Stella Dimoko Service Year Boulevard 73


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Tuesday, February 07, 2017

Service Year Boulevard 73

*That moment when somebody 'wests' ya time but you smile and tell them that they didnt.LMAO*

Greetings to you Stella of life and beevees, I believe you all are doing good? You are self with all the drama una dey do( I raise Beyonce hand for una in this recession ).

Straight to the matter. I attended a northern university and graduated July 2014 and was to go with batch C which usually takes place around October of every year. Tohh, I was home from July till October(the wait was one hell of waiting) then I travelled to school all excited in October, on getting to the board I looked for my name tire i no see, Stella it was like my head was off my neck then suddenly someone tapped me and said, if you didn't see your name then it means you are stream 2( I was like after like 3months at home na stream 2 NYSC give? Shipoor stream ko river 3 ni). I Sha traveled back home devastated and sad but the 3weeks I spent at home before going to camo was hell and everyone at home felt it cos I took them as my enemies( as if na dem dey do me).

Gbam! Three weeks came and I refused to travel to school o, begged someone in school to check for me before I hear another story and the person said I was posted to Ogun state(Jesus see happiness at least it is close to Lagos couple withe the fact the I heard Ogun State pay corpers 5k every month). Not forgetting my mum was so happy for me cos I am the last born of my family(may her soul rest in peace, I lost her a week after my service).

Ok Stella, I travelled to school and I was planning to go to Ogun when I received a message from NYSC that we will be camping in Kwara state. We were many so we chartered a Marcello to Kwara state camp and we got to camp 10pm, we were given temporary accommodation cos it was a day to the opening of camp.

The following day, of course the normal go back to the gate and under registration. We asked the camp director if we would be going to Ogun state after camping in Kwara and she said" you are all Kwara corpers" stella come see as people dey go collect relocation form. Not to bore you Sha, I didn't have any camp boo and I must tell you, I enjoyed every bit of camp from parade to man O war not forgetting I dogged SAED and March past as I was working with an official and he helped me with my posting to the state capital.

I was posted to a ministry relevant to my course of study and there was nothing to do other than go and gist away your life or sleep then leave around 2 or 3pm but was learning baking and decorations from a neighbor who decided to teach me at her leisure time but, she travelled and I couldn't continue bit planning to go learn it professionally this February.

All in all, I enjoyed my service year and I met good people who I still communicate with but one painful thing was my mum not seeing me pass out from NYSC but I thank God for He has been faithful and good to me.

Thanks Stella for this platform and others, you are a wonderful woman and may God continue to bless you beyond your imagination. Sorry I "wested" your time.

The pix for your eyes only please.

*Side did not west my kinda look like one of the controversial Bv's here..Infact you could pass for her twin sef.
So sorry about your mum Dearie.


  1. hahahahahaha gossip your life away, na so Ministry be ooo na everywhere dem dey. The funniest thing is that na their mouth long pass and them worwor ooo. Ministry tufia for una.

    Sorry about your mum, God will comfort you. I enjoyed your story

  2. What's this?..Who taught you summary?The person did a great job of you hear..aunty abi uncle summariser.

    1. This story no try o. Nothing happened in your NYSC? After wasting our time no juice nothing

  3. Sorry about your mum but you bore me till the end

  4. Hmmm...this syb get as e be..may your mum continue to RIP

  5. May the soul of your mum continue to RIP

  6. So all through ur service no guy oil ur junction?? U dull sha oo

  7. Story of life.......
    Rip to your mum.


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