Stella Dimoko Saturday In House Gists -Depression SOS North Dakota


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Saturday, July 22, 2017

Saturday In House Gists -Depression SOS North Dakota

Have you ever been depressed?So depressed that you want to hurt yourself?Someone is sending me signals that she might end it all and i think its wrong to keep quiet....
*I am shaking*

I remember how many times Blog Visitor Oluyomi that died told me she was depressed and wanted to end it all...I kept counselling her and hoping she would get better,I do not know if she eventually ended it herself or something medically went wrong but I still shed tears thinking about her and cannot forget her message about wanting to ''End it all because of stuff happening at home''.

Oluyomi is not the issue,dont dwell on her case please..Lets move on....

BV Dakota needs help cos she is suicidal....

Some of you here are her friends....can anyone reach out to her physically?I have been managing her with Counselling for a whole now but I need help.......

Read the email she sent me a few hours ago....

Good morning Stella,
I am writing this with shame and great pains in my heart and body.thing is I am depressed and I feel so empty and alone.I really wanted to make something out of my life, but depression won't let me.I am so messed up Stella.I am dealing with depression and financial woes.we moved away from our old house to a new location so I could escape the painful memories of my mum's death and being in that house wasn't helping.

I moved with my younger siblings after gathering up some money,but still it wasn't enough.I moved to this new place owing bal of rent of 80k.the landlord was kind enough to let me owe him after I pleaded with him,but he told me to pay up in a month.and days ago, he started disturbing me.I'm ashamed to say this,and I am so sorry, but yesterday I had to pay him 50k from the money you sent to me to start up a biz.I'm a very honest and sincere person and I am not about to allow what I am going through turn me into who I am not.

Pls Stella, I want to return the bal of 50k to you.I am too depressed and messed up to start up I type this,my left hand is in a very bad shape.I banged it several times against a door frame until I couldn't feel my wrist.whenever I remember how my mum died,I just want to hurt myself and feel the pain she felt.Stella all I think about everyday is hurting my self.I cannot start up the food biz in my current one understands how I feel.all I think about is self destruction,my mum was my sanity and sanctuary.

I am so sorry that I had to divert half of the money to pay my debt.I have never deceived anyone in my life,and I cannot start with you cos you have been so kind to me.pls I am on my knees Stella, forgive me for doing that.may God bless you always for wanting to give me something to set me on a good path. I am so damaged to go through with can I start anything when getting up from bed in the morning is hard?I have never been a lazy person, but right now I am sinking.I dunno if I can be helped from inflicting my self with so much pain.

I was surprised when I woke up this morning cos I thought I had passed out from so much pain from my wrist I think I must have bursted a vein, but I don't care about it.pls forgive me Stella pls.
First thing Monday morning I will go pay in the 50k into any account you give to me pls.
I'm in tears as I type this cos I don't know what would happen to me next, but know this I am so sorry and I appreciate all you have done for me.
Pls Stella,your forgiveness is all I seek.
Thank you so much

North Dakota.

*This sounds like goodbye...I am too shaken.
BlogLord and others,please reach out to her..I am a mess right now from reading this..tell her i dont want the money back...its hers.
Any Helpline reading this,her email address is


  1. BV Dakota God will put an end to what's troubling your mind.

    Stella if I should share with you what I'm going through, you won't ever believe it, yet I've never been depressed in my life. I might cry myself to sleep, cry when I wake up, but life still goes on

    *Larry was here*

    1. That's the spirit
      If we begin talk for here,ground go full but then suicide is not the way out

      Northie if you commit suicide,what will happen to your younger ones? Who will look after them?

    2. I'm close to tears right now. Though I can't let it out in presence of students I'm supervising

      Stella pls help us wt her no let's call her pls

      North will be fine.

    3. North Darkota do u want my hear my story? I guess not. If u do, ull b crying 4 me not u but today all I see is d bigger picture. Can't say I know how I do it but somehow my problems gave me strength n now I'm bouncing back gradually n I pray God stands by me tru it all.

