Stella Dimoko Reps Return CRK As independent Subject


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Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Reps Return CRK As independent Subject

Members of the House of Representatives have in Tuesday’s plenary jettisoned Federal government’s policy which put Christian Religious Knowledge, CRK under Civic Education and made same compulsory in Secondary School curriculum.

This followed a motion filed by Hon. Beni Lar, Plateau state, titled “Call to make Civic Education an optional instead of a compulsory subject for Senior Certificate Examination.”

After an exhaustive debate on the motion, the members agreed that the policy was incongruent with the spirit and letters of the 1999 Constitution (as amended) on the provision of religious liberties.

The House agreed that students with the inputs of their parents at formative years should be taught the religious subjects of their choice in school.

It was also agreed that CRK and Islamic Studies be treated independently.

*Great news indeed!


  1. Yes oo.. .it's better like that

    @Mathins Aboy, Abeg how far now? How I fit get my password back mbok? Tell me .....I will repost it again tomorrow via @SP if you did not see this

    Enemies at work

    @Anonymous Orubebe

    1. So crk was taken out before? Hmmmmm!

  2. I wonder how Jonathan will feel about this development. na wa

  3. Welcome development mbok. To your tents oh Isreal

  4. In Africa, we do not practise religion,
    We showcase religion.
    That's all...

  5. Good thing they came to their senses, a lot of people said we misunderstood the motive behind it, but it was clear.

  6. Good.

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  7. Now that's what we call having people speaking where they should.

  8. Now we can take a deep breath.
    Great move must say.

  9. Now we can take a deep breath.
    Great move must say.

  10. Peace, says Jesus Christ..... God arise and take the glory...

  11. Kudos to CAN,PFN for shouting and speaking out before they destroy the educational system beyond repair. We need to go back to the old curriculum I beg, samething they did removing history from school curriculum, I even just knew biology is no longer compulsory han han, who is killing our educational system.

  12. Mao Akuh sqid.... Good news. I hv missed ds blog like kilode

  13. Good thing they reverted to the status quo even though some state governments up north don't hire CRK Teachers.Eg Niger state

  14. Good. Meanwhile has anyone checked Its the latest Nigerian Social Networking Site.

  15. Useless pple...make una dey dat house dey deliberate on wetin go send una go hell

    MC pinky

  16. anonymous gangster12 July 2017 at 08:45


    Despite all the CRK & IRK & Sunday school & such, fornication is on the increase, kids are having sex at younger & younger ages, abortion is rampant, youth crime is high, violence is skyrocketing, etc.

    CRK/IRK cannot operate in a society of moral vacuum. I say take all religious teachings out of our educational curriculum & let parents suffer part of the penalty their kids get if/when convicted of a crime from age 16.

    I think when parents know they too are culpable, they'll hopefully do a better job at raising kids.


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