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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

The Reality Of The Social Media..

This is one couch discussion that should be taken seriously...Lets talk about the Social media.....You know its hype to have a social media handle now?

What Impact do you think the Social media has played in the role of building the society?

Or do you think the social media has done otherwise?

Made Monsters and Millionaires?Made better people or bitter people?

How has the social media impacted on your personally?


  1. Oh no!!!!!
    Not this couch
    SDK, make it stop.

    1. Thought we had our couch, why did you borrow this magistrate bedbug couch?

      WELL, social media is a positive tool i believe but like every good thing, when not uses properly can destroy and ruin a person/situation. My opinion

    2. This couch? No way am I gonna sit my badass hips on it...

      The social media has it's good/bad..

      I have met wonderful people on social media, in the days when 2go just started. I met very brilliant guys...does it still exist?

      I made just one friend off this blog and we are keeping each other at 50,000 feet length because I can tell he likes me more than friends and he has admitted it at intervals but **in trey songz voice** I'm already taken

      Arrrrr....back to the matter. Social media becomes what you decide to do with it, a place of solace and growth spiritually and intellectually or a place of gradual intellectual and spiritual decline...

      **typing 50,000 miles from the couch**

    3. Hilary Clinton14 June 2017 at 17:54

      Stella, not this couch mbok.
      Personally, I think what you get from anything depends on you. Two people can go to church and get two distinct messages. So is social media. If you study yourself, you know how it impacts you, then you balance out. For instance, ig. Im not an ig freak because of the fake things I see (before I start comparing my life with another person's life). On the other hand, the hallelujah challenge wouldn't have been possible without social media, so I tap into the corporate anointing.

  2. Social Media is the Anti- Christ if used negatively. My judgement is

    Good -15%
    Bad- 80%

    1. babeweysabiblog14 June 2017 at 14:38

      I tow ur line exactly

    2. Am also on d same line nd page ... on a personal note, I have been upgraded when it comes to information and understanding the trends in society, bt as a people social media have created so much gap Between us,and giving feathers to people to insult and make derogatory statements against people @ random no more respect for adults and individual opinions

  3. There's no way in sitting own that bed bug infested couch. Lemme stand at the back and contribute...

  4. Is that where we are meant to sit and discuss?
    Pls have mercy on people's ponyor

    1. Lol. She should respect it too.


  5. Well This is not a one way straight answer..Everything has good and bad effect and social media is part of it..Personally, social media is a necessary evil...

  6. Impact of social media: it's a useful tool in talking about societal ills like domestic abuse, violence, rape, kidnapping, politics, equality etc.
    People are more aware about issues and talking openly about their experiences which also guides others.
    Before social media, most of these things were spoken hush hush especially domestic violence.
    Also information is so accessible with the help of social media.
    Celebrities and social media influencers are making money with the use of social media. With a certain amount of followers, companies can use your account to promote their products and pay you for it.
    It's positives far outweigh it's negatives if used wisely. Limit the personal information you put online :Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.
    Kidnappers and scammers pick these things up and use them to get their victims.
    I know someone who was traced home and attacked because he had earlier shared he had travelled and was returning home the day the attack happened.

    1. My boss updates everywhere he is as soon as he reaches the boundary of a new place...

      I do not only find it childish, it is highly unsafe.

    2. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

    3. Doppelganger I love your comments. They are always brilliant and I look forward to them . You seem like my kind of chick. Can I be your friend . Lol. I am a gal oo

  7. Social media is a veritable tool is used wisely.
    It is a window to the world, a relaxation spot as well as a learning ground

    It is sad that some others have and is still using it as a field to perpetuate crime and carry out other negative activities.

  8. The Social media has done more Bad than Good...

  9. social media has lots of advantages but the disadvantages are more.

    It promotes indecency, unguarded and mannerless utterances due to the feedom of speech people have on it and its one of the major causes of failed marriages, surge in extramarital affairs and sexual immorality atm.

  10. social media has lots of advantages but the disadvantages are more.

    It promotes indecency, unguarded and mannerless utterances due to the feedom of speech people have on it and its one of the major causes of failed marriages, surge in extramarital affairs and sexual immorality atm.