      Northie ure fine, u just don't know it yet. Pls take out dat suicidal tots n begin to see ursef as too blessed to b subdued. I love ur blog personality reason I opened dis post. Pls na beg we dey, stay strong n see what u can do with d balance 50k.

      Stella pls don't ignore Olori FW pls. It's been tough 4 me hence I've not reached out 2 her in a while but d last time we spoke she doesn't sound good. Tnx n God bless u.

    4. My dear that you are not prone to depression and can better cope with your challenges thank God for you Larry. Depression is an illness, I am not talking about the normal kind that happens to everyone once in a while and lifts after a short period. I am talking of what is happening with Dakota. You don't wanna get up in the morning & face the day. You don't wanna bathe, you don't wanna face a soul and you feel utterly useless. You can remain in this down state for days and the only way out that occurs to you is to end it all, yes, suicide... Pls Stella you have tried but she needs both professional and spiritual help (not sure of her religion or if she has one). Pls professional counselors on this blog reach out to Stella or to Dakota. Dakota you need to try to take care of yourself for yourself and your siblings, always think of them. Your hand needs to be treated. I think you need professional counseling. Do you have a spiritual father or mother, or a caring friend you can confide in and pray with now? You need to reach out. Just know you are not alone. God loves you. Things will surely get better. You are an intelligent and beautiful person. One day you will bless the world with your talents, and you will smile. Please try to be positive, the dark tunnel WILL end, baby.

    5. Pls suicide is never the option. You need God's strength and help to go through this phase.

    6. Dear Dakota, whatever problem you are facing today is supposed to make you stronger in the Lord.

      Dear Dakota this is a phase in your life but trust God , this shall pass

      The rich also cry. your present situation is not the worst on earth.

      Don't allow your enemy to rejoice over you. Make your Mother in heaven proud and stand on your feet.

      If you do anything silly,means you failed God,your mother and your siblings

      Wipe away your tears and smile. Tomorrow shall be better

      cheer up ✌

    7. Bv North dakota, ending it all won't solve all the problems. Ur siblings will still face it. And I am very sure they are looking up to u. Pls don't give up. Ur mum won't be happy where she is if u commit suicide.

      Pls get help fast. Most of us here have our problem we are facing. Just brace up and face. If life gives u lemon, make a lemonade from it. Don't give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel.

      The lord is got u dear.

    8. @Anon 14:51 pls school them.
      Starry Larry and others, pls let's find a solution and not compare your case to hers.

      Depression is a chemical imbalance, it's not necessarily telling her to chill because you've gone through worse.

    9. North Dakota, life is always not easy but find solace in God, listen to music, take a walk and admire all that God has created, your mom will never be happy if you hurt yourself and God don't like dirty.
      I was in your shoes early this year after I lost my brother in-laws, I had to shave my hair and was so sad, but my dear, God came through for me even when I couldn't come through for myself.
      Please don't allow the devil win you in this battle.
      Remember we all don't know you but we all love you and still want and love you around.

    10. The truth is we are many here fighting depression. It is made worse by financial difficulties and you don't have anyone to run to, you have debtors on your neck disturbing you here and there. I also get suicidal sometimes but God still keeps me miraculously.
      North Dakota you will be fine in Jesus name, pls open up and let help reach you. Also surround yourself with people you love. The thought of leaving them behind will not make you do it. When I think of leaving my child all alone, I just pray suicide off while Believing that God will remember us soon. You shall be fine Northie

    11. Don't even know what to type

      You will be fine dear

      πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹πŸ’‹ for you


    12. Omg
      I'm just seeing this now
      Baby girl
      Please, biko, abeg, hang in there
      You will be alright ok
      Much love from me to you sweetie.
      God is with you.

    13. Don't be selfish why think only abt ursef? can't you just imagine what will happen to your siblings, imagine what will put them through with your actions,pls d only way to fight this demon is to make ur mother proud even in the grave by becoming who u r destined to be, fight on mate fight, suicide will destroy d rest

  2. Stella we need a phone number preferebly. Where does she stay?

    1. Yes phone number and face to face counselling

    2. I think she lives on the Island now

    3. Stella please help us with her phone number. Please. Her story is similar to mine and I'm willing to help her over come it just like I did.

