Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 190


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Thursday, July 27, 2017

Labour Room Drama 190

Even the strongest man becomes weak and excited when he faces the Labour room drama wifey has to go through....

So I came back from work that fateful Wednesday, madam said she wanted to eat bread and fried eggs with tea.

So after taking my bath, we decided to hit any of the two bakeries close to us for fresh bread.

Half way through our journey, she called my attention to the front of her white bum short..."Victor, come see"...pointing to a wet patch on the short..."e be like my water don break o".

Na im me sef jokingly ask am..."B, abi u don piss for ya clothe? "..

Well, we cut short our 'bread movement' 
and decided to head back home.

On the way back, she was still calm 
and playful. Not the usual pains and groans I expected from a woman who's about to go into labour, especially, as we dey watch for films na.

We got home 
and I proceeded to a friend's house to get his car keys so I can drive her to the hospital we registered in. I also called my smallie, Joy to come with us for assistance.

Her delivery stuff were already packed 
and arranged, so it wasn't difficult getting them into the waiting car. She changed into a gown and off we went.

On the road, we encountered heavy hold up on that Rumuigbo-Rumuokoro road. So on getting to that Bori Camp Gate, I asked Uche my friend to take the wheels, blow one way while I clear a path for him, cos my first child won't be born in a car...NO WAY!

We eventually crossed the junction 
and got to the hospital in Rumuodomanya in good time. We had already put a call through to the hospital so they were ready to receive her.

After the checks, doctor told me my boy isn't coming out that night, but the next day, so I should go back home and leave her there with Joy. I opted to stay instead.

The pains started from level one around 11pm and started increasing gradually. She was walking, sitting, standing, kneeling 
and writhing in pains abi cramps at the same time. I tried to calm her down by infuriating her with my cheeky comments.

The pains later subsided and I resorted to YouTube videos to keep us occupied through the night.

Fast forward to the next morning 
and the pains returned with a bang around 10am.

I was asked to get ready a hot plate of pepper soup for her immediately she delivers cos the end is nigh.

So I set out on my pepper soup quest. And put my elder sister to the task as well as Plan B.

As I dey road dey come back, na so Joy call me..."B don born...I dey hear pikin cries, so e be like B don born"!

Those lines hit me hard, the tears started rolling down my cheeks as I held the phone. I started crying and saying "B don pikin don come...chei!"

Fellow passengers were surprised, but confused too. But one woman who was seated at the front, who perhaps understood the emotions flooding through my body did her best to explain to the bemused commuters.

I hurriedly paid the driver 
and jumped down. I felt the vehicle was even too slow. I needed to hold my son in my arms. wan see run?! I borrowed Kenyan legs and Ethiopian strengths and off I went.

Got there, straight to her ward, on the bed...laid the most precious gift I've ever son...Carlos Nana Yaw Victor.

I enquired about his mom, and the nurse told me she's getting cleaned up 
and would soon join us.

That day, Thursday, 20th July, 2017...became the most important date in my life!

*Ghanaman signing out*

Congrats Dear..Una just cover the boy with


  1. Aaawww Ghanaian this is so emotional for me"teardrop" God bless and keep him. God provide for you.

  2. What do you mean by your smallie?

    1. Good kweshion!
      B don Pikin don comeπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€
      Congrats Victor

    2. Congrats Ghanaian, I noticed you had issues referring to the woman who gave you this precious gift as your wife.

  3. When i got to the 3rd paragraph, somehow i knew it had to be Ghanaman...and i was right!
    Your post sounds so emotional. God bless your child and may he grow in grace and wisdom.

  4. Wow.. .
    Very Sweet LRD...
    God bless your baby and wifey.. .
    Iyam counting down seriously to mine...

  5. Hey Ghanaman Congrats!! Finally this ''for your eyes only era don end'' Oh Your baby is so cute..Congratulations to you and Madam..May Son do more exploits that you have done, he shall be the salt of the earth and the light of his world..Anywhere his feet steps shall be acquired and possessed by him and ordered by God(Amen)..God bless you sir..Haa Your baby is cute, I feel like squeezing him (lolzz)

    1. Congrats newest dad! God bless him

      i still wonder who started that for your eyes only namsense

  6. Congratulations to ghanaman FAM
    May your boy grow in the way of the lord.
    Happy sleepless night.


  7. Hahahahahaha , I over enjoyed the story, God bless you both.thank God for safe delivery.

  8. Aaaaawwwwww God bless you, your son n his mother

  9. Hahahahahaha , I over enjoyed the story, God bless you both.thank God for safe delivery.

  10. The joy of parents.congratulations

    1. Awwww, Ghanaman. I had chills reading it. God bless you little one and you the parents

  11. Congrats Ghanaman. Your joy is so infectious. God bless baby Carlos..


  12. Congrats Bro,I luv u LRD...

  13. Papa na boy!!!!..... Congratulations Ghana man.

  14. Awwwwwwww, congratulations Ghanaman and wify

    1. Which Wify? They are not married o I don't know how some girls do it. How do you become a live in lover and then graduate to a live in baby mama with a BROKE guy?
      He doesn't even have a tuketuke car to carry you to the hospital, he's not even fine judging from his pic I've seen. To make matters worse he's not even a Nigerian. I guess love conquers all
      Congrats to the both of you

    2. Obviously they are not married. Notice how he was being very careful and never said my wife.

  15. Awwwww... Thank God for safe delivery. Congratulations to you and you strong wife.

  16. Congrats Ghanaman!!1.

    Pls fellow Bvs, I have a situation here. I got married few months ago as a virgin and I am over 30 years, my hubby tried the do for a long time, it was quite painful and it hurts him to see me in pain so his morale dropped, I got pregnant along that line (a big miracle because till now only God knows how it happened because penetration wasn't fully established).Hubby travelled immediately for a course and he is not back.
    My question is "having a tight vjay affect delivery of my baby?", is there something I need to do before my delivery time?, hubby will not be back till after our baby is born.I will appreciate if doctors in the house can help with answers.

    1. Hmm. So sorry. I think you may have vaginismus( I think thats the spelling). Kai!! After keeping your self, ur not able to enjoy sex. So sorry. Well I guess when its time to deliver, your body will do its job. Go for regular check ups with your doctor. I also suspect you and hubby don't spend time together... Babe u need hubby around now more than ever. He's the only one who can help fix this... Pls don't give up on enjoying sex. Give us virgins hope... That it pays to keep yourself. Abi make I go dey sample??

  17. Infectious is the word oo @ Chummy Cho
    God bless your family and give you all that is required to train him the best way.
    Chai I love babies

  18. Emotional. Congrats.

    1. So sweet a story. May God provide all that you need to train him well and give you the grace to ever hear your son say, "My dad is the best dad in the whole world". Not because he wants to say it to please you but because he truly means it. Enjoy Fatherhood, it's a blessing!

  19. A big congratulations to you Ghanaman

  20. Congratulations dear on your bundle of joy. God bless your family.

  21. Beautiful narrative made me tear up a bit. Congrats BV ghanaman

  22. Congrats dear. Lord i need a miracle on that very day.

  23. Congrats Ghanaman. May the coming of this lovely child herald Blessings from the Most High. Were you not the one saying unto us a child is born, abi wetin? Eyaa, I am so glad you are so glad.

  24. Congrats Ghanaman. Married or not married there are men who put girls in family ways and chicken out before the child comes. God bless your child.


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