Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard - 67


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Wednesday, February 01, 2017

Service Year Boulevard - 67

Hmmmm story plenty!

Hello my people.
Getting my name shortlisted for NYSC was not easy at all,my HOD is a woman and won't stop picking people that favoured her until after 2 years when my name finally came a point she said the girls should go and get married instead of waiting for NYSC......wicked woman.

I was relaxed thou after all I have waited for 2years already.i worked my posting to lagos through my uncle,together with my twinee and lagos was it.

We entered camp the day after the opening was already very late so they just gave counted and gave us a hall.mehn some gals came prepared o.bedsheets,bodysprays,net,see duvet,different types of wig to be changed,no type of foundation wey I no see.even that early morning parade at 3.30am some girls still have strength to bath and apply foundation and even do contour join.i wonder if they ever sleep.

I and twinee were a lazy pair.after the registration the next day.drama started.we will hide under the bed in the morning and people will think we have left.and bcos they always chase us out,they won't suspect that 2 cockroaches was still in a point we were caught,we just catwalked to the clinic to get heartburn spray and will sit where the disabled sat in the morning with our spray and sleep jor.

when they started chasing us out again,mehn we had to join the Muslims whenever they go to pray cos they usually call them out strength for parade abeg.

We always go to mammy and never tasted camp food,it's not because we had money.its because we don't have strength to queue up.we sold our meal ticket.a lady comes to pick our clothes to wash and we pay . toilet and bathroom was very neat and water running 247.they clean it 2 times in a day I guess.

We met our camp bobos.they looked like twinees too and looked rich.mehn we clicked instantly and enjoyment began.

We looked and acted so tush in order to extract money from them,we go out every night to pop champagne and go back to bed with red eyes.....sometimes we sleep on top each other.if my twinnee quarrel with her own guy, I will join o and stop talking to mine too till they beg.our khaki,shorts,white top were always shining.we wore high white leg boots and will never forget our black spec#shinesteeth#

While people were struggling to be in the match past or even any active group to be recognised and sent to a good ppa,I and twinee was doing hide and seek.we didn't participate in anything as we have our own way of dodging.wawu camp was indeed fun.

B4 the passing out day,we have already sneaked out our bag and left with show handbag so it was very easy to get to the secretariet B4 anybody and was priveledged to be among those that will be paid 15k apart from the 19500.

We were posted to a government school not far from each other.i pitied the principal as he thought he has caught fish.i pleaded with him to be taking my 15k every month and be covering up for me.guy man refused and even started toasting me.whereas my twinee doesn't have problem in her own school.i go to school at least 3times in a week and cds on Thursdays with me and my twinee dressing to kill.

I F****d my LGI and sorted the issue of cds for me and twinee.he will always sign whether we are there or not.

My principal tried his best but he was too old for me.he then resulted to blackmail.he will write a looooong letter to the secretariet to get me to repeat my service but then it has to pass tru the LGI and thankfully I have sorted made me to even relax very well and concentrate on my tailoring school.....afterall that letter will never get to the secretariet.

I typed all the text messages he has been sending to me in a sheet and dropped it on his table with a warning.he called me Lil devil and left me.i created my own stamp and cover letter and will sign his signature myself and do my clearance.the man thought I wasn't doing clearance so no pay.oyo for a spoilt child. 

I will like to bring to the notice of everybody. the teachers in government schools sleep with their students,even the principals and vices usually take small gals to confided in me and I found out she was blackmailed.they are too naive and innocent and scared to open up to anyone.i sha pity those kids.

when I reported he denied it.our principal even sleep with teachers,the loose ones thou.there was a day a female teachers husband came to school to warn him.i was jumping to my feet and pretend to be recording all the wonder the man hates me so much.who cares.

I met so many guys both married and single. I gbensed some and left some.i got gifts and trips to a lot of places.

The 2 guys we met in camp couldn't meet up after camping.

we made a lot of friends thou and had fun together.sometimes you can hardly recognise us so it made it easier for us to chop and clean mouth.there was no special drama.everything was coded.

At the end of the service,I was scared I will not get my certificate because I don't know how far principal has twinee went and collected the two for both of us.i was so overwhelmed.its a pity we don't take things too serious and make a joke out of everything.

I am now a qualified tailor and twinee got a job with customs.
Still in lagos though.

*I was reading through and wondering if you were still serving until i got to the end....*sigh* Funny story though and i really really Laughed.


  1. You really went yo have fun. Good for you.

  2. This your SYB made me smile..You re a cool bad girl abeg give me your number, I need peeps like you as frds jor, I'm tired of good girl nonsense. 😬😬😬

  3. #It takes some courage to stand up and speak; it takes even more courage to open your mind and listen*

  4. Long could have just told us that you gbenshed your way through NYSC! I wonder what nerve you have to "bring to our notice" that teacher are sleeping with students when you were busy gbenshing for you & your twin with one pussy...nne you strong oh, no be here.

  5. Congrats. You for put the word well now. Who be small pikin here.

    You fucked

  6. Lmao @ I gbenshed some and left some Choi this girl is super crazy but I really enjoyed your gist sha.

    More of this please.

    1. Really? Why are you so controversial? One time you badmouthed Simi for preggy out of wedlock, here you are enjoying gist and asking for more. You don't deserve that name of yours. Why can't you just be a one face person.

  7. Issorait,you just dey Jaye foreign dey go....

  8. Hmmm, I carry Beyonce hand for you oooo. Spoilt child is an understatement.

  9. Na wa oh! @ I gbenshed some and left spme. Makes for an interesting read though...

  10. U IS a really spoilt child. Choi...
    I enjoyed your story sha

  11. You really enjoyed yourself oo, abeg tell your twinnie to send in hers make we compare and contrast u hear.

  12. Nne I raise Beyonce hands for you.

  13. I know you poster, but I know say you nor send.

    Sure girl

  14. Na today? I bet you are still gbenshing some and leaving some till today. Clap for yourself.

  15. Some teachers in the school gbensh each other and u r judging? You that gbenshed some and left some?


  16. My bae youre the real player, comman teach me your ways..

  17. U are a bad girl and must have been a bad influence to students. Which school did u do ur service. That ur generalization that Lagos teachers sleep with their students is untrue. Bad girl

  18. OOO boy, sister, weldone sha. D story would have made more sense with less judging, since u even came first in the gbenshing class.

  19. Lol I raise yansh for people that bath before parade. I bath after parade and coincidentally that's when the bathroom has been washed.


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