Stella Dimoko Meeting Point 56


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Thursday, January 19, 2017

Meeting Point 56

*Side eyes*

I'm a male BV, my soon-to-be wife introduced me to your blog, and it's been all shade of sweetness. You are really doing great, we look forward to visiting your blog daily to help us reach happiness, and make us believe all is well. Even in the. Face of Buhari induced recession. Chop kiss.

Now to my story, as usual please don't mind my spellings, typos.

So I just got back from work, and want to share how I met HER.

As a Uniben graduate dat I is, young and industrious (winks), there was a programme around ‎ valentines day in the year 2013. The programme was an annual love/comedy show and was supposed to feature awards this time. I was one of the award recipients ( for being the most intelligent blah blah). And bae was in the local organising committee for the event. May I say I have never ever set my eyes on bae before.

Randomly, contacts were shared among the ladies to call the award recipients,n follow them up to ensure participation. And as fate would have it my contact was given to bae.

I remember I was with one of my hmm hmm that night, when the call came in.."Thank God I picked that call". She just introduced herself,n told me the purpose for the call. As an intelligent man that I is, I picked her fullname. I couldn't attend the program Cuz of work. One day I was jobless I checked her up on fb, and Stella I fell in love with the first pix I would see of her.

 I said where has this lady been all this while. Na so I start they call am, chats, what's app, skype..but she had a boyfriend o, but I no relent..She no gree date me o, Cuz of her bf..

Chai, me wey work dey hold well well found time to travel down, to see her. She is from my home town too. That night she just dressed casually..a jean trousers, no make ups, no fixed hair, so so natural..I just loved her more. I asked her out after about 1 month, before she friendzone me, she no gree.

As God would always have his way, her bf fucked up..happiness wan kill me.
They broke up, and we became close. The guy came begging, but she was already in love with this Uniben gee. (Stella u know as we dey run am na).

Officially Aug 1st, 2013 we commenced our amazing,loving,and super interesting relationship, all through service, everything I can categorically state that Bae has been so sweet, supportive, prayerful, understanding,n troublesome.. 

My mum( of blessed memory) was overly in love with her, my brothers too,and friends,n family. We have many mutual friends, we share same dreams,n she challenges me to be a better person.

December 31st, 2016 I asked her to be my wife at a new year's eve party tended by friends,and family. She said yes, and this year is just it for us.

Find attached pictures for your eyes only.

Kisses stella.

WOW;Congratulations Oooooh,una resembul celebrity couples but come on you black like Seyi Law but handsomeness wan kee you..LOL

Invite us to the wedding Oooo


  1. men,
    please make money before marrying women......

    1. Stella this your eyes don see thing sha 😕

  2. Hmmmmm isssssokay
    As Stella talk celebrity couple
    Enjoy your marriage oh

  3. Hahahhahaha @ I was with hmmm hmmm that night....
    Baaaaad boy!

    So what happened to ur hmmm hmmmm?
    She messed up too?

    May God bless ur union.

    1. Lol...hmmm hmmmmm was dumped or was a one night Hmmm hmmm.
      Congrats you two, nice story.

      As for the 'for your eyes only' pictures, everybody knows Stella is a fairly bad judge...kikiki..😜

  4. Stella all this for your eyes 👀 only pics you're seeing..... Don't let your eyes turn to okpolo eyes..LMAO 😁

    1. I wish Stella can sometime pretend not to see this " for your eyes 👀 only" least we will also see and know those celebrity couples.

  5. Me too I wan see pix, haba. Hope you have quit your hmm hmming as the Uniben guy that you is.

  6. We can only imagine how you look like since it's for Stella's eyes only.

  7. Oga congrats. even though the story nor too sweet. Hope you've stopped searching for girls on fb and stop using boredom as an excuse

  8. #Understanding someone else's point of view doesn't mean that you have to agree with it*

  9. Short but sweet meeting point gist, Stella when will you start sharing photos with us nah? Have all d time for your eyes alone. WNB loading @ poster.

  10. Really happy to see a guy who is in love.
    Congratz. Treat her well and remember that when the natural up and down sides of marriage show up that you are children of God and can make it work.

    meanwhile, I don't get it sha if it is a babe that was waiting for a relationship to break up they will say she snatched the guy and she is evil but if na guy na success story!

    Does any female have this experience? I will like to know how people reacted and how she handled it.

    1. Human beings and double standards!

  11. nice meeting point.... lord make me share mine too oh.... lol... all the ones have met already are not worthy to be shared yet... lol


  13. Hope u wont hmmm hmmmm bae after za frofosal nd enta za oda hmmm hmmm


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