Stella Dimoko Parents Of Pregnant Woman Strangled By Husband Return Dowry And Retrieve Her Body


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Monday, July 24, 2017

Parents Of Pregnant Woman Strangled By Husband Return Dowry And Retrieve Her Body

The parents of Mrs. Irene Dashit, a teacher allegedly strangled by her husband, Victor Dashit, in Dadin-Kowa, Jos on July 2, have returned the dowry paid on her head by her husband’s family.

“By our tradition, when a man kills our daughter while married to him, the bride price must be returned to the husband’s family and her corpse retrieved for proper burial at her birth place. We have just returned the dowry.

“It means that we have severed the union; it means she is no more married to the husband. That is why we are taking her body to Maris, her birth place in Bokkos, Plateau State,” the District Head of Maris, Mr Amos Akila, said in Jos.

Akila expressed shock that the family of Dashit did not show any remorse over the incident, and never condoled the parents of the late woman.

“The husband’s family only showed up when invited to receive the dowry we returned to them,” he said.

Akila said that the woman’s family had resolved never to have anything to do with the alleged killer of their daughter.

“We gave her to him alive; she would have been buried in her husband’s hometown if she died of natural causes, but in this case, she was killed by the husband, and our tradition demands we return the bride price and bury our daughter at her father’s house.

“Our tradition forbids us from honouring the killer by burying our daughter in his house. We are saddened by the death of our daughter, but we have left everything to God. We want justice. We want the killer to pay for his crime,” he said.

Irene’s body left the Air Force Hospital, Jos mortuary on Saturday, to Maris, where she was buried.

The Plateau Police Command had, on July 6, confirmed the arrest of 40-year-old Victor Dashit, a staff of the National Industrial Court, Jos who allegedly strangled his eight months pregnant wife, Irene.

“Victor is in our custody and investigation is ongoing. We shall soon take him to court,” its spokesman, Terna Tyopev, said.

Tyopev alleged that Dashit, who resides at New Abuja area of Jos, killed the wife, a 33-year-old teacher, at their farm in Kangang, on July 2.

Dashit, after killing the woman, invited his brother to help him to convey her to hospital, after lying that she slumped and died, few minutes after she complained of dizziness.

A family source said that prior to the incident, the couple had faced lots of problems leading to persistent domestic violence.

He said that the situation got worse in May 2016, when the deceased caught her husband in bed with their house help, one Nora, in their home.

“The woman woke up one night sometime in May 2016 and did not see her husband on the bed. After combing the entire house, she peeped into the house maid’s room and found her husband on her,” the source said.

He said that Irene sent the girl out of the house, but the girl came back two months later and told the husband that she was pregnant.

“Nora’s pregnancy aggravated the problems in their marriage; at a point, Irene fled to her parents’ house in Gindiri, but was persuaded to return to her husband’s house by their Pastor.

“The Pastor persuaded her to return in November 2016, after intervening in the quarrel. She became pregnant immediately.”

The source said that Irene had two daughters, while the unborn baby, a male, removed from her womb after she died, did not survive.

A source at the Air Force Military Hospital, Jos where Irene’s corpse was taken, said that Dashit, who brought the wife’s corpse, had claimed that she slumped and died after complaining of dizziness.

“The doctors confirmed her dead on arrival, but rushed her to the theatre for an emergency CS in a bid to save her unborn baby, but brought out a dead child.

“Further investigation by the medics, however, revealed marks on her neck, which suggested that she was strangled.

“The doctors quickly reported the matter at the Anglo Jos police station where Dashit owned up to strangling his wife,” the source said.

Tyopev, while describing the incident as “unfortunate”, blamed the development on alleged infidelity, saying that Dashit had equally confessed to impregnating his housemaid.

“He confessed to holding the woman by the neck, but said he did not intend to kill her,” Tyopev said.



  1. Pastors always giving stupid advice

  2. Some parents na real wah, so they preferred to return her dowry and retrieve her corpse for proper burial to having their daughter alive?

    1. Ure an idiot Anonymous 7:44.

  3. Chai! Things are really happening ooo. God help us in this world honestly.

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  4. CrazyHornyWife24 July 2017 at 08:01

    I hope oga pastor and all the people who pushed her to go back and happy now😡😡😡😡😡
    Some men kai😡😡😡😡, knacking your maid???
    The story is disgusting

  5. The only thing I saw was that the pastor persuaded her to go back. If the man had found his wife in bed with the house boy would the so called pastor have persuaded him to take his wife back? Serious hypocrisy and double standards we see in the church. Now that the lady is dead, they will use one sermon to cover it up. Claiming it is the will of God or she has run her race.

    All this fight for your marriage talk makes me laugh. Those who watch war room and talk about the movie with such reverence makes me laugh so hard. As a man or woman if your marriage isn't working and it's causing you pain take a walk. I will brand her case as a suicide. Yes. It's suicidal to see a situation that will harm you and stay there. What did she think would happen next if not more harm coming her way?

    RIP pretty lady.

    1. Pastor can never advice u to leave ur husband o
      They should use their common sense..

  6. So sad a read.😓😢 Useless man!

  7. The psycho guy.24 July 2017 at 08:15

    Omo the man should be severely punished. The family sef evil. No remorse. Wicked world.

  8. Another one kicks the bucket. The irony is that there is a woman somewhere who has recieved the beating of her existence by her husband, but has decided to "fight" for her marriage. As long as we women don't value our lives, we will keep having scape goats. RIP to the unborn child. And as for the pastor, I pray a family member beats you to a pulp if you dare show up at the burial. And as for the maid, you will suffer like a church rat and the earth shall never bring forth anything in your favour. I'm deeply angered in my soul. As for the deceased, it's a pity that when you get to Heaven to account for your deeds on earth, neither God nor the Heavenly hosts will ask you for your marriage certificate.

  9. O this for real?.Wicked men woman 👩 avenge your death.rivers babe dats me.I need a bloq do I go about it.

  10. I wonder how that Pastor wil be feeling now.
    And her parents too. Who watched as she went back to d monster. Too much guilt.

    Poor woman! What a horrible way to die.

    1. He will live with the guilt for the rest of his life..

  11. See his innocent face but deep inside he is a demon. Mr pastor how do you feel now? As long as the marriage involves DV run for your life gone are the days of for better for worse. She would have lived for her daughters who will now grow up knowing their father killed their own very mother, i just feel so sad on the psychological effects it will have on them and yes the stigma they will face.

  12. Thank you @cherry topaz .tell this ignorant women pls

  13. Na wa o. How would the maid now? Isn't she scared?

  14. Her pastor was part of the problem. Imagine telling her to go back to her abuser.

  15. Her Pastor adviced her to go back, her Pastor adviced her to go back...... Pastor ekwensu. Now she's dead! Pastor come and boil her corpse and have for dinner. I don't know what's wrong with some of these MOG. Why can't they be practical and reasonable in their judgement? Now the poor woman who preferred to 'honour' her Pastor than protect her life is dead. My pastor said, my pastor said. And her parents, they let her go back yea? All of you have tried. Who'll take care of her children now? Mschewww.

  16. This kinda crimes makes one buy base ball bat, you tamper with my sister, I arrange n scatter ur two knee cap.

  17. The parents returned the bride price and retrieved the body! The guy will hear it ooooo! Loud and clear!The family will summon the spirit and ask for revenge! Rip to the beautiful lady!


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