    4. I just spoke with her. She lives in Ajah.

      Scroll down. Someone dropped her number.

    5. This is really sad.I've been so depressed lately,but never for once did I think of ending it all? I still am actually,but suicide would be very selfish of me.Pleass dear,take it easy on yourself.I can't imagine the pain you're going through but my dear,you'll be fine eventually.Stella,please try and get her number so people can call and talk to her.

  3. I nearly thought about committing suicide one time and no one reached to me cos they all thought all was well
    I had to buy some brain and fight
    With God on my side too

    Someone should try and reach to her
    This is too much

    Northie will not die inugo

    1. Amen Ichops, Amen.

    2. Oh GOD! !!

      This is so sad to read

      I am having headache already

      Lord, come. Through for @North Dakota

      Please LORD ,we don't want to loose her

      How can I help please?

      Even if it's by calling her or contributing my own quota

      I am just lost for words

      Oh GOD.. ...Still every tempest OH LORD

      @Anonymous Orubebe

  4. Oh Lord, those that know her should please go visit her. It shall all end in praise

    1. Anon, may God deliver you from the bile that wants to choke you.

      Did she ask Stella to post her mail, well, we are going to give her the benefit of doubt... Kill yooself!!! Mscheww

  5. Since I didn't take my life in 2012 that means no one in this blog will commit suicide


    1. Lol,funny u. I've been there several times. U can never know I'm depressed cos my facial expression doesn't tell. May God visit u

    2. Amen..

      North Dakota,God got your back..
      It is well dear..
      Please suicide is never the option..
      Please stay strong because of your siblings.
      They are looking up to you..
      Please don't disappoint your mum because of your tot.
      This too shall pass..
      Stay strong dear.

  6. I stop reading half way, the main causes of depression in Nigeria is money. Madam if you're reading this please collect my mail add from Stella and mail me. Life is too sweet to be depressed!

    1. God bless you ma as you stretch forth your financial helping hand

    2. I think hers is not really about money. Its loosing someone who held her together emotionally. She's an orphan so being strong for herself and her siblings must be so difficult.and how our loved one dies matters a lot. Seemed her mom died in great pain and she can't get over it

    3. It's not always about money. Read the full mail and you will know her depression has nothing to do with money. Because I'm sure she will get more than what she wants if she asks but it's more than that. If you are an old bv, you will know northies mom was more like her life and since she died, it hasn't been easy for her ..

      Some people have all the money you can think of but still battle depression. Because euou haven't heard their cases doesn't mean they don't exist..

      Life is sweet true. I'm beginning to think suicide is not cowardice really. Although selfish. Because it takes courage for one to off their self in this world where no one knows tomorrow. In this world that is so sweet like milk and honey.

      Northie, you will be fine. You will win this fight.

    4. Dear, it's not just money oh
      I think they feel some sort of emptiness or so
      I've a male friend that suffered from this but I took it lightly cause I just couldn't fathom how anyone would all of a sudden start feeling down
      He added so much weight and was a shadow of himself and he was rich oh.
      He's gradually coming out of it now though.


    5. Molestation
      Verbal abuse
      Selfish and self centered daddies
      No friends

      Money at times speaks volume.

      But with money, can you buy back what you have lost???πŸ™πŸ™

    6. @ MNF, i think its best you email her as well, her Email add is included in the post. She might not even have the will to reach out, i just hope she reads our mails before its too late.

      I feel so sad.

    7. Forget, it's not all about money at times,people go through things that are deeper than finance,the first thing is therapy because depression will make having money useless at times.

    8. Wow I just read through now. Just came back from market wen I first open the post. Now I understand. Thank u all for throwing in light without insult.

      North barbie I will mail u soon, Stella please if u can post her no. Please do.

      I can't imagine my life without my mum sha nai, never. A cousin of mine took her life years ago JUST 3 days after her mum pass on, I can imagine wat she's going through right now.

