Stella Dimoko Actress Omoni Oboli Loses Her Grandma Two Weeks After Losing Her Dad


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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Actress Omoni Oboli Loses Her Grandma Two Weeks After Losing Her Dad

Poor Dearie!

#WCE You will always be my woman crush! The queen has gone home My Nana left me and I couldn't talk about it. My Nana went to be with Jesus less than two weeks after my dad. I was completely shattered! I was so heart broken and I felt I couldn't take it. It was too much.

I lost my mom almost fifteen years ago and my Nana for me, was mom so it was like loosing both Dad and Mom in a space of two weeks. I didn't know how to face it and I couldn't tell you guys because I know how most of you have fallen in love with her from my videos and pictures with her.

I didn't want to break your hearts My beautiful, strong, funny, energetic and angelic queen. She loved God with all her heart. She even danced at the altar with two white handkerchiefs a day before she passed.

I miss you Nana. I miss you so much it hurts. If I could have one more day... I love you till eternity #QueenAlice #NaturalistaQueen#MamaLolo


  1. This is not ordinary

    She should pray for the spirit of death roaming her home

    Rip @Mma


  2. sorry

    I hope the woman was not too shocked by the son-in-law's death (or was he her son?)

    Sorry Omoni.

    I miss my grandma too. No one keeps through the window to welcome me from work anymore....haven't stepped her room since she died. She would be buried in July, holding my years till then.

  3. hmmmmm very painful. Please stay strong Omoni.

    That was how my grandma left too when her son my dad died too. We are strong so you too will be strong in Jesus name Amen.

    RIP Nana

  4. God ll see her thru this trying period.

  5. So sad, may her soul RIP

  6. Eyaa,may her soul rest in Gods bosom

  7. Pele
    Take heart
    She luk so much lyk her

  8. Saw it this morning on Instagram after I was done with hallelujah challenge. Her Nana is actually a lively person. I am sure the death of her son hastened her own. My paternal grandmother till today has no idea that one of her grandchildren - my cousin - is dead.

  9. Awww rest in peace granny...

    I remember when my grandad died, used to call him paaa..I was very young but I loved him so much, he used to send me on errands and let me keep the change, and he had an obsession with me being clean, he would always say ' go wash go wash' even after I've had my bath...he died close to my 7th. birthday, granny still kicking, she looks like she'll be there to give my kids the whippings she gave me...


  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. Chai! take heart dear Omoni. Rip to her.

    God Bless Everyone.

  12. Eiya, so sorry Omoni. Its a heavy burden. RIP grandma.

  13. Rest in peace grandma. Oboli na only you waka come? Sorry for your loss. Grannies are special beings.

  14. She must be going through a really tough period. My heart goes out to her.

  15. Rip to your Nana I still remembered your mum nice woman.

  16. Nana has gone to be with thy lord.. Rip to her


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