Stella Dimoko London Tatafo season 79


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Sunday, July 30, 2017

London Tatafo season 79

Lost but found!!

We don find Sarah o!!

This is an update on last week's story regarding Tboy. 

Remember Tboy who contacted Tatafo to report that his ex girlfriend Sarah, aka Adunni, ran away with his £5,800 after failing on their agreement.

Ok. Days ago somebody who claimed to be Sarah's sister contacted Tatafo. What she revealed will either shock You, annoy You, or make you laugh.

Na so Tatafo begin look..

This lady introduced herself as Abigail. She said she's a sister to Sarah. Abigail said someone referred her to last week's post by london tatafo..and after she recognized the story to be that of her sister she decided to contact us. When Tatafo asked where Sarah was and why it wasn't Sarah herself contacting Tatafo..She quickly replied that Sarah is very sick and bedridden in a hospital in London. In fact, she emphasised that sarah is incapacitated.

Hian Hian Hian!!!!

After expressing my concern I asked what Abigail knew about Tboy, her "sister", and the money involved. Na here tory come begin.

Abigail said she never met Tboy while her sister was dating him, because she lives in spain..but that she was aware of their relationship. She claimed that her sister informed her that she was going to marry Tboy and also file for his papers in the UK, but that she never told her that money was involved.


At this point I asked this Abigail lady to allow Sarah speak with me directly tru a phone conversation, so that we could settle the matter, or at least confirm whether or not she ran away with the money. Abigail then said to me that Sarah is unable to speak but can only hear. I asked which hospital Sarah was kept and what really happened to her.

Abigail refused to disclose any further information to Tatafo. She said that the main reason she contacted me was to plead that we do not post Sarah's pictures as a wanted person. That we should wait for her to get well before we continue the case. I asked why she didn't contact Tboy instead, she said because Sarah lost his contact details.

Say wetin?How did she know this? *sideeyes*

At this point, I contacted Tboy to ask if he ever met or heard of Abigail whilst he was dating Sarah, aka Adunni, the man said NO.

 He even volunteered to go and visit Sarah in the hospital if Abigail will take him there. In fact, he said if truly he meets Sarah on the sick bed as claimed, that he will drop this case and forfeit his £5,800.

Una see something.. ?

This message was conveyed to Abigail and she said she would discuss it with other family members on whether to allow Tboy see Sarah in the hospital. So we are actually waiting for Abigail now before we decide the next line of action. A lot of questions are begging for answers. I told her that her full pictures will be posted if they do not return Tboy's money.

Hopefully Sarah is not the one playing mind games with Tatafo and pretending to be Abigail. Our communication was via email so we do not know what this person sounds like. I asked for a contact phone number and she promised to send it. Madame Abigail I'm still waiting.

Anyway, we hope that this is not an attempt to stop us from publishing your picture or to buy time. Tboy has given you a good option. I think he's a good guy because he's sympathetic of your plight...that is if truly you're hospitalised.

I also wonder why Little or no Info was given about Sarah's whereabouts or the cause of her "sickness". You want to know what Tboy thinks? No, not yet. We shall wait for your response Ms Abigail before we take this any further.

Na wetin Tatafo see be dat o. Had to put the original story for today aside just to update this.

To contact Tatafo with any hot gist around london you can send a mail to Please note that all stories will be verified before we publish them.

Tatafo will be back
Catch ya!

*Hmmm Abigail seems to know a lot,like how did she know Sarah lost Tboy's contact?......Lets wait and see!
Madam Abigail wey done oh....Can I suggest something?call Tboy and beg.


  1. Replies
    1. Greedy Sarah, sick my foot. If indeed you lost his contact, you should be eager to reconnect with Tboy and be asking tatafo for details.
      Amy way, this is a No brainer,Abigail is Sarah and not the sister. She has chopped the money which is their typical modus operandi, greedy lots.

    2. We must see d end of this gist cos am interested.

  2. Who really writes this London tatafo series? Sdk is it u or a bv, and it looks like it's only those *in the abroad* that can know and understand the people being talked about.

