Stella Dimoko Nasarawa State Gov Umar Tanko Al-Makura Gists About APC Visit To President Buhari In London


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Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Nasarawa State Gov Umar Tanko Al-Makura Gists About APC Visit To President Buhari In London

He says the President is not confined to a chair as being speculated by Naysayers

President Muhammadu Buhari hosted an All Progressives Congress (APC) delegation in London on Sunday. The Presidency released the photograph of the meeting and a short story on the visit. After a brief silence, the critics returned to action  insisting that the President is gravely ill.

Al-Makura was in the delegation led by APC National Chairman John Odigie-Oyegun. Also on the visit were Minister of Transportation Rotimi Amaechi, Governors Rochas Okorocha (Imo), Nasir El-Rufai (Kaduna) and Yahaya Bello (Kogi).

Al-Makura said the President was “agile, mentally alert” and brainstormed on state matters for about an hour with the delegation during the meeting at the Nigerian House in London.

He described those doubting the photograph of the meeting as being “comical”.

The governor, who spoke exclusively with our correspondent shortly after returning from London yesterday, said: “The President is fit enough to return any time.”

“We did not only visit the President, we walked, we sat down with him and we fraternised the way we used to do. He was not confined to any chair or any place.

“The President was really looking himself and very healthy. He was very alert, very concerned about the country and he was abreast of the latest issues in Nigeria. He has information on everything going on in the country.

“He maintained his agility, his strength, his wit and the alertness of his mind. As far as I am concerned, the President can come back any time from now. He is fit to return home.”

Al-Makura said: “For about an hour, we brainstormed on a number of issues, especially about national interest and the unity of this country. We spoke generally on how to handle issues or policies that will enhance the quality of life in this country.

“The President also tried to find out how each state was doing from the governors on the trip. And he asked questions from party leaders and all members of the delegation.

“After a long session, we ended up on the dining table where we feasted with the President.”

On the allegation that the trip was a make-believe, Al-Makura said: “Anyone can embark on wishful thinking. I was a member of the delegation and I have told you the truth about the way we met and interacted with the President.

“The onus is on who alleges to prove otherwise. Whoever says we didn’t go is casting aspersions on our integrity. This is really unfortunate. We have no cause to lie to Nigerians. I just came in this morning and I have all my travel documents intact.

“I am surprised that anyone could say that we didn’t see the President. It makes me to appreciate the extent to which a person can go comical.”

Leading the critics is the leadership of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), which has faulted the approach adopted by the APC and some government functionaries in communicating with Nigerians about the President’s health.

In a telephone chat with our correspondent in Abuja, PDP spokesman Dayo Adeyeye chided the delegation, saying they were not being fair to Nigerians.

Adeyeye said if the President was indeed well as shown to Nigerians, the APC delegation ought to have got from him audio and video messages to Nigerians.

Adeyeye said, “For God’s sake, President Buhari was elected to represent about 200 million Nigerians and they are circulating just one photograph without any word from the leader.

“That is not the right way to treat Nigerians who have been feeling the President’s absence from the country for close to three months. They are being unfair to the Nigerian people.”

The opposition spokesman challenged the ruling party and its officials in government to do what others in civilised world do in similar situations by providing detailed information on the President’s state of health.

“The Presidency and the APC should learn to do the right. Nigerians deserve better treatment from a President they elected to run the affairs of their country.

“It is very unfair to keep them in the dark concerning the health of the President only to be circulating just one photograph in the media for people who have been praying for the recovery of our President all this while”, Adeyeye added.

Restating the commitment of the PDP to continue to pray for the speedy recovery of the President, Adeyeye maintained that the opposition party sincerely wished Buhari well.

“As a party, we have been praying for the President’s speedy recovery and we will continue to pray for his recovery because when it comes to matters of health, nobody is immune to illness.

“But the Presidency and the APC should stop taking Nigerians for granted with the way they are handling issues around the President’s health. This is not the way to treat a President they elected to govern them,” Adeyeye added.

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*I believe him and Ithink the President is well rested now!


  1. Whether he spoke the truth or not, the president has failed Nigerians. He should tow the path of honor and resign. How Buhari came to lead a country of intellectuals in all gendre of human endeavor is still a mystery to me.

    1. He will not resign. He has 6 more years to go if Jesus tarries. Accept it or leave the country to Togo or Cameroon to return in 6 years

    2. Agreed baba is hale, hearty and even comical. In fact, he is as agile as Usain Bolt, no wahala. But is it too much for him to appear on national TV and put an end to all this doubting Thomases. NTA can always do a coverage na. Max 30mins and it is over and All these unnecessary talks would be avoided.
      Umoru (in Obj's voice) did not hide for this long before he forged that "firmous" phone call.

  2. if d President is agile n is looking himself he should b made to know that London is not our FCT.He should quit eating and hosting dinners in London and come back home cos we are all in this shit together,no one should try to run away

    1. Illiteracy. So in your mind he ran away right. Are you not aware he wasn't well and went there for medicals? Bottom line is that he is well now and will return when it is deemed fit. He doesn't need to be in a hurry cos there is an acting president who is WORKING

    2. If medical leave exceeds 6wks e done pass be careful. Bottom line is he should resign and concentrate on his health. If he is well now, why is he being shielded from public eyes. Shebi he talk say "he belongs to nobody", why he no allow AIT abi Wike or Fayose to pay him a visit.
      Mean while Osinbajo is not an acting president but a coordinating president according to the letter sent to the senate from the presidency.

    3. So Fayose and Wike will go and poison him abi??? Mumu talk

  3. We haff hear gov Al-Makura.
    Well said Adeyeye. Wareva! Time will tell!

  4. I don't blame PDP. They are assuming APC is doing what they did with UMYA (Yar Adua), when they lied and shielded up all information about his health and when he died. PDP, a group of liars, pls shut up. You took Nigerians for granted much more than ever.

    1. Great comment from and intelligent person. They are trying to play the mind games on Nigerians and all these is to gain favors with Nigerians in 2019. Is the absence of the president worse than what the did to this country in 16yrs??? PDP or whatever name the change to will never rule this country again. They can country to weep

  5. So Almakura was among the delegation. Someone who is owing salariesin his state. Since his 2nd. Tenure he has not done anything yet has the audacity to be lying. Well whether he's agile or not his cup of koko 2019 come quickly abeg

  6. I can only believe if Fayose or Fani Kayode can be among the delegates to visit the president and a live coverage of the president addressing Nigerians. Apc is Evil full of lies, fake, deceitful and useless.

    1. They will never be so remain in unbelief

  7. I can only believe if Fayose or Fani Kayode can be among the delegates to visit the president and a live coverage of the president addressing Nigerians. Apc is Evil,full of lies, fake, deceitful and useless.

  8. Worst administration ever...#SMH


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