    9. North Dakota please be strong dear "There is light at the end of the tunnel" never give up. I always tell myself that.
      I don't have time to tell you all my story i'm even in tears writing this, but one thing I want you to know is God loves you, don't give in dear. I understand how you feel girl, have been there and it's the worst feeling ever.
      I felt lost and confuse because I couldn't do anything but I took everything to God I told him God please me I can't do this on my own though it wasn't a one day thing but God answered my prayers he came through for me. He used my sisters and my wonderful friend to support me before our breakthrough came.
      I have the most amazing husband and the cutest boy on planet earth and i love them to the moon and back and it's the lords doing.

  7. We don't need email ,we need phone numbers!!!
    She might not read emails but she will pick calls....
    Pls can someone drop her number or pls send it to me privately... We definitely can't lose another Bv again,I'm not ready to grief over anyone.
    This blog is not a cemetery!!!!

    1. Yes. We need numbers to call as well.

      Northie, please think of your siblings and don't end it. God will see you through dear. It is well.

    2. Just called her not quite long!
      By the power of the most high, she will definitely pull through.
      Northie, you're in my prayers dear.
      Don't forget that SDK and we the blog visitors love you!
      You're strong lady, and I know you can fight this so called depression.
      I love you dear.

  8. Oh God
    Northie, how I wish you can come stay with me I will shower you with love and care

    I don't mind my house is spacious enough
    Northie please don't do anything to harm yourself
    It is not worth it.
    Northie please don't do it.

    You've your siblings that look up to you.
    Don't break down and let them down

    Mehn, I never thought this depression thing was this serious.
    I'm going to Holla you now.
    I love you baby.

    1. Can you please post her number here?

    2. Abeg send her number to me. Thanks

    3. Chi Exotic please click my moniker and send me her number, I beg you in the name of God

      *Larry was here*

    4. She's still holding on
      She actually never wanted her number out, but one person down there has posted it so anyone that wants to call should do so

      Say something sweet to her
      I made a mess of myself and started crying halfway

      We love you Northie.

  9. Awww
    I just sent her an email, I pray she pulls through
    God bless your soul stella

  10. Lord have mercy,people are going through a lot which is why I am always careful with my words. I remember when I was depressed (maybe I still am,but I'm definitely in a good place) people on this blog bashed me,called me a begged cos my problem was marital negligence and I was trying to stand for myself, thank God it didn't kill me,North Dakota,you will be fine,trust me,it's all a phase,even your mum wouldn't want to see you this way. Dust your self up,live your life,be happy,money will come someday if we are wise enough. My heart goes out to you,go to church, tell a man of God to pray with you,visit friends, don't isolate yourself, and don't take serious those who are trying to bring you down.

  11. Hold on dont give up. I have lost 3 people very dear to my heart to tragic circumstances(i almost gave up too but i have to put it together and forge ahead) too painful to share. But life must go on. You have a shinning star 🌟 thats why you are going through this dont give up hold on. Cos you will definately have the last laugh. Please read about JK Rowlings, she was once sucidal but the story is now different.
    Shake it off and seek counselling. You will be fine.

  12. Stella can we get her number pls. I know what it means to be depressed. Have been there but God saw me through. BV North Dakota pls be strong, don't hurt yourself, there's light at the end of the tunnel. God will see you through. Stella pls post her account details

  13. Please don't end it up, somethings happen to us that we cannot even explain why and how it happened. Please try and stay alive, you should have siblings, relative, don't give up. God will be with you.

  14. Dakota Dakota how many times did I call? This is me Sexy daddy telling you don't dear commit any suicide because if you do hell fire awaits you!Think about your love ones,and your friends in SDK blog. There is always light at the tunnel. I will send you a mail right now.

  15. If she's​ in Lagos,I don't mind visiting her,this is more than financial issues or mailing her,she needs physical presence of those who really cares.

    All I can say is all hope is not lost!, stay calm Northie...

