Stella Dimoko Akwa Ibom Govt Gives Traders 31-Day Ultimatum To Reduce Cost Of Foodstuffs


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Thursday, June 08, 2017

Akwa Ibom Govt Gives Traders 31-Day Ultimatum To Reduce Cost Of Foodstuffs

The Akwa Ibom State government has issued a 31-day ultimatum to traders to reduce the cost of foodstuff in the market across the state or face the dissolution of their market unions.

The order was given in a letter issued to the various market unions by the Special Assistant to Governor Udom Emmanuel on Traders’ Matters, Raphael Idorenyin.

Idorenyin, in the letter, accused the unions of taking undue advantage of the poor economic situation in the country to inflate prices of foodstuffs, thereby causing unnecessary hardship among the people.

The governor’s aide later featured on an AKBC radio programme to explain how the unions were allegedly responsible for the high prices of foodstuffs in the markets.

He said: “Garri is selling between N30,000 and N22,000 per bag in the state, but if you go outside Akwa Ibom garri is sold between N18, 000 and N17, 000. The union doesn’t allow people who are not their members to sell garri in bags in the market.

“If you are not their member and you bring in bags of garri into the market, they will seize them from you.

“If you look at it, there are no Customs duties on garri, and garri is not purchased with dollars, so it is the union that is causing the price increase.

“We will not continue to fold our hands and watch them do this; the unions must give traders the free hand to sell their goods.

“Another example is crayfish. If you travel to Aba (in Abia State) you’ll discover that crayfish is cheaper there than in Akwa Ibom, and the traders from Aba are buying from here. It is because of the union.”

Idorenyin added that the government would do whatever it takes to break the monopoly that the unions were trying to create in the markets.

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  1. Food stuff ain't supposed to be expensive, if it's too hard and u have a land, plant cassava, fry ur garri, help urself.

  2. Market union take note and effect change. But the truth is the government should look into the general price of things in this country and regulate prices, the price of a lot of things is being disguised under recession. God will help us.

    1. cheap fresh vegetables from jos call 070380979928 June 2017 at 17:12

      You are right

  3. Now I know our leaders are delusional..Have they bothered asking how she transported her goods?? How she went to buy goods from someone who sold to her at new price?? For 2 fucking Years, what has your govtment achieved..Nonsense..

    1. cheap fresh vegetables from jos call 070380979928 June 2017 at 17:11

      If they will help traders still maximize profit then its ok but if its at the loss of the traders hmmmm.......m like which trader will want to buy at a higher price and sell at a lower price?

    2. cheap fresh vegetables from jos call 070380979928 June 2017 at 17:13

      U are also right

    3. You people should stop saying nonsense probably because you are traders.. Nigerians are complaining about corruption whereas the average man is extremely corrupt! Even when the price of commodity falls this traders never take their price back.. Eg the price of red oil has dropped but they still sell the 5litre 2500 in my place, that was how pepper and tomatoes went down initially but these traders used it as an advantage to stop shading 50 naira pepper.. Nigerian traders are thieves a beg!

    4. Did you read? We harvest crayfish in akwa ibom. That's where aba traders buy. How is it cheaper in aba. Think about it

  4. Okowa had better come do same in Abraka. A bunch of plantain I normally won't purchase for #100 now sells for #200. Quite annoying really...

  5. The federal govt suppose to do something, things are expensive everywhere

  6. Well cost of living has increased and the traders have to maintain their standard of living too.

  7. Hahahaha

    Yeye dey smell

    Na the @Govenor dey help Dem buy their market? Dem go reduce price when dey bought at expensive price?

    This Govenor @Udom Emmanuel is a big disappointment, MABASI.... He no gree pay Pensioneers their money oo.... mtchew


  8. Anything wey go up for Naija no dey come down again. Even when dollar is coming down, they are still maintaining their 100% increase. God pass them.

  9. I hope other states will do the same thing, but we also need the prices of things in this country to drop down.

  10. It is true that some unions toy around with market monopoly, especially in a country like Nigeria where market price control system is non-existent

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    But the government should not ignore other important factors that determine prices and make prices of commodity climb.


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