Stella Dimoko Senator Dino Melaye Allegedly Recorded Revealing How He Framed Others In His Assassination Story


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Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Senator Dino Melaye Allegedly Recorded Revealing How He Framed Others In His Assassination Story

The voice is assumed to be that of Senator Dino Melaye revealing to Muhammed Audu a son of a former Governor of Kogi state how he framed others with the help of the Nigerian police In his assassination story.

All the persons alleged to have participated in the assassination are currently on bail.

*Who records all these phone calls?


  1. 😲😲😲😲😲😲
    Eleyi gidi gan!
    This one is strong!

    So, every call we make is being recorded automatically by our network providers or what?
    Would have said the other man (Muhammed) leaked it, but Dino's voice is stronger showing it was recorded from his 'side'. Waiting for him to counter these accusations.

    1. Which plot??i just listened to the tape?he was just relaying the development of the case to the guy.

  2. I dont think Dino would be as foolish as making these kinds of phone calls for now not when there is an alligation lying on his neck

  3. Saraha reporters means business,lol. Dino has seen people stronger than him,I hope the muhammad will come out to say it's true like the judge and let his case keeps piling up in court. This is what u get when u talk too much.

  4. Going by this convo, Its over safe to say our politicians are evil personified as in they have completely sold their souls to the devil but could this be true or Sahara trying to play dirty cos that voice dosent really sound like Dinos fa. Hmmmmmm! Siddon look..

  5. I think DSS may have tapped/bugged his phone... And those of our "polithiefcians". Then anyone who falls out with the powers that be.. They release your eff up. More like classified info is used for their political fights.... Instead of it to be used to better our country... Smh

  6. Dino will soon say its APC. Nigeria is full of evil politicians and others.

  7. This man feels his untouchable , I task the EFCc to do something about this ! Imagine framing people up and getting police to arrest someone . Omg

  8. There is an app that on phone that records calls automatically. His Ajekun iya is loading

  9. Dino ajekun Iya don turn to ajekun odarun! By d time Sahara reporters finish treating dinos fuck up eh, his career wld be dead and buried! Very lousy idiot! Just constituting a nuisance of himself up and down!just disgracing his state constituents and national party! Oniranu oshi!

  10. Waiting for Dino respond

  11. This Dino is a no gooder


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