Stella Dimoko Police Report Alleges Undergrad Joy Odama Died From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning +Family Reject Report


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Friday, June 30, 2017

Police Report Alleges Undergrad Joy Odama Died From Carbon Monoxide Poisoning +Family Reject Report

The police have said they have concluded arrangements to prosecute the suspected killer of Joy Odama, a 200 level student of Cross River State University of Science and Technology.

She was allegedly murdered by one Alhaji Usman Adamu on December 20, 2016 at his guesthouse in Karmo, a community ithe Federal Capital Territory.

Addressing journalists at the Force headquarters on Thursday in Abuja, the police spokesman, Jimoh Moshood, said the force had concluded investigation into the murder, stressing that justice would be done.

He said, “I want to assure you that what the police have done is a very thorough job that can stand the test of trial in court against the accused person.

“As I speak, the accused person is still in police custody and that is very important to everyone to ensure that justice is done.”

Moshood however failed to parade the suspect contrary to the usual practice.

He stated that another autopsy had been carried out on the deceased, noting that the first one was inconclusive hence the need for a fresh autopsy report.

According to him, the second autopsy carried out by a police pathologist,

Dr. Wilson Akhinwu indicated that “Joy died from cabon monoxide poisoning from generator fumes, which was contributed to by a pre-existing cardiomyopathy.”

He added that the case file would be sent to Federal Director of public prosecution for legal advice and further action by the police investigation teams.

Jimoh argued that the report did not exonerate the suspect, noting that on the basis of the latest autopsy report, the criminal case against the prime suspect would proceed.

He said, “The issue of murder is a capital offence which cannot be compromised at any level? It has to go to court. I want to say that we did not reject the first autopsy report. The first autopsy report was not conclusive.

“The report of the second autopsy is not exonerating the suspect and that is what is important. We should disabuse our mind with any conflicting view whether police is out to exonerate the principal suspect in this regard,” he said

But a lawyer to the Odama family, Ikechukwu Maduile, said the police were privy to the first autopsy and wondered why they had to conduct another one which contradicted the first one.

He explained that the police endorsed the first autopsy, adding that they informed the family that they planned to carry out a toxicology test in Lagos.

Maduile said, “We informed them that we would like to witness the toxicology test, but they said our presence was not necessary and that the test could only be done in Lagos. But now, they are saying they carried out another autopsy test.

“It’s what we have been saying that the police are merely trying to cover up the case. If they said Joy died of carbon monoxide poisoning, then they do not need to prosecute the suspect? Why would they prosecute him for an accident that he was not responsible for?

“We reject the report of the police categorically. They didn’t invite or inform us about the press briefing in the case or the family. Who are they holding brief for?”

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  1. They want to bury this case...

    But God no go let them

    The @Alaji should be brought to book.. .he has been doing this evil for long... His time is up


    1. something is fishy about this story.

      Your comment will be visible after approval.

    2. Kikikikikikiki... justice flying out through the window...Karma come and do ya work.

  2. Nigerian police, they never cease to fall hand

  3. Carbon monoxide what????

    These people have manipulated this result.
    You guys know that there is a God in Heaven right? And no sin goes unpunished right?
    And u got kids too. If i were u,I wouldn't soil my hands. If I were u,I'd be very afraid. Very very afraid.

    1. My dear these kind of people see God as a concept. They don't believe in God or retribution, hence their astrocious activities.

    2. Anonymous,u are right. Cos that's why they do what they do right? Commit unheard atrocities.
      Cos if one has the fear of God,there are some things One shouldn't do.

  4. Police failed to parade the suspect Alhaji. Na wa. Abokis winning everywhere.

    May God help the family to bear this loss of their daughter. It is well. Not all that glitter is gold. Girls/Parents look well to know who is who with you

  5. Naija police remaba after removing dat uniform u have daughters and sons..pray dat wat eva seed u sow will nt germinate on yur kids . . dats why b4 u say u wnt to be a policeman u must b ready to serve justice

  6. Cabon monoxide from a generator fumes? Chai, enyie ezi okwu!

  7. The police are trying to cover up this case as usual ooo. Kai!☹ I really pity Joys mother. This woman has been crying for help over the radio early this year. For this case to pass the almighty Ahmed Isas power was when I knew that justice will be denied to this family. Who is this so called untouchable alhaji that seems to be above da law? Hmmmmmmm!

    1. Really, who is he? Na wa ooo

    2. Nwunne m who is Ahmed Isa?

      It can pass his power but it won't pass God's power.
      This case just saddened me. Not fair! No one should go via this kind of torture knowing some animal killed ur daughter and is walking free just cos he has money and u don't. Not fair one bit!😢

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. Hmmmn. We read the report of his house help now. How come they are saying this now? And why is his picture not everywhere like the criminal he is.

  9. Oh this is how they'll busy this case. Nigeria police, I spit on you.

  10. It shall never be well with him. This is a big lie

  11. They are trying to cover up this case because the victims family are not influential people like Alhaji.
    God should continue to expose these wicked men that take advantage of young girls. This isn't the first time he is doing this.
    But in all let young girls and their mothers know, nothing goes for free in this Nigeria, especially from an hausa man that does not know you from Adams, not that he is even your kingsman. Take scholarships from reliable organization/bodies. No man in this economy and Buhari times will give you money with nothing in exchange. Check if the person has been giving scholarships in the past. Just note that, The one's that will are rare.

  12. But since the other lady that went with joy to the man's room is still alive then let her give her own statement of what actually happened that fateful day cause she is the only one who can help this case if not they will continue to do different autopsy.

  13. The police are just trying to cover up for that alhaji, this cannot be the true result, alhaji cannot go scort free on this again, Nigeria police should fear God

  14. Amanda Austins30 June 2017 at 17:44

    Pikin wey dey school for Calabar...wetin she go find inside guest house for Abuja?


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