Stella Dimoko Osinbajo Keeps Mum Over Emergency Visit To President Buhari Overnight In The UK...


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Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Osinbajo Keeps Mum Over Emergency Visit To President Buhari Overnight In The UK...

"Osinbajo meeting with President Buhari in London today, and returning to Abuja immediately afterwards," the vice president's spokesman, Laolu Akande, said in a Twitter message posted earlier on Tuesday. No details were given.

Officials have not disclosed details of Buhari's illness, which has caused fierce speculation in Nigerian media and on social media about his ailment and whether he will seek a second term in the 2019 election.

A thin-looking Buhari, 74, was last seen in Nigeria on state television welcoming a group of 82 girls released by Islamist militant group Boko Haram, hours before he flew to Britain.

Buhari left Abuja on May 7 and handed over power to his deputy, to allay concerns of a void at the top of Africa's biggest economy.


*The acting President is a good man,loyal to the core,dificult to fault...Er gefehlt mir sehr sehr.....


  1. Replies
    1. I totally agree, he is a loyal man. Not like all the slimy greedy politicians who are trying to seize power by asking the president to resign...or asking for referendum rubbish.
      Or is it that FFK that only thinks with his third leg until he is done with latest woman in his house .
      The most responsible loyal and worthwhile upstanding man in Nigeria is Osibajo. Buhari is s good man and I wish him a speedy recovery.

    2. Anon 10 37 most of you Nigerians are dumb, a country that is not moving why won't people ask him to resign,do u like the state of the nation? Most of you are too dumb in Nigeria.

    3. Should Buhari not resign? He is definitely way too weak to continue. In a sane country, a president this sick...with no information to the citizens as to the nature of his illness would resign and stop wasting national resources keeping himself afloat in another country.
      It is greed that still keeps him there. And his absence has not been felt which goes to show his irrelevance as a President.
      Shameless. Shame.

    4. Ann:10:37
      Use the head God has given to you,osibanjo is just been patient, he knows what will be will be and FYI buhari is old and his sickness is the old age effects it is normal. If you like pray from now till eons his organs can not be as active as that of a young man. You can do body work and change the engine of a car but the car remains old and will keep giving problems till you scrap it up.i still don't know why people are Xpecting a miracle on nature. No prayer on earth can stop the sun from rising in the east and set in the west.

    5. Anon 11.27, why the insults? You are indeed mannerless, rude and totally uncouth with a stinking potty mouth.
      What do you mean a country that is not moving forward. What is the job of a capable Vice President then? Your lot really just enjoy politicians taking advantage of situations. Have you never fallen ill before? Would you like to be treated like trash if you fell seriously ill. Yet again Nigerians and their lack of value for life. Osibajo has been running the country quite well and the only reason you are screaming blue mother is because of his tribe. There is more to running a country successfully than whatever tribe anyone comes from. So the next thing you want is to handover to saraki and his cohorts or even nnamdi Kanu who will milk you all dry... Whose the dumb one now?

    6. Nigerians always shaming the wrong people and praising the wrong people... Shaming domestic violence victims, shaming women, shaming the elderly, shaming the sick, shaming the disabled, shaming upright people but praising thieves, kidnappers, slave masters, the likes of patience Jonathan, stella oduah even the terrorist Kanu, FFK, fayose blabber mouth... Sigh

  2. Wish him safe journey.

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  3. Hmmmm... Stella translate your last sentence!

  4. So Olu Jacobs I oder than Bubu

    I wish him quick recovery

  5. So Olu Jacobs Is older than Bubu

    I wish him quick recovery

  6. I hope they cabals didnt send him away so as to finalise talks for him to be impeached before he return....

  7. When people want to talk rubbish from there brains they go anonymous. Goes along way to show how much of spine we have as youths

    1. You that your name is joy okanje who can't even differentiate when to use the words ... There and their..., Shame on you

  8. Why una wan know wetin he go see am for?It could be personal...


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