention it to no other person. Sometimes I will tell them, it's unnecessary, I did not need to know.

Chikito The Professional Runs Girl loves Aeegurl said...

Let me take space here.
As for those of you sending in chronicles here about friendship and betrayal..... I hope you people are reading this? Stop carryinfdrisnuop on your head like gala. You're an independent adult. Good luck!!

Lilly simple said...

Awon Londoneirs

Senue said...

Ajeokuta ma mu omi (Ndigbo girls) are the worst! Don't we read about how their husbands catch them in Festac and Ajah axis. Igbo girls and their hot pants

Anonymous said...

That saying show me your friend is not true for everyone abeg. I was friends with runs girls in Uni days, did my best to change them through out but after school everyone went separate ways. Many don't have a mind of theirs, always being influenced by anything or anyone in their lives
The lady that released the audio is the victim according to inside story, all those wayward people are cunning and dangerous. They manipulate everyone in their net and set the rhythm to favor them. When the slut needed help why she no send chronicles come sdk anonymously, her secret for no dey anybody hand now

Onyeka Okeke said...


Chidinma Gift said...

If you cannot keep your secret to yourself how are you sure that the person you are telling can keep it

sisi eko said...

Oh my goodness, what a story. Chai

@Whirlwind, you are so right. But u see, there are some friends who are able to mingle with pigs and not become dirty themselves. Some can keep bad friends and still maintain a healthy relationship with them. I think that was the case here until trouble started

You know there are some friends you'd rather not correct, cos they'll stop telling you stuff.. or they'll say you're being overly righteous. Doesn't mean you like or do what they do. Me think it was because Abike corrected her friend that all of these happened. She should have allowed her be. What a messy story. Na wa o.

sisi eko said...

I don't even understand why she called the home office on her friend. No matter what Haba.

sisi eko said...

That's why it's best not to have secrets. Who are mere friends when even your own flesh and blood can betray your confidence. I personally don't even consider anything a secret that I'll now be sneaking around to tell anyone.

sisi eko said...

Exactly.. the man messed up too abeg. Why did he have to meddle in their issue? Then he went to Facebook to make matters worse. That's not what a real man should do in a situation like this. But I guess his wife tricked him into believing her

sisi eko said...

Hmmmmmm na wa o

sisi eko said...

Toorrr friends have arrived o. Eheh

sisi eko said...

But some of us didn't get this much details na. So why not leave others to it? Na question o. No vex u hear. Lol.

OK bye

sisi eko said...


Anonymous said...

Whoa that's an eye opener. True for the selfish one will feel condemned and guilt. Good advice. But it may still back fire. I tried that and the lady is vindictive

Anonymous said...

This is a story we should all learn from.
Stella thanks for sharing details. C I praise God. Met someone whom I thought was genuine years when I was young. God told me camouflage. I was naΓ―ve I was like you bx hard God.
Years later as we matured people who never met or met her warned me. I was like ah you overacting.
By the time my eye tear! God reminded me what he told me a decade ago. I just distanced myself.
Till today it's still over a decade that I cut all ties but the lady being vindictive via mutual acquaintances. I have had to further cut off ties. But I will say as far as I know she not married but has character like Jibike to the T.
True to word the company you keep even if you kick against it there are still influences that migrate. The same demon that is Lord over such a character like Jibike will also want to be Lord over you. I advise young girls against sleep overs. If you not a strong Christian at night they try to posses. The Lord use to get me up and I didn't understand y. I later got to understand when i dedicated my life with all seriousness.
This lady use to complain I pray a lot am a strong Christian y am I strong I never understood. It's my own opinion that God allowed some things bc if I had initially listen a spiral of things would not have happened.
Taking gifts as in birthday and other gifts I don't advise.
As many have advised Jesus Christ your best friend he will feel the void you have.
You not be insecure to tolerate nonsense and make a better judgement. Follow your instincts
Please include me in your prayers as in the lady us including my family members. Words are spirit and she sows these words about others I use to discern and not fall and she use to say am a strong Christian. As for my family discernment Jesus Christ please intervene. I keep praying. I know it involves my career and social life
Please Please include me in your prayers. It's really serious. With all the allegations levied against this lady wails I have distanced myself from her with no explanation. Those who have succeeded to distance say that's her normal line of lies. But she is still bent on being my friend. Is it not for malicious reason y not respect my choice.

Please Please pray for me.
God God Please make haste to answer me.
In Jesus Christ name Amen

Marygift Anumudu said...

Na waaa

Anonymous said...

Dat Bukky Jesse Oloribu lady Asawo kobo kobo envying her married friend dat she now told d friends hubby to do DNA for their child. Dats d story cos it was all over Facebook wen it happened. She's a single useless mother frustrated bitch always on fbk half naked n talking fuckall.bring her story ki awa to London n Manchester gbori wole.

Anonymous said...

Den y not skip d post if it's stale

Anonymous said...

Dirty promiscuous peeps.

Anonymous said...

Kini eleyi nso?

Anonymous said...

My girlfriend is married and she is pregnant....for me. Meanwhile she quickly slept with the husband when she missed her period.

Now, the mumu guy is buying baby things. Meanwhile I dey wait make she born before I go begin obtain from her. Kikikiki

Anonymous said...

Sis you have done the right thing by cutting all ties tied to your friend's mess. The blood of Jesus will stand in for you and your children ijmn. When men's voice cannot be heard, the Lord's voice will be heard and will surely speak and vindicate you. I understand Abike's fury by releasing that audio but then it's not everyone that knows when to walk away before things got messy, she said she never acted holy but was only advising the Jibike to stop bringing men home to her matrimonial home. Things do get messy if one doesn't seek spiritual help from Jesus and this is how d lady met herself at d spot while d Jibike is in d hiding seeking public's pity and opinion to tongue lash Abike for exposing her. God deliver us from this bad friends everywhere

Anonymous said...

Honestly it's only God that can vindicate this Abike woman. The story says she was at her friends house when the hubby left for work and almost immediately d Jibike lady jumped on d phone and telling d real baby father to come in while her hubby was not even blocks away from d house,,this was what tempted the Abike woman to step in that she dare not bring in her boyfriend while she is still there but can do whatever she pleases when she is gone! You see? She didn't act holier than thou nor come btw them but only make her principles known that she is not part of it. May God help us with the kind of secrets we keep for some people this days because d moment you do any funny normal look or talk they believe you mocking them with the secret ..especially when they caught you gifting with your other friends they believe you spilling their secrets. The moment you keep some secret for some people ,things will become totally abnormal between u and d person. Ladies stop keeping secrets for people, tell whoever to tell it to God. Me I no fit come die because I wan be like good person keeping secrets o..I no wan tell u my own no tell me yours biko. Gbam

Mao Akuh said...

If only the Yoruba women in London would be deported back so that things like this won't be happening. Total embarrassment to Nigeria.

Naomi Onuh said...

Anonymous 00:11 what exactly u saying

Anonymous said...

Mao Akuh why can't your tribe be deported back to Nigeria from d diaspora? Common Igbo, Hausa , Yoruba all mess up one way or d other and yet they don't have to be castigated, politicians steals , kill and commit all kind of atrocities yet tried and freed eventually, people do all kind of shameful things both in the public and hiding yet God say let whoever has not sin before cast a stone. Sure u personally is not an angel . Why the critics about Yoruba tribe or Igbo. Igbo girls fight aswell,Benin women own worse Wey we dey hear yet none of the tribes is perfect..we just talking about our women generally applying some moral cautions to things they do both home and abroad not pointing fingers at a particular tribe..where you go come deport those of you that do worst things back in Nigeria? Abeggy

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