  11. I knew it. ..When I saw this couch the other day, I said to myself that aunty Stella would make us sit on it very soon...
    And she didπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜….biko I'm going to stand throughout,my sweet ass ain't gonna touch that seatπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Back to the topic,Lemme be truthful today. I,personally ve gained so much from the social media and still gaining from it.I've stayed in my room and made more than 200k from it,God bear me witness,I'm still gonna make more in Jesus name.Don't ask me how bikoπŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜… That's all I can categorically say, My ogas at the top will say better.That's all!!!πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…...
    So social media is the best thing that has ever happened to mankind.😍😍😍

  12. Broken homes/relationships
    Bad priorities in life
    Bad career choices; everyone wants to be "celebrity"
    Broken friendships
    Easy commercialization of sex; sex cams
    Lowered the bar for ritual killings and murders; girls are easy targets
    Promotion of fake lifestyles
    Undue competitions especially among females
    Easier to lie by just typing or snapping
    Reduced the premium placed on human lives
    Promoted lewdness and outright pornography
    Reduced educational attainments in the youths
    Battered the use of languages; many school levers can't write essays, words like "lol" etc.
    Promoted unhealthy gossips
    Promoted terrorism
    Promoted kidnappings

    And the most painful aspect, the Christians so called have not used social media to the advantage in gospel dissemination, they rather come online to gossip.
    And the lord commended the unjust steward, because he had done wisely: for the children of this world are in their generation wiser than the children of light. Luke 16:8

    1. when u talk people say u are talking out of point.but in ur case,u are talking in line with point

    2. And the same Christians who spents 24hours daily watching BBN are against Nathaniel Bassey's led praise session on social media.

      Tell me if we are indeed okay

  13. SM has done more harm than good. Though for those that allows themselves to get caught up in its web.

  14. I haven't benefited anything from social media except on Stella's blog because I have learnt so much in here.very educative too! The rest na entertainment, whenever I am bored I just scroll pass.... the fake like some people display on sm is something else.

  15. And you have to use this couch okwaya? Ok na.

    Abeg change this couch mbok.

  16. Social media has it's ills and also the positives.In as much as there are so many cyber crimes,there are also so many good things about the social media.It's been a source of reliable news,has connected people all over the world,you just have to take the good with the bad.

    La freshest,abeg keep my IV down.I gotta come for your wedding jare... it's 'our' wedding.Lol.Congrats hunnay.

  17. To me I think is doing more harm than good...

  18. Life is not the same. When I was growing up, I had a hunger to socialize and interact with people. In fact, I hated being at home or alone. Now, with the proliferation of social media and the Internet, I often speak to just one person a whole day. It's my opinion that the Internet did this. I find myself longing for real human interaction, but when in public I realize why I tend to keep to myself: People have seemingly lost the ability to interact or have fun in "real life" anymore. Not only are our social skills waning, but motivation and creativity seem to be at an all-time low. People used to create or work for entertainment if for no other reason. Now they check Instagram. People seem so distant even when they're right in front of you these daysIt is wrong to blame social media for personal choices. Friends and family that are countries apart now feel closer to each other. Long-distance relationships are now a reality. Sitting in the UK, we can instantly get news from America to Syria. All this was not possible during the days when it took a month or more for letters to reach one place to another, when newspapers took a day or two to report the happenings of another country.

    As for more closer loved ones, we may choose to keep in touch with them through aloof manners like posting on their Facebook wall or texting them rather than visiting them when they live just down the street. But we cannot blame technology for this. If we choose to face them digitally rather than personally, it is our own fault for being too busy or tired (or worse, lazy). There are people using social media to plan old friend reunions and family get-togethers. It's because they used technology to their advantage.

    We all can make use of social media to our advantage.

    1. Totally on point.

      Now 2 people sit in the car and they are on their phones. A traffic light stops them and they whip out their phone to quickly do a "social media" tingi before the light turns green.

      No more conversations even in the house, my cousin complains about how her parents are bent are their phones instead of talking to each other in the evenings.

      It's scary to even imagine what will happen in the generation of my unborn kids.

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. The only good thing with social media is that it gives everyone the opportunity to speak out.