    1. Are you ok?

    2. Lol. It's London people's gist na Bianca πŸ˜€

      Hmmmm I smell lies anyway. I Read the first story and I think this person is the wanted lady. No point wasting time.πŸ™„

  3. Tatafo don't allow madam Abigail to corner you oo,she's the same person as Sarah.. Kai,she's a confirmed cunny woman publish her pics sharply..

    Love you tat,keep the amebo flowing... I love this series.

    1. I'm telling you. As I was reading this I was just laughing. See formatπŸ˜‚

  4. Guy that babe don scam you for sham marriage level,oh boy why you no go outskirt arrange wedding na? Central LD don cast. That babe fit cast you oooo ,Guy handle the matter with care. Awon innit

    1. She cant do shishi. When they steal from you like dt they will just disappear or keep running when you are not even thinking of reporting them. Nemesis will catch up with her. Incurable sickness fall on her.

  5. Too much time being wasted already. Publish her photos, Sarah, Abigail will surface within a matter of seconds.

  6. Abigail is Sarah! She is just trying to be smart. Ole. She should start paying up.
    Tatafo tell Tboy not to fall mugu oo

  7. TBoy was cheating on SARAH, so toto has chop the money. Think about all the stress and anguish you caused her and her CHILDREN and all the free food you eat for 1 year. If naa mi, you will not see the money again and you will meet yourself for Muritala, yeye man,you never get papers, you dey fuck about. Your village people dey follow you gaan o!

    1. Eleribu ni e.People like you don't end up well. I am sure you have been staying 'in the abroad' for donkeys years with nothing to show for it.

      Guess What,monies like this will never make you rich or prosper you. It will only plunge you to a life of misery, setbacks and affliction.

    2. Anon 16:42 werey alaso!! Oloriburuku ni awon iran e!!

      Have you asked TBoy how much he spent on SARAH when they were dating. If he had kept his dick in his pants she would have done the papers for him. He wanted to eat his cake and have it.... You got served nigggg. Oloshi like you!! Men seem to think you can play women with no repercussion, they are even Jare. Tafofo don't post her pictures.

    3. πŸ€”πŸ€”πŸ€” really? This person seems to know the people involved.

      Ok bye

    4. Useless anon 17.15, if we dig dip and investigate,you are one of the loafers in London living on benefits, awon scavengers.You guys are so desperate for money that you can kill.

      If the dude was cheating, let Sarah come out and state her case instead of lying that she is sick and playing mind games.

      I repeat monies like these will only cause serious affliction for you and your cronies, it won't make you a millionaire.

      I am not cursing you but for every evil, there are consequences

      A little word is enough for the wise.

    5. I think this anonymous is even the wanted lady. No worry, shebi you are sick eh? Dt sickness will not leave your body lailai, it will be your downfall since you have pronounced it on yourself. If you dont return dt money to the guy you will know no peace. I'm a woman o and in my struggling days here a man did exactly thesame thing to me. I despise ppl who take advantage of other ppls vulnerability.

    6. See tif has shown face. Idiot I'm sure you're the unfortunate Sarah. Oleeeeeeee

  8. Spain ke Spain nii, abeg find that Abigail woman or publish the pic and Sarah /Abigail will surface sharp sharp..

  9. #The best feeling in the world is knowing that you actually mean something to someone. This can literally add years to your life*

  10. Imagine d fuck shit. Tataafo u must post dis babes pix by fire by force. Which kind rubbish be dis? U saw ur story n u rushed to contact blog cos u don't wanna be disgraced after scamming d poor guy. Wicked bitch pay ur igbese

  11. When some London based black people don't want to pay up, they claim and pretend to suffer from cancer so that the dept can be forgotten! Pull another yarn! Today na today!

  12. Am very sure Sara is Abigail, she is a con woman, tatafo Pls post her pics I will help you paste it in my wall of over 5k facebook friends & other platforms I hate, thieves & con pple with passion.


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