Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 137


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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Labour Room Drama 137


Hi Stellz may God bless you for you have touched my life positively and I've leant a lot from your blog.

There was a lot of drama in my labor room and so many challenges e no easy. when I was pregnant people say its easy you go in and just push and your baby will just come out, see mumu like me I just believe forgetting that it's my first and the women advising me have gone more that 3 times. 

Well back to my story I passed my EDD so I was induced that's when my drama waist was on fire my hubby would rub and rub at a time it was like he too was in labor he would run out shouting at the nurses. 

Was in labor from 2pm on Saturday till 9am Sunday with the pains and every tin the nurses wanted to check me I told them I dont want to b check you need to see cry, my mother in-law was telling me to shout Jesus and I was shout I want CS oooooo I no do again oooo,the nurses said they would even flog me I was just saying please call the doctor, when the doctor finally came he asked them to leave me for 30mins omo I was crying my waist ooooo and that I was pressed at a time every one left me in the labor room alone see cry and shout and when the time to push came my baby was busy making up applying sleek powder and lip gloss finally I pushed and I saw my bundle of joy and I was fulfilled.

 She would be 4 months on Wednesday . God has been faithful.

Congrats to you darling.


  1. Kwakwakwakwakwa at busy making up and applying sleek powder.

    *grabs cucumber*

  2. Congrats dear. I'm on my second missionary journey,lol. God help us all.

  3. Very short and straight to the point. Thank God for you poster.

  4. Congrats on your bundle of joy poster. Lmao @ your baby was busy applying sleek powder and lip gloss

  5. No pain like induction's o.. God bless d baby

  6. Lol. Funny. Different strokes for different folks. My 2 elder sisters never experienced delayed Labour.
    My eldest sister had her last baby when she was taking her bath in the bathroom.

    1. Say what!!!

      No sign? Nothing rara?

  7. Crying and everyone left you in the

  8. Are there any Muslim sisters trying to conceive here. Maybe we can set up a WhatsApp group to share prayers.

  9. its like female children takes more time to birth than their male counterpart.

  10. Enter your comment...nice and luvly stori dear ...God bless your home...

  11. Congrat,happy four month to your baby..God is faithful o,that was a 24hr labor...


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