Stella Dimoko Sahara Reporters publisher Sowore Alleges That Buhari Became Sick On Discovering How Much Was Looted From Nigeria


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Monday, July 31, 2017

Sahara Reporters publisher Sowore Alleges That Buhari Became Sick On Discovering How Much Was Looted From Nigeria

The publisher, Sahara Reporters, Omoyele Sowore has said that President Muhammadu Buhari got sick when he saw how much had been looted from Nigeria and that there is no more corruption in Nigeria because there is nothing else to steal.

Sowore in his presentation at the Tracking Faulty Towers workshop which held at the University of Kent, London according to thecalbeng report said: “There is no corruption in Nigeria anymore because there is nothing else to steal and loot,” he said.

“When Buhari saw how much has been looted, he became sick. We are happy that Nigeria is no longer among the ten top countries in the world.”

“Western countries accepting Nigeria and other countries stolen money should be the ones tagged corrupt,” he said.

“In my village, the custodian of stolen things is seen as the main criminal… People cannot steal in western countries because where to keep the stolen money is a challenge.

“The Western world made their system very difficult to steal and loot money.” He also commended Buhari for putting in place strict measures to check corruption.

“Transferring money from abroad to Nigeria has a limit and the charges are high but in Nigeria, we don’t have such until Buhari came into power,” he said.

“We have the duty to challenge our leaders and the primitive accumulation of wealth Nigeria.

“We need a serious re-orientation programme for the youth on the belief of quick wealth accumulation through corruption and crime. We need to let them know that the only way is through honest means and hard work.”

Also the executive secretary of the presidential advisory committee against corruption (PACAC), Bolaji Owanasoye admitted that Nigeria is improving in its fight against “the infamous tag”.

“I am very happy to read recently that Nigeria is not among the top ten corrupt countries in the world,” Owanasoye said. “That is an improvement that shows something is being done right to fight corruption and crime in the country.”

“Nigeria whistleblowing policy is celebrated because of reward attached to it but if revoked tomorrow, citizens should still be devoted to report corruption and crimes,” he said.

“A pervasive and endemic culture of silence which allows corruption and sin to thrive is one of the challenges the Nigeria whistle blower policy face.

“The culture of acquiescence which makes corruption appear legitimate is also a challenge we have in Nigeria. “Nigerians have both moral and legal duties to report crime and corruption as it enhances rule of law and peace of security of society.

“The inability to improve rule of law and governance in a weak state reinforces underdevelopment and vice-versa. “When a state demonstrates the political will to hold wrongdoers accountable and creates a dependable disclosure frame work the citizens will see it as a duty to report crime and corruption without fear or prejudice.”

from The Cable via Vanguard

photos from Thecable


  1. Lol.. But he was not sick when they stole to finance his election campaign bah?



    1. Has this guy been bought over?

    2. Cockroach Okorochacha
      Roachimi Amatomorrow
      Nnaasiri pet Rufai
      Fashi Ole
      And other phew!

    3. You forgot Oshi Omo Ole!

  2. Safe to say he went into shock, abi? Yele please I can't this afternoon 😂😂😂

  3. Finally, they've bought this one over!
    How can someone say "there is no corruption in Nigeria anymore . . .?" And the governor are no longer looting? And they discover $50 million in an apartment owned by a known person yet they "don't know the owner?"
    And state governors owe salaries for years and there is no more corruption? This man has reduced his highly valued publication to a comic. Maybe it is "plea deal" for the billion naira case against him in the court.

    1. The guy is a fool.

      I suspect they are using him for money laundering..

  4. Typical Yaraba double face. they've paid him off.

    1. Typical yibo behaviour. Blaiming everybody but yourselves for your short comings as kidnappers and drug peddlers.
      Evans brother

  5. That is why I miss Gani Fawehimi, the only social crusader that was not bought over.

  6. Who wouldn't fall sick knowing the amount that was looted from Nigeria and also realizing that majority of Nigerians are currupt and also support corruption?

    2 Million of the likes of Buhari cannot change Nigeria I tell ya.

    The problem of Nigeria today is in the hands of Nigerians living in Nigeria. Yes, you and I.

    I'm outtie

    1. You are right, even the youth of today only want avenue to steal from the national cake,if we all can change our mind set.

  7. They will end up frustrating that man..

    He is surrounded by real money looters

  8. Nma iru abuo. Na the way.

  9. He has always been apc/ Tinubu's man. Many of you don't know what happens in Nigeria.

  10. This is the most stupid statement I have read this year...

  11. He reach to sick na but where are all the billions that they claim to recover from looters because we don't know if it has been relooted......

  12. If this utterance is geared towards portraying the country in good light, it's commendable because it is obviously far from the truth


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