Stella Dimoko The Social Construct of Umunna in Igboland


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Saturday, December 24, 2016

The Social Construct of Umunna in Igboland

The Real deal!!!

An example of 'Umunna' social construct in Igboland. Here in this picture, Ndi Ummunna'm, 'Umuokpuora' in Umuakwu village, Enugwu-Ukwu, Njikoka LGA of Anambra state gather in our ancestral 'Obu' on the eve of Christmas 2015; old and young, rich and poor, to share in equal measure a cow donated by one of us. 

The women do not partake as the men bring home the family's share.

 This is done over drinks, nkwuenu, beer etc. Kola nuts are broken by the elders, libation poured, prayers said and stories of successes, failures and challenges shared. This is the unity that binds, a sense of community, love and 'Igwebuike'. 

For things and times like these, Ndigbo journey from all over the world to their ancestral homes during the Christmas season;to share, to commune, to renew and recharge for the coming year and to give thanks to Chi.

This is who we are, Ndigbo.
This year, as you journey home to Alaigbo to partake in this age old tradition, may Chukwu abiama guide, protect and keep you.
Nnoo nu ndi nnata!
Written By Uche Nworah

*I was discussing with my friend the other day and i think he mentioned something like this in Imo state as well....I love the igbo tradition so much.
I am so sure my Ex Nndi (who is one of my best friends) will have a great time in Okwelle this
Safe Journey Nndi and Kelechi...Safe Journey to everyone else.

PS- What does Umunna mean?


  1. Replies
    1. Awww....
      Ndi Igbo ejiro kwa ekeresimesi egwu egwu!
      Igbo amaka!!

    2. Amanda nwannem.

      Dave ne me kwa nonsense o

  2. umunna means kingsmen,male relatives

    1. Umunna-kindred,ndi umu nna-kinsmen.
      This made me remember one time during new year hols in our villa,there was this man that used to beat shege out of his wife with his children,so UmUada gathered and had a secret meeting to go visit him with their own koboko.all the women gathered in his house,they lynched him and tied him on the tree in his compound and gave gim the beatings of his life,he swore never to lay his hands on his wife or else they revisit him again.we were watching from the road cos the man's shout was attracting every passers by and they made sure that his compound gate was wide

    2. Lucile that's a village where there's still order and greed hasn't finished them.
      Most places now, the umuada will only console and tell her to endure that it's everywhere.

  3. umu means children, nna means father. Umunna means children of same father. it grows from generation.

  4. Umunna-family people

    I love my culture

    1. Umunna-kingsmen

      They are like your representative in the village

  5. I love the why Igbo's celebrate Christmas it's so unique. They love going home for Christmas and Esther.

  6. I am Igbo and proud. Ngwa girl to the core mehn.

  7. I am Igbo and proud. Ngwa girl to the core mehn.

  8. I think it means brother or siblings

  9. Umunna means kinsmen or "kindred" . Depending on the usage

  10. Oh Lordy..
    That Nostalgic feeling..
    Wish my kids met their Great grand father,that man was a master in his time..Everything happened in our Obi.
    If wishes were horses....

  11. Umunna mean kinsmen or literally Children of a father.

  12. igbo traditions are quite interesting and fascinating. pls santa locate me this day, i am trusting God for a last minute miracle.Empower my husband, let the sufferring and lack of 2016 not follow us into 2017, amen.

  13. Umunna is kinsmen. Belle bedazzled

  14. Umunna means kindred. This will be done in my village in abagana, anambra this xmas. Sad i wont be at the villa for xmas. They share cow parts amongst themselves in different kindreds.

  15. Umunna = Kinsmen.
    Literally translated Father's Children. Which goes to say that we all have our root from the same ancestral father.
    Umunnam = My Kinsmen = My Father's Children.

  16. Intelligentsia princess nwa-amankwo24 December 2016 at 12:10

    **Dancing skelewu** Igbo culture rock big time. Am proud to be nwa-afo Igbo
    Proudly representing Ezimaebu Ebenator Orsu.
    **Dancing out of post**skelewu,skeleeu

  17. Igbo Amaka..
    Igbo bu igbo ga adi ooo

  18. SO true, this have become a custom in IGBO land

  19. Anything umunna remains me of my traditional marriage day. My father's umunna caused a lot of trouble. Some of them that didn't even know of my existence before that day came to be giving orders and making demands. It was even the oldest man in the umunna that gave me the drink to give my husband...


    1. Don't mind them,that trouble no reach their mind. They said its tradition

    2. It's normal. If your dad doesn't allow them, u no go marry o

  20. Igbo ndi oma ekelem umu. Omenala Igbo amaka. Ka chukwu Abiama nonyere onye obula neme njem ilaru ulo noge ekeresimesi a. Proudly Ada Isuikwuato

  21. #No one has ever become poor by GIVING. Giving is it's own reward*

  22. Daalu rinne Uche Nworah.

    Chief in law as an Ogbuefi has settled his kindred since 10am. Isi efi adago( cow head don fall) The umunna has dispersed to take the meat down to their families.Thereafter the cooks took over as food items are making their way into the compound one by one.
    Live chickens are losing their heads too for the party tomorrow.

    Later the cow head will be dealt with at night by 8pm, when the Umunna gather to cook and do nkwobi with it. And of course with 2 kegs of palm wine on standby for them. Then the political arguments will start amidst some crazy antics by the drunk(maybe Na today I go hear who go succeed Gov Obiano). Hahaha

    Trust DH and his brothers to be onlookers and cover the drink mouth with their thumbs(trust no one Stella Kork). They play smart.

    Umunna ka eji aka!

  23. Umunna: patrilineal kindred

  24. If this meat is not dedicated to an Alusi, then no problem, but if the 'gods ' are invoked, omo na destiny 'tynation' and complications for future unborn generations. Some of these things are not as innocent as they are portrayed. Ask people who have been delivered fro this meat sharing and yam festival initiations.
    If you are a pagan, you will naturally find this comment annoying and an abomination.
    A word is enough for the 'escapee '

    1. Dedication to alusi has stopped. Ha!

      #singlebabesfindbetterhusbandnow o

  25. Stella that okwelle Na my village oooo..

  26. That's interesting


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