Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 184


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Thursday, July 13, 2017

Labour Room Drama 184

Labour room drama from TTC post 118...See drama!!

 My pregnancy journey was a lazy one. After my earlier miscarriage, and infection that kept me in the hospital for 6days in my 1st trimester for this one, I knew I wanted to be extremely careful for the rest of the period.

I opted for a preventive surgery at the end of my 1st trimester and so I had to get a driver. The only walk I used to do was from the house to the car and the car-park to my office and back. Some days, I do market runs. Hubby was extremely helpful with house chores I had zero worries– God continue to bless him for me.

At about 4 am that fateful Saturday, I woke up with slight abdominal discomfort. Let me quickly state that I am a first time mum and the branch of the hospital I use didnt run ante-natal classes so I was schooled by google and other peoples experiences....I never missed our LRD posts.

I had asked my doctor how I would know when in labour and he said it would be like menstrual cramps. Hian! Doki, but I never have those. He assured me I would definitely know when in labour. #Issokay

So here I was at 4am with these abdominal discomfort. I went to the kitchen to get something to eat and mumsy said we should take a walk that I was too lazy. I laughed and told her “I think I am in labour”. She said I should get my things so we can leave for the hospital....I calmed her down telling her if it progresses, I would let her know.

 My hospital was too far from her house to go and get a false labour report.
I didnt believe I was in labour .... I thought they were severe braxton hicks as there was no pain. Out of curiosity, I called my doctor around 9am and told him how I was feeling, he said to start coming as I was too far off to wait till active phase. I told him if the “contractions” continued, I would come in. By 11am, we left for the hospital.

We got there at 1pm and I was told to go to Emergency. At the ER, we told the nurse on duty why we were there. She called the ER doctor and after the drill, he said he doesn't think I am in labour cos I was gisting and smiling. I said I have a high pain threshold. ...he laughed in disbelief. Oya check me so the guy insert his thick fingers and told the nurse to book me straight to labour room that I was in active labour....

I was 6cm dilated already with meconium ( baby don poo already). Active phase? Lord, thank you for painless labour. I thought I was having a Jackie Mize kinda supernatural childbirth.

The midwife had to place a fetal monitor for the rest of the labour as baby was already inhaling his own poop mixed with fluids. By 2:30pm, a cathether was inserted to drain my bladder as I was requesting to pee per second per second. I asked the nurse when she thinks I will be ready to push and she said with the way I was progressing, 5pm.I was beginning to feel the pains, so I begged hubby to drag his chair close so he can massage my back.

As the contractions became more painful, I started screaming “nurse, please help me. Help me nah, help me”. I asked for painkillers, she said they dont administer after 6cm. Ye! Mogbe! Oya check me again much longer? She said i was btw 7cm and 8cm.

Ghen, ghen! We are almost there, I can do this. With each contraction, i would say thank you Jesus for bringing me closer to meeting my precious gift. There was no more strength to pray. I started playing my Nathaniel Bassey songs.

By 3:10, I told the nurse I want to poo poo. She was about to check me when she said ehn, I can see the baby’s head. Lie on your side, hold it, breathe with your mouth and don’t push till I tell you to...she wasnt ready, so she hurriedly set up as hubby brought out the things she was reqeusting. I turned and tried to hold way. Na so I begin shout....”I cannot hold it oooo....I am tired”.

Time to push.....

Nurse: Oya, you can push
Me: Ah it not when i feel the next contraction I will push.(Google things)
Nurse: Ok ma. Push at your next contraction. (Steps back and folds arms)
Me: (at next contaction) *arrrrrrrrrrgh (poo comes out).....(at next contraction) *arrrrrgh (more poo comes out)
Nurse: Madam, this baby is allowing you poop well o....look at your navel, hold your ankles and push.
I tried again....pikin no show
At the next contraction, the nurse was becoming unfriendly,
Nurse: Madam, I will have to give you a small cut. Drop your waist and push this baby out na.
Hubby: Babe, try now. You are almost there.
Me: I am trying.I am pushing nah..wo, I am tired sef....let me rest small. (Hubby strokes my face and persuades me to try)

My dear BVs....I wasn’t prepared for what happened next...

At the next contraction, I was jejely pushing as I was told when I felt the nurse slice my skin.......the Indescribable deadly pain of the blade (which still replays in my subconscious till date) ....made me scream at the top of my lungs and the force pushed out the baby. My little princess made her grand entry at 3:30pm.

The nurse handed over the baby to her assistant to suction and clean up and my hubbys attention turned to the other side of the room where they were. I just nudged him and said stop looking at her, she will be fine, its me who needs your attention. Hian! How can baby and me be competing for attention already?

A doctor came in to stitch me up and I was moved to recovery ward. I thank God for this beautiful miracle of quick labour.

I pray for all those who are heavy with child, your hebrew woman testimony is loading. To all still waiting to share their TTC Testimony, God is more than able to fufil his promise in Deuteronomy 7:14.

Let me join other BVs and attach “for your eyes only” At birth and One month old.

'Is the your hubby carrying the baby and seated like an Obedient school child?Hahahahahhahaa,see as he humble..he looks like he is even shaking sef..hahahahhahaha

Congrats abeg....too funny your story!


  1. Congratulations madam, I pray for such miracle for Yemi7up, Sharon Aminu and other TTC women. My love for babies is indescribable

    *Larry was here*

    1. Juliet Jonathan13 July 2017 at 16:15

      And default smile too.

  2. I say if you are @TTC..... You are next in line

    @Anonymous Orubebe

  3. Lmao. Congrats to u poster.

  4. Congratulations, thankGod for safe delivery. I also pray to have a healthy pregnancy and deliver safely like the Hebrew woman.

    1. You will, Amen. God bless your baby, Poster. I pray she grows in wisdom and grace.

  5. Hahahahahhahahaahhahahahahahhaha

    I need this experience oh lord oooo!

    Count down

  6. I enjoyed the story..It is so funny..Congrats Dear...

  7. Beautiful narrative !Congrats
    Ahh with all the drama ! E no reach for the man to sit like an obedient school child ?

  8. Oya everyone join me, I'm ready to pop,my God make my delivery Quick n painless,the Hebrew style Amen.

  9. Amen. I pray for quick and easy delivery also.

  10. I pictured every thing in my head

  11. Congrats poster! Nathaniel's song was of great help to me too when I was in the delivery room,I told my husband to be singing them for me.Amen to your prayers for the GTC ladies here.

  12. I don't understand, biko which hospital don't do antenatal?

  13. During the stitch up,was it painful too

  14. Hahahahahaha this woman , I enjoyed reading your beautiful story wella , you sabi analyze no be small o,thank God for everything .

  15. Princess Scheherazade13 July 2017 at 14:03

    Thank God for your miracle poster. He will do so even for all those who are in His waiting room.

    This Stella ehn, your mouth is something else. I don laugh tire for your comment😂😂

  16. Am counting down.. .
    32 weeks today!!

  17. congrats oo,dis reminds of d day i had mine,twas similar to dis buh wthout the hubby part,a very painful experience kai!!!! we dey try abeg!

  18. I'm surprised you felt the cut that badly. I was dealing with a greater pain that the cut felt like child's play. Lol.

  19. i used to wonder how it feels for someone to be cut without any painkiller. Women dey suffer o. Yet men go dey treat them like trash

  20. Congratulations to you poster.

  21. Poster your writeup is funny, congratulations to you

  22. Congrats, thank God

    Pls change the hospital next time


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