Stella Dimoko Channelstv Investigates Story Of Boy Found Inside A Wall


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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Channelstv Investigates Story Of Boy Found Inside A Wall

Last week, there was viral news of a boy rumoured to have been sealed in the wall of a house in Ondo town in western Nigeria spread. 
The story grew legs and tail and had different versions to how the boy got into the wall...It was alleged that he had been singing for three days before he was brought out.

To get the true picture of the incident, Channels Television crew visited the town in Ondo State and was at the very house where the incident happened.

A bungalow located on 3B Akinfemisoye Street, Oduduwa Area in New Town, Ondo city in Ondo

West Local Government Area of Ondo State was where the boy was found.

The boy is said to have fallen between the walls of a building and a fence.

According to the information gathered, the owner of the house had travelled out of the country several years ago. But the building at the back is being inhabited by tenants who are students of the Adeyemi College of Education in the town.

Charity Adebayo is one of the students living in the compound. She told Channels Television that the boy, who is suspected to be mentally deranged, fell into the little space between the walls of the house and a food canteen next to it.

“We started hearing the boy saying meaningless things from inside the wall,” she said.

Charity explained that at daybreak, people came and broke the fence and brought him out.

According to her, the grandmother of the boy came to pick him.

Felicia Olaniyi, who operates the food canteen at the other side, gave her own account of the story in Yoruba language.

“The boy was said to have escaped from his grandmother one evening while she was taking him to a church for healing.

“The boy must have fallen in-between the walls of the two buildings,” she said.

According to her, after they heard the voice of the boy in the wall, it attracted people’s attention and a ladder was brought. “He was discovered in the space and the wall was broken,” she explained.

She said the residents also alerted the police before the boy was brought out and also corroborated Charity’s claims that he was taken away by his grandmother.

Michael Gbala, a medical practitioner, who also lives in the neighbourhood told Channels Television that he learnt that the boy was mentally deranged.

Determined to get to the root of the matter and more revelations, Channels Television crew proceeded to the church where the boy was taken to by his grandmother for healing, overseen by an old woman,

Prophetess Dorcas Adebayo said the boy’s grandmother took him away from her church

She explained in Yoruba language that the grandmother brought the boy for healing but later came back to take him away.

She believes the boy must have, in a bid to escaped from the grandmother after she took him away from the church, fallen into the wall.

The old prophetess said she did not know the boy’s whereabouts ever since.

A little boy also gave his account of the story, saying the boy had been taken to the State Specialist Hospital in town. ‎

At the hospital sources said that the boy’s name is Aduragbemi Saka and that he was admitted but had since been discharged.

Channels Television, however, got to know the address of the boy and his grandmother.
On getting to the house, the one storey building was locked with a padlock.

The residents of the street refused to speak to reporters, but however said that they knew the boy but had not been seen him for a long time.

*To even be able to sit inside that wall is something i need explanation for.....However I will settle for this version because the other one gave me serious goose


  1. Replies
    1. Okay oo but doesn't add up! Why was he naked?

    2. Ok this makes a little sense!! But there are still more questions that is nagging me. First how can a 12 year old boy fall inside a wall without no bruises or wounds. He doesn't look dehydrated!!! OK

    3. Ok this makes a little sense!! But there are still more questions that is nagging me. First how can a 12 year old boy fall inside a wall without no bruises or wounds. He doesn't look dehydrated!!! OK

    4. Naked?
      U no read say skoinskoin dey worry am?

      If u see d pix when he was brot out, he looked helpless. Perhaps dehydrated.

      I for say. Bcos d bricks looks old n there's no how he would ve been plastered in and up.
      Except na correct winch system.

      Moreover God sure has a way of protecting insane people.

  2. the boy need deliverance. Ds is spiritual

  3. But that's an old wall! Look at the blocks sef
    This story is just weird

  4. wetin concern me again for this matter. Na dem sabi

  5. Surprisingly,the first story makes more sense to me. How did he fall in between the blocks? How long was he there for? What was he feeding on? It makes more sense to say it was spiritual.

  6. For me this explanation still doesn't make sense. Looking at that wall, it doesn't look like there is enough space for that boy to fall in and be alive for days.
    Only God and the boy knows how he got in there.

  7. Y is d grandmother's door under lock n key?probably yesterday's story makes more sense. I blv he was used 4 rituals afterall residents said he has not been seen 4 a rili long time,anyways i'm here waiting as d story unfolds

    1. Na im he no die?

    2. Wonder how those who heard d mysterious cry n songs reacted!.

  8. This doesn't look like a space between two fences....even though its just a picture...wondering how he fell into that small space....

  9. Fan yogo how far Na? Abey? Urlegwe? Ikwakwakwakwakwa sorry o,but how u go change weave on now? if u turn WhiteBerry no worry I will give u shoki 😘

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  10. This new story dey one kain,it doesn't go with this picture we are looking at,the boy could have fallen inside a gutter....not fall inside a fence,how is that possible?deranged boy fell inside a fence hmnnnnnn,cemented moulded blocks do not have that much space in it that can contain a boy like this.another story will soon come up again soon...a whole TV station went to interview,and they could not make a video of the boy and make him talk and say how he got inside the fence,no video or pictures of villagers they interviewed.i wonder when that country will become better in things they do even with all the advanced technology.under developed country.

  11. Im lost for words but I am certain that this story isn't complete is impossible for the boy to enter a block space easily.

  12. Lmao,so how long has he been in the hole,how did he survive, he dose not look malnourished or anything. So where is the boy now

  13. *Smh* chanails TV coresspondaints went n interfewed end time racidants.

    1. Hey Villager!!! How do you say/spell the full meaning of "smh"in your dialect? You are so hilarious!! 😁😁

    2. *Sheking mine Heard*
      #shyns tits*

    3. I love you villager...#fangirling

    4. Villager is 'acting'. He or she is super educated. All these contrived words don't fool me one bit

  14. To understand it clearly, go to Channels TV youtube page and watch the video. The fence was behind a house, and the space between the house and the fence was very narrow. But since he is a child, he can fit in. THIS VERSION MAKES MOST SENSE.

    Stella pls post the Channels video that explains it.

  15. a.k.a EDWIN CHINEDU AZUBUKO said...
    Strange things are happening though no doubt....

  16. This story makes mockery of investigative journalism. The story makes no sense whatsoever. How does a boy that old fall through the building blocks? And he is conveniently placed?
    You start hallucinating from long isolation. God! Nigeria need a brain calibration.

  17. Why is he without clothes? Did he go out playing naked and fell into the wall? Makes no sense abeg, they should shift Biko and say the truth. Ndi Asi

  18. No clothes on him, not even ordinary pant
    Fences go around a land. If he fell in BETWEEN, two walls, he could still manage to crawl out to the open where the canteen building stops merging with the fence. But he fell INSIDE cemented blocks! I still stick to my first theory! He went in as an insect and got stucked!


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