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Tuesday, 20 December 2016


God never fails!

Hello Stella,

I should have done this sooner, but for reasons I cannot mention, I had to delay it.

I once sent you a mail (see trail below) about my TTC story and I had a plan for 2016. New year, New goals.

I told myself come January, I will possess my babies by force. I went for fertility check up at the hospital to be sure of the battles I had to fight instead of praying amiss. I was told to take a couple of tests, from hormone profile to swabs and HSV before the doctor could make a diagnosis. A test was also recommended for DH. Due to irregular periods (I have had those since I began menstruating), I completed those tests in April.

I recall when I didn’t see my period for about 3months between January and April, I walked into the hospital feeling confident that it had happened.

All this while, I kept trusting God. Even before the TTC prayers, I had 3days set aside each month to fast and pray particularly for fruitfulness. When the TTC prayers were posted, I was a few weeks late (not unusual) but I was hopeful. I couldn’t fast because I thought I was pregnant, but I prayed the prayers.

The doctor sent me to the lab for a pregnancy test and I almost had a heart attack when the result came back negative. They did a scan, still negative. The final blow came a few days later when the blood flowed of its own accord...Stella, my tears were uncontrollable.

My series of fertility tests revealed two things; First, my anovulation (irregular periods) was stress related and I had one blocked tube. The doctor had assured me that one tube was enough to make me pregnant. The physical battle was settled – my body was prepared and able to carry a baby.

I am a tither, I “faithed”, “seeded” did everything....still no show. I went for a vigil and the saxophonist gave a testimony about how he encountered God having done all, concerning a particular request. He heard God ask him “Even if I don’t do this thing, would that stop me from being the Almighty God to you?”. This struck me and I changed my mindset totally. That was the last day I prayed about getting new prayer point was “Lord, keep me joyful”.

The saxophonist hasn’t gotten that which he was praying for ( I haven’t heard the testimony), but dear Stella, I am well into my 2nd trimester. I was sick almost through out my 1st trimester, but the Lord has kept me and the baby. The devil has tried all he can, but God has already marked this one as HIS.

As surely as the Lord lives, I will be here to testify of carrying my healthy baby in my arms in Jesus name. Amen.

To all who are yet to see the manifestation of fruitfulness, God has not forgotten you, He is still, and will forever be THE ALMIGHTY GOD. Don’t let the devil hold back your Joy, God has lifted you above barrenness.

I’m sorry for the Long story, God has been that good to me.

As usual, please keep me anonymous.

Happy holidays to everyone.

Congrats darling,i am so excited for you.


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Beloved said...

Congrats dear

crystal said...

Congratulations sis, His visit in your life shall be permanent.

@michelleogo said...

Congrats Ma'am. We shall celebrate the arrival of ur kid(s) soon

Emmanuella Marshall said...

God is too faithful,d fruit of d womb is His reward

Loveme Jeje said...

Congrats my dear

Mrs I said...

Awesome God! Congrats sis.Am next to testify in Jesus name amen.

Mrs.R SDK blog Official BFF said...


stunning slim shady said...

Congrats poster

Lady T said...

Congrat ma, u shall carry ur baby to term, I love good news

chizaram1 said...

Faithful God!!

Starjoy said...


sholetoga said... happy for you dear. The baby shall be deliver safely by God's grace

olami4eva said...

Congratulations ma you shall carry your baby to full term in Jesus Name........
my testimony is next


Ogho Amajatoja said...

Congratulations. God is ever faithful and he fail not. Same God same glory.

Rex said...


Anonymous said...

Amen. Congrats poster

Anonymous said...

Some day in the nearest future my story will be featured hear.


Anonymous said...

Some day in the nearest future my story will be featured hear.


IJAY said...

congratulations, God who started this will grant you save delivery, God am still keying into this testimonies for my Sister and Sil

OmaBuoro said...

I am in for next TTC testimony Amen

ebele said...

Default smile..I knw dis is u. Congratulations sis. May u carry to term in Jesus name. Amen

Adorable Debrah said...

God is too faithful to fail! I will believe in you all Lord until my dying day. My miracle job n twins is mine! Congratulations Madam, d joy of the Lord will continue to overflow in your life.

ukwu dimond said...

Congratulations, is shall be permanent, God is still God.

Fairrose said...

Glory be to God Almighty! May His name be praised forever! Amen.
Congratulations dear. Enjoy your pregnancy and have a safe delivery. Amen.

ijenwa peace said...

congrats ma. ... my period is late and I have done pt. .. it's showing me negative but I have not lost hope. God is not a man that he should lie. congrats ma once again and please avoid all forms of stress.

Mrs anonymous said...

Congratulations,wishing you a safe delivery

Diamond MumParis said...

Congratulations dear. God, please I don't want to see my cycle next year in Jesus Christ name (Amen) .Bless my uterus again as a Christmas gift. Amen.

chi said...

Thank you Jesus

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