Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 41


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Saturday, January 07, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 41

This poster na wah for you ohhhhhh...

Hi Stella, I can't say my nysc experience is complete cos am not done yet. But then I had a handful of experience on camp, I mean the good , the bad and the ugly. Before we got posted I had a dream sometime around December 2016, it was on a Sunday, I saw in the dream that I was posted to zamfara state and that I wasn't happy at all. 

The next day was on Monday and I got news to go and print my call up letter. I just knew I was going to kano state, cos I didn't pick zamfara and kano was the only northern state I picked. My countenance changed as I eventually printed and saw Kano. My parents were sad for me,I was sad for my self, my husband (I got married legally to the love of my life some weeks before the posting) was the only person encouraging me.

 We started making calls and was told my redeployment will be sure with my certificate, but I had to do the orientation course. Chai! Those of my friends that got Lagos and the rest were just giving me the pity talk.

 My husband was like, I will have to take flight that the distance is long and it's not worth the risk. So, I was at the airport on that Friday, went with my husband (cos it was my first time flying). We were checked in and did the necessary things. At the airport I met a friend of mine that was posted to Kano and I was a bit relieved. My friend done device means of deployment already, like fake marriage certificate, doctors report and all sort, lol! Reality set in when I wave bye to le boo. Being on air was quite fun for me, the view from up there was worth it.

Fast forward to getting to Kano, we took a bus for about 3 hours to kusala dam karaye, Omo I thought we were being kidnaped at first, cos the driver could not comprehend simply broken English. We got to camp and reg was stress free as l did mine on the next day which was the 3 day camp opened. I tried to join OBS team, but they said I was late that reg has closed. So I went to join Red Cross which was of advantage to me.

 The cold is kusala dam no be am at all. It was freaking cold that I lost my voice and had catarrh all through. All the stories of camp boys in camp buying food for girls no happen for my camp. There were majorly all these igbotic bros(my apologies) but them be akagum. Hanhan! 

My friend and I slayed in camp but these guys weren't just forth coming. Drinks were not allowed on camp. Maami market wasn't what I expected but what can a girl do? We tried all the canteens in the market,from mama edo, to nwayi imo, honey and sweety and several others.

A girl died in our camp and at a point we weren't sure if she was dead or still alive cos there was no announcement and things were going on normal. My friend was her roommate and that was where I confirmed she was dead and the real story behind her death. 

Many people got redeployed because of her death on health grounds. Several other girls claimed they were pregnant on camp. One of my friend that wasn't pregnant claimed to be pregnant and she got redeployed. All she had to do was collect pee from her pregnant bonkee and went to the clinic for pregg test. She was told to go and fill a tube with her pee and she just pour the pee for them,lol! And she came out positive, they gave her immediate exit from camp and she was redeployed to oyo.

I got redeployed back to Lagos with ease and registration in nysc sectariat is another epistle on its own. Sha! I got posted to an advertising agency in surulere where am to resume on monday. 

My husband really stood by me o, he was always there. Didn't I mention that on coming back to Lagos our flight was first delayed from 4:30 to 7pm and we had to wait till 8:40pm to board because emir of Kano was using the plane. My white and traditional marriage is coming up this year.
Keep up the good work Stella God bless you.

Mx dear you are a very bad story teller ...
So many things you left hanging that you didnt turn me to longer throat for gist.
Anyway well done


  1. Why can't EMIR OF KANO fly with you people.. ?? Canceled yur flight cos of him??😬😬😬😬😬😬😬😬NAIJA. πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹πŸ™‹

  2. Lol Stella you funny die

  3. Ehen!
    Finally, someone from Kano to give us details of what really happened to that innocent girl. May her soul rest in peace

    Madam you never reach to send SYB jor. Relax, enjoy your service year and send us the full gist by November... or better still, make the gist more appealing.

  4. Guess you didn't 'slay' enough for the igbotic guys to fancy you. Sorry did u say u were married? Mchew

    1. Mtcheew una be akagum looking for free pussy

  5. My girl you tried, but I was expecting something more, side eyes

  6. You are a married woman but still chooking eyes for small boys in camp . I'm sure you would have hung your legs on the goal post and collect prick if you had the chance on top 300 naira food
    If it was hunger that was doing you why didn't you tell your horsebanda to give you plenty money? Thank God you didn't disgrace yourself . Married women n.a. fem dey fuck up pass for camp. 2 of them were decamped during my stay in camp last year November.
    Why am I even typing chronicle? Nobody should even come here and call me a hypocrite. As a single girl you are free to do what you like . But once you get married face ya HORSEBAND!

  7. Nice story
    You tried
    Congrats to you and le boo

  8. The story short oooo! But nne i thought you said you're married, why looking for those chewing gum guys in camp. Thank God them no show for your side.

  9. #Move in Silence. Only Speak when it's time to say CHECKMATE*

  10. I served in kano batch B 2009. There was sales of alcohol in maami market. I remember the mama IMO, she thought me how to make oha soup being a Yoruba lady. Was one of the flag bearers sef and the criteria to be chosen is if you have a correct 'ASS'(wink). I had a very good friend in camp, northern guy and pple thought we had a thing but that was far from it. The food was good though but when awoof calls maami is never far.
    I will try and send my story one if these days.

  11. Supported.correct bae

  12. Hehehehee u weren't beautiful enough for them to release money naa!

  13. Why are you looking for boys when you are married?

  14. My own question is, if you are already LEGALLY MARRIED, what is the use of the Traditional and White wedding coming up later this year?

    Would it be morally right for a Priest to pronounce an already married person as a new Wife?

  15. You are married and still looking for free beer and food?I am sure if u had gotten,u would have been fucked for free,can't you women just respect ur selves & respect the institution called marriage?Its your type that beg on social media,embarrassing your husbands.Whatever state you are from,I am sure there are drivers who can't speak pidgin

  16. Okay, so I'll be here waiting till you finish your service year because this one no complete o....God bless you dear

  17. Lol please send us the part two when you round up.


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