Stella Dimoko FG To Stop Production Of Nigerian Movies And Music, Abroad


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Sunday, July 16, 2017

FG To Stop Production Of Nigerian Movies And Music, Abroad

The Federal Government says it has taken steps to amend the Nigeria Broadcasting Code to discourage the production of Nigerian movies and music outside the shore of the country.

The Minister of Information and Culture, Alhaji Lai Mohammed, made this known on Saturday in Lagos when he paid a visit to the headquarters of the Copyright Society of Nigeria (COSON).

The Minister decried the situation whereby films, reality TV shows and music, were made outside Nigeria, for consumption by Nigerians.

He said the situation had hampered empowerment of practitioners in the industry, the development of the sector and the nation’s economy in general.

“This government has agreed that henceforth, whatever we consume in Nigeria in terms of music and films, must be made in Nigeria.

“We cannot continue to go to South Africa or any other country to produce our films and then send them back to be consumed in Nigeria.

“The Broadcasting Code and the Advertising Code are very clear on this.

“For you to classify a product as a Nigerian product, it must have a certain percentage of Nigerian content,” he said.

The Minister noted that what was happening today was that Nigerian artists were often flown out of this country to go and make their recordings.

“When they get there, they will patronise the economy of that country and then bring the products back to Nigeria for us to consume.

“It is like somebody going to China or Japan to make a product that looks like palm wine and bring it back home to label it Nigerian palm wine”.

He stressed that “as long as we are not able to implement our own code to ensure local production of Nigerian music and movies, , our young talents will not get jobs”.

“It is Nigerians that pay for the consumption of these products and therefore they must be allowed and encouraged to participate in their production.

“I am going to meet with the relevant stakeholders over this, to see that whatever amendment that is needed to be made to our Broadcasting Code in this regard, is done urgently, ” he said.



  1. Ok o. Use Nigeria to build Nigeria

    1. Rubbish!

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  2. Just say BBN abeg. So if they have a role that depicts abroad, they should now come and shoot such scene in Nigeria. Una really get sense

    1. Eka you don't understand the concept of using film sets? you need to go back to that your Italy small

    2. Ann:11:43
      Ur an ass. I'm sure u wer in the same class in skool with prof. Lie the dumb skull. Many western movies where done over seas eg. Ocean 11,Tarzan,eyes in the sky, the tyrant and many more. A movie or music video/production most be original,hence done in a proper location so as to capture the view of the viewers. French Montana did a video in Uganda for a reason, snoop dog did a song in Brasil for a reason. I guess prof. Lie thinks getting a location is as simple as getting an amala joint in lagos, is it the fault of artists that Nigeria does not a good location or is the fault of artist and producers that area boys come to demand money from them before and production can go on or is the their fault that Nigeria is dirty and flooded? So he thinks home video and music from Nigeria are only sold in Nigeria? So he wants to compare the $10k that was spent by wizkid to produce COME CLOSER to the millions of $ that he got by selling records. Airbus is made in France but 80% of it's parts are from overseas,but France make billions of $ from the sells of airbus is Boeing to the United States. Oga abeg make una commot una eye for people hustle before una carry una winch eye go spoil things, cos that's all you guys are good for . Nonsense!!!!!!!!

  3. Okay?????? What about security? Oh well! The musicians can afford to pay for bodyguards!Oya over to the entertainment industry! Oh! Chikpo!😀

  4. But your healthcare is NOT made in Nigeria...
    The president has been on medication in the U.K...
    Your children school abroad...
    You stash your looted funds(our money) in foreign Banks...
    And your major investments are located abroad...

    This is the era of a Hypocritical Government, whose actions do not match their words...

    1. Thank God for this comment. The hypocrisy of the lawmakers is nauseating. Their children are American citizens..schooled in America and Europe all their lives, then they came back to Nigeria and take all the lucrative positions reserved for them by their parents...and I can't blame the children,it's the life they are born into.
      The sick President is in UK for that could be invested in Nigeria. Even when they invest in Nigeria, they hire foreigners to run the top positions.

  5. Focus on important things, na lie. You only see them paying attention to irrelevant things. Na movies be Una problem??? We dont even have light to watch the so called movies. Give us constant light first then talk about the production later. Oniranu

  6. Target is Big Brother Nigeria

  7. Then i will stop watching movies because am attracted to those movies shot outside.

  8. Not right,some movies still need to be produced outside Nigeria.

    chim_oma a.k.a. Miss Kapusu

  9. God bless you with this statement.
    Why can't the govt officials Make use of made in Nigeria cars as their official vehicles. Patronize Innoson motors, No. Send your kids to ABU, UI, UNN, MBA.
    I know that anything that comes out from the mouth of lai is a lie.

  10. it wud be nice Shaaa buh na FG money kill am.....

  11. This news should be added to Sunday Laughs abeg...Government of jokers

  12. Priorities gone wrong..buying spare tyres without owning a bicycle let alone a car..that's the picture of our leaders

    MC pinky

  13. This government is a very repressive and retrogressive dictatorship. Do you remember all Jonathan and PDP did to promote Nollywood? Now APC wants to suppress it

  14. Including the president returning to Nigeria to seek for medical help,including the kids of politicians returning to school in Nigeria, what a useless government

  15. Yeye dey smell, shey this one na talk? Well then no fit try am sha na just talk .

  16. Oya make una vote them into power again ooo. Clueless Old man.

  17. Abeg what has this got to do with building good roads ,healthcare and housing for the people ,uhushebukwunudia.Nigeria is a big laugh

  18. I suspect that this LYING MINISTER says this rubbish so as to keep us distracted. I mean that has to be the reason he comes up with this trash.

    This government supports and sponsors medical and education tourism that leads to massive capital flight even to Benin Republic, and its the relatively small hustle of our musicians that he focuses on?

    These politicians need to be publicly flogged and made to do frog jumps for this kind of crap!!!! It's as if they leave their brains at home or they're out of tune with reality😬

  19. Good step in the right direction. If you shoot your music abroad then sell it abroad.simple


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