Stella Dimoko VP Osinbajo Explains Why Nigeria Is Cutting Down On Food Importation.


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Friday, November 11, 2016

VP Osinbajo Explains Why Nigeria Is Cutting Down On Food Importation.

Foreign exchange constraints and the availability of arable land in Nigeria makes the case for improved local agricultural production in Nigeria an imperative, rather than continued importation with its significant pressure on dwindling foreign earnings of the country.

Vice President Yemi Osinbajo, SAN, gave this explanation earlier today while receiving in his office a Russian delegation led by the Russian Minister of Agriculture who is also the Co-Chair of the Nigeria-Russia Joint Commission, Mr. Alexander Tkachev.

“The oil prices have gone down tremendously and yet large amount of foreign exchange is used to purchase food abroad and we have large arable land for agric. It won’t make sense, if you don't use the land,” according to the Vice President.

Prof. Osinbajo then invited Russian farmers to invest in Nigeria, produce and import from here, saying “we are just 6 hours away from Europe by air. Vegetables, flour can be exported to Europe from here, even our local market here is a lot.”

Both the Vice President and the delegation that included the Russian Ambassador in Nigeria, Ambassador Nikolay Udovichenko, Russian Deputy Minister of Agriculture, Mr. Evgeny Gromyko and officials of Russian’s firm-United Company (Rusal) agreed that Nigeria and Russia should deepen the existing diplomatic relationship, especially economically.

According to Prof. Osinbajo “there is a lot of money to be made if Russian technology in agriculture is deployed locally,” adding that there are better opportunities for economic cooperation between both countries.

Speaking earlier, the Russian Agriculture Minister expressed his country’s willingness to enhance the existing trade relations with Nigeria. He observed that the Nigeria-Russia trade volume as at the end of 2015 exceeded $300 million, but added that there are potentials for improvement in the years ahead. 


  1. My prayer is the recession goes with this year.let the new year launch us to a better economy - amen

  2. Cheap talk.
    Good morning all.

    Please I woke up on the "right hand" so somebody should not come and spoil my mood with cheap talk. Mbok

  3. Agriculture is the way to go. Any country that can't feed itself cannot claim to be a power.

  4. There's a man in Anambra that exports food produce to all the obodo oyibo countries, I think his company is GRAFIL or so

  5. It's a good idea, we need to start producing our own food and stop replying on the West to feed us

    1. Not just him. The whole of anambra state are now into food exportation that's and other business focusing less on the money from federal government. That's why they have not owed any salary. They have been on top of their game since this recession. Ben Bruce one time asked the president and how cohorts to find out how anambra state is on top of their game and apply same means on the federal level.

      Anambra don't play. I'm Yoruba married to that land.

  6. They should just do whatever they want to do fast before people will finish dying of hunger

  7. Pastor house boy has spoken!...
    Can't you all see that this una nonsense policies are not working?...
    Local rice is even expensive than the foreign rice so WTH are you people talking about!,..
    Their is hunger in Nigeria Oga pastor!...
    The poor are suffering!...

    1. u dey wicked o, Which one be "Pastor house boy"

    2. 😁😁😁😁😁

    3. You are very rightπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚these are the type of news they give him to share with the public

  8. hahahaha the Queen. Pray for the pastor so that God can use him to bring Nigeria out of this recession.

    In short, i wonder what this VP is doing self. I dont know if he is still a man of God?

    1. Hahahahahah...
      So you believe that man is a man of God?..
      Which real man of God engage him self in Naija dirty politics?...
      Ka m nukwa!...

  9. Foolish people. If we all die from hunger, who will now be farming.

    BTW, it's not by force to farm.

    And gosh, I hate local rice. I don't even eat it at all.

    1. Hahahahaha...
      My children hates it too...the 25kg I bought the other day and cooked from it...nobody ate it in my house!...
      My children was asking me what sort of rice is this that they won't eat oh!...
      That it's too dirty and ugly!.,.
      I don't blame them!,..during my moms time,you dare not reject her food!...
      Na cane she go carry settle you and you will eat the food by force...

      What will i do nah,I had to boil another rice for them!...

      Some people say it's sweet even my help that I gave the remaining one was dancing...

  10. Vegetables, flour can be exported to Europe from here, even our local market here is a lot.” They don finish this man's brain, when hunger dey for our land, which export?

    He should locate that man wey act "gods must be crazy" dem resemble.

    Local rice dey ok.


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