  20. Stella biko not on this couch.
    Until then..

    1. I love you shouting remove this couch, una go school? A question was asked, una no answer, na the couch una carry for head.

  21. hahahah the impact is juicy gossip that can totori my stomach

  22. This couch lord no😞
    Social media has come to stay sdk. It is what it is.
    We just have to accept it because it will get even worse as the years go by.

  23. Social media is good to some extent but the cons outweighs it pros. If I had a chance, I will end the era of social media. Its gradually breeding bunch of lazy, greedy, adult babies, monitoring spirits etc too many bad things about sm

  24. *Soshal midia issa sekon wolrd...

    *Soshal midia as an alternathief, (anoda opshion)...

    *Soshal midia issa niutral somtin, eat is human beans laik yhu an eye dat giff eat aligeshion, minawile, we are the pelzins whu spoile eat an giff eat bad neme.

    *Eat is olzo a tisha. As a Vilager, Eat haff open my ice to the gud, the bahd an the orgly... Doze tinx eye cooln't lern in this awa smol Burukutu Vilage.... My pipu sea me as an eye-kon, as a distinkwish sombori... Cus eye no plainty tinz.

    Bisness nko; apat frum farm wok, eye yaff lernt som order tinx eye do to beta my laif. By pekkin ear an dere, my food stor gates feeled.

    The womans, the laik me. cus thru the tinz eye lernt on soshal midia, the way eye handu dem is πŸ‘Œ...

    To my laif;

    Posithief 65%

    Negathief 15%

    Orders 20%

    1. I can't be caught reading ur comment, I just scroll pass it with speed

    2. lmaooooo
      Kai ! this is crazy!

      no comment on how social media has increased the rate at which 'Reps' occur?

    3. Jenizi, isokay..

      Pipi πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€, e be laik dat koment giff yhu orgazmπŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  25. It has the good and the bad effect, depends on what you choose go for.

  26. All i know is that the internet (whatsapp, BBM, twitter, IG, Fb...etc) theyve contributed in breaking homes that used to be peaceful, why'D u think our parents n grandparents marriages were rock solid? it also xposed us to the foreign lifestyle, copying and tryin all sorts....

  27. Social media has increased Olosho trade! Given me loads of Puna lmao! And also educated me! Shalla to Social media 😘

    Kelvin Dat Edo Boi (Stellz Cousin)

  28. Social Media is synonymous to an idle mind which many refer to as the devil's workshop.
    the level of fakeness and vagueness on social media this days is alarming,the kings and queens on sm are mostly those who have little or no proper home training or upbringing.
    they succeeded in making the life of innocent people look worthless and less human....
    the devil and evil have been sold the most on social media than Christ and Good have....

    social media is as follows...
    90% Evil and 10% good
    95% Satan and 5% God
    90% fakeness and 10% reality.
    so if your life is directed or driven by what you see or learn on social media, hen you are more likely to come out more empty than you went in.

    Zico-G say so

  29. It has good and bad side. But stella we cant use this couch biko

  30. Social media thought me self worth/love...when u follow life coaches/motivational speakers..u have access to reality. Meanwhile social is SDK shikena!

  31. I think it has made the world smaller, looking at the map/picture of the world, all you'll see is vast oceans, desserts, forests stretching to impossible calculations (literally world without end). But with a click of a botton in the comfort of wherever you are you can reach the other end, thereby giving us a sense of family.

    Personally it has helped me positively: I have made friends with people I otherwise wouldn't have, found (easy) solutions to problems and challenges that would have cost me more in terms of time and resources, I have cried and laughed with people I don't know, I have been entertained (sdk πŸ˜‰), encouraged imparted and impacted, and generally learnt a lot. In all it has been a plus for me, and should be for our world too as intended. But just as in everything it has its downside too (trolls and bullies, criminals getting your info, pedophiles and what have you), I think the good supersedes the bad though.

    Stella na stand I dey stand type because this your couch no follow, my legs are paining me. πŸ˜‚

  32. Stella you really expect us to sit on that couch kwanu?

  33. It depends on the individual. If you want junk, you feed yourself, and if you want tangibles that edify, feed on.


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