Stella Dimoko Consent Confirmation In Schools Because Of Kidnap Cases....


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Friday, July 07, 2017

Consent Confirmation In Schools Because Of Kidnap Cases....

How is the pick up where you pick up your child...

I hear now in Lagos,if you drop a child in School and come back to pick and the child denies that she/he knows you,you cannot pick up the child...
Infact it is so bad that a parent might be required to do DNA test before they pick their child..LMAO...

I think this good and should be adopted by all Schools.


  1. Replies
    1. Of all the kidnap cases recorded in Lagos recently, was any of them as a result of the wrong person/people picking up the child/ren? They break into these schools and forcefully take these children and they don't disguise as their family members so these is meaningless. Just yesterday, I went to pick my child and she was holding a bracelet that probably belongs in their toy box or any other person. I took it from her to give to her Aunty. She cried all the way from the class to the car. In such a case, will they say I shouldn't take my child home until a DNA test is ready???

  2. My son uses the school bus thank heavens so no issues but i don't blame the school cos casee of kidnap

  3. Na wa oh but its better sha! The kidnap everywhere is getting out of hand.

  4. It is good. This country is getting worst with atrocities. It is just too much. The wickedness of men have increased to 120%

  5. Yes o, Its a very good step/decision as this has called for a serious concern. Lagos nawa!

  6. DNA test to pick up a child from school, dat is a whole new level.

  7. Before nko?...
    It's been happening for years now in my children's school...

  8. Good. A step in the right direction.

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  9. Now who pays for the DNA?

  10. My kids school, you fill an acknowledgment slip with your details every day during pick up.
    Tiring for me but again I understand it's a security measure.

    They usually don't stress during drop off but ordinarily one is meant to sign the child in.

    If you must send someone other than the stated parent or guardian whose details + passport photo is in the school's possession to pick up your child; you must have brought the person prior to notify the teAcher that he/she would be coming to pick your ward otherwise sorry for you.
    Your child will not be released.

    Phone call confirmation are not allowed.

    I also like the way they give feedback from their cctv discoveries during PTA.

    In all, may God protect our kids from lurking dangers.

    1. Same as my son's school. You need to fill that foe every blessed day. And sign out when you come to pick him. You can't send someone else to pick him up unless you have notified the school before hand and brought the psrson to them to see . The person has to come with the child's ID card all the time. No phone call confirmations is allowed. For school bus students, you have to show the school who they kids will be dropped off with when they get to your house and the person has to sign a form where it's written picked up so and so from the bus driver at so and so time

    2. Amen o!

      God's Protection is all we ask.
      From dangerous humans and occurrences.

  11. That's how it has bn even in Benin.

    The day I sent my BIL to pick my kids frm sch, d teaches didn't allow (even after my kids identified him as their uncle)

    They had to call me to confirm before releasing them

    However, the case is different in most public schools in Benin

  12. Since 2013, in my children's when you drop you sign, picking you sign. If you want somebody to pick them then you go with the person in the morning if not, you will call the whole school infact serious interview b4 they can be allowed to follow the person

  13. Some schools gives ID card to d parents, n if anyone aside d parents is coming for pick up, d person will bring d ID along and admin or class teacher will put a call to mom or dad to confirm d identity of d 'picker' n d child will of course know d person to avoid stories that makes d heart fail.

  14. In the school I taught last session, the teachers know who come to pick à child after school. if for any reason there's a change the parent must inform the teacher and we confirm by asking the child privately then as the child leaves the parent will b informed that the child has left ooo. That's for the primary/nursery pupils. The secondary students are free oooo nobody cares. for me it's safe to go with school bus

  15. It has been like that in most schools, the case of kidnappers is becoming to rampard, so other schools should also be doing so

  16. Which way Nigeria......This country is messed up mehn. I don't blame the school administrators oh . Infact, from next session I will adopt the method......

  17. It's same in my children school, the person to pick up your kids must be brought for clarification first.


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