Stella Dimoko Anambra Lawmakers Allegedly Demand Jeeps To Support Gov’s Re-election


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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Anambra Lawmakers Allegedly Demand Jeeps To Support Gov’s Re-election

It has been gathered that some members of the Anambra State House of Assembly have given the state Governor, Chief Willie Obiano, a condition to support his re-election next year, demanding that the governor must give Prado jeeps to the lawmakers to get their support.

The Speaker of the Assembly, Mrs. Rita Maduagwu, however, told our correspondent on the telephone that the Assembly’s support for the governor was unconditional.

She said, “Those expecting that the executive and the legislature in Anambra will be at war will be disappointed. We will continue to work in synergy with the executive and deliver Governor Obiano for a second tenure.

“The harmonious relationship between the executive and the other arms of government will make for steady progress in Anambra State while still maintaining the principles of checks and balances.”

Spearheading the demand for Prado Jeeps, the Minority Leader in the House, Mr. Onyebuchi Offor, had at a forum accused the governor of neglecting the legislature.

He described the condition of service at the House as deplorable.

He alleged that the governor pocketed about N1.2bn as security votes, monthly, describing it as unjust and unconscionable.

Offor, representing Ekwusigo constituency, had gone to some radio stations in the state to crusade against the governor in that respect.

Some lawmakers who spoke to our correspondent on condition of anonymity said they were neglected by the governor.

One of them said, “We can’t continue this way. This is a man (governor) who does not listen to advice and he has continued to fail to recognise the lawmakers in terms of bettering their condition of service.

“Our colleagues in other states move in jeeps but what we use here is Escape car which is ridiculous. What is the governor doing with N1.2bn every month as security vote; we are not going to allow him to continue like that.

“He has to provide us with Prado Jeeps and improve our condition of service, otherwise we will wait for him during the election,” the lawmaker stated.

In his reaction, the Commissioner for Information and Strategy, Mr. Tony Nnacheta, said he was not ready to join issues with the legislators on a matter that was speculative and baseless.

“We are not merchants that if you say you need Prado Jeep, we give you. Are they saying we should give them Prado Jeeps because our economy has improved or what?

“Are they saying that we should abandon our responsibility of paying workers and pensioners and buy jeeps for them?

On the governor’s security, Nnacheta said he would not want to discuss such issues on pages of newspapers.

He said “Security is a sensitive issue you don’t discuss anyhow. But one issue that is clear is that security in the state has changed for good.”

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  1. Chai! I weep for my country.

    1. Seriously, I sorry for Nigeria.

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  2. Anty stella am sure u re not surprise about the deal cos am absolutely not surprise. Just happy that I will be reading comment 24/7 I finished my semester exam yesterday. I wish my self goodluck and success

  3. Greed!

    In these times?
    Now it has Bn made public,they sure won't be getting them.

  4. If this is true then the lawmakers are just too stupid.. I keep on telling this boo leaders to make political offices less attractive so that we can experience a selfless service and not a selfish politricks

    Mc pinky

  5. Our lawmakers and jeeps! Nawaoo

  6. Can I really say I blame them? It now depends if the Gov thinks their input is worth a jeep

  7. Very selfish people. Isn't ford escape a car? !

  8. Negodu this men, they want Prados under this economy, how selfish and greedy can people get? Am sure they made up that stupid 1.2b whatever just to paint him black

  9. Hmmmn. 😕😕😕

  10. Smh,that has byn the story of Nigerian politics

  11. They have come to empty my state treasuring account ooo! they all have their official cars for crying out loud, the most important thing in Anambra is to maintain the security which is already existing, I praise the governor and his security adviser on making Anambra a place to live and work freely. Those lawmakers should please take a chill pills now because cars are lease of the problems the federal government, state government and Nigerians need, they should sit down and try another strategy that will benefit people in the state, then we Anambrans will back them up. God bless Anambra.

  12. Greedy people that don't care about the masses

  13. Sharing the national cake! He can do that for them. But he will be summoned by EFCC after the election.

  14. Huh?
    Willie had better start working hard now if he wants to be re-elected as governor!

  15. “Our colleagues in other states move in jeeps but what we use here is Escape car which is ridiculous. What is the governor doing with N1.2bn every month as security vote; we are not going to allow him to continue like that."
    Nigeria is doomed

  16. Tillyishere.blogspot.com16 November 2016 at 08:08

    Dirty politics

  17. Lawmakers not looking for ways to better their community,only way of enriching themselves. This rot is way deeper than what's on the surface. So na Prado be the problem now.

  18. Onyebuchi Ofor is a tout. He is just riding on the back of his brother, Sir Enema Ofor. See person wey em Papa still dey mortuary and na Prado jeep dey important to am? Ewu Awusa! Mek I go anon before dem break my legs.

  19. Aunty Stella please let me join you to echo "Whaat" . See selfishness. Jeep my foot. Yes my own state governor bought jeeps for lawmakers but the truth remains that that's not the people's wish. I guess it's not lawmakers that will decide but "Anambrarians" non sense.

  20. These people are shameless old fools we call Lawmakers...........


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