  16. I broke down in tears reading this and I have promised myself never to get emotional over things again. The problem here is not money, it's who to talk to. I doubt if she would read this but nne m life is too sweet to commit suicide. You don't even know what the life after will be like. I think we need therapists in this country, people don't even take them seriously in this part of the world

  17. Just came out of depression, I have handed every thing back to God, I waa once depressed, my husband put me I that condition, things went South in my marriage, my husband starved me, no love, no sex, no pregnancy, have both tubes blocked, infection refuse to cure, tired of taking drugs.All night I cry, day I could not concentrate on my job, had terrible headache each time, several times I have try taking my life, cos nothing on earth makes life what living but somehow God brought me out of depression, today am back to being myself. Bv Dakota if you are reading this I want you to find strength in God, do not take your life, hold on, your mum will not be happy if you take your life, please we all love you and wish you well. This things must surely pass away, please hold on. Don't give, trust me I understand how you feel at the moment and feel your pain. The Lord is your strength, talk to someone please.

    1. You are so right
      Depression makes you lose interest in things you love doing, you won't be able to concentrate on your job, you feel down and weak. You lose sleep also...
      Dear Lord, pls heal all the depressed.

    2. Maybe I am also depressed. Nothing interest me anymore. God help me

  18. North.

    God will see you through.
    Just have hope.
    As long as you breath there is hope.

    Did you hear about Job in the Bible?

    He lost everything.
    His cattle
    His houses
    His children
    He couldn't even send an email or make a call to anybody
    No internet
    No Season film
    No laptop
    No phones
    No car/bike/keke napep

    Even when things had gotten so so terrible, he still acknowledged that,



    Suicide can never be a remedy for depression.

    Do we know how the DEAD feel when they are gone? NO

    Do we know if they are transcended to another world?

    Do we know if they are in pains or happy ??

    Suicide is not and will never be a remedy.

    Just take heart dear.!!!!
    Things will be fine.

  19. Replies
    1. Stop crying dear

      It is well

      I called her.. She sounded so down

      God got her

      It shall turn into testimonies

      @Anonymous Orubebe

  20. Is she based in Lagos Stella? I can help. Words aren't always enough.

  21. Stella, i just emailed her. Hope she gets to see it.

    Depression is real OMG, I pray she pulls through.

    Northie, it is well with you. We love you and we are praying for you.


  22. You aint alone North Dakota

    I almost took my life mid 2014 after I had a life changing experience.

    But few years down the line, I thank God I didn't.

    The pains ain't totally gone but I have found a way to glide through.

    First was getting a job that would enable me be in constant touch with people, second is looking on the bright side of life at all times.

    I lost my dad few days back, my responsibilities have tripped but guess what? I am positive!

    No person's life is devoid of challenges, how we see these challenges will determine how we pan out.

    Put yourself together and put up a fight....LIFE AIN'T FAIR to me, but I am sure putting up a great fight.

  23. Hi Stella, a number she can be reached on would really help.

    And just in case you read this North, before you take any suicidal step, think of how your siblings would feel if you take your life. Your mum's death may be painful dear, but I'm sure you are in a better place than a lot of people. When there is life, there is hope.

    Would your mum smile at you knowing you are not courageous enough to take up the responsibility of supporting your siblings? Taking your own life only makes you answerable to your maker.

    Please don't take that step.

  24. If you are reading this, please don't do anything that will bring more pain to your family. Remember you have families and friends that love you. Look up to the author and finisher of our faith. Your mum will not want this for you. So please think about what she will say to you if she was alive. It is well dear.

  25. This is serious. I can remember when I wanted to end it all because I was jilted by my ex fiance. He got someone pregnant and married her all without my knowledge because I was in another state.
    We still spoke a day before the supposed wedding.
    That is how an anonymous sent me the wedding pictures.
    There was a day I was driving and I actually thought of driving my car of the bridge. I thought of suicide so many times. I was down for like six months. Until I gave myself brain.
    I am beautiful,not disabled,have money,a good business and family.
    Now when I think of the guy and his ugly face I kick myself how I was even considering suicide on an ugly man.
    Now I am dating someone that supersede him in all areas. Looks,money and manners.
    Stella let us know how we can help this lady. Her account details etc

  26. I pray you find the help you need Dakota! I was shaking reading this, please, it's not the end yet, don't take your life. You still have a lot to live for, you've got your siblings.
    I'm so sorry for the pains you feel right now, may the Holy Spirit visit you wherever you are right now. May He grant you peace and turn things around for your good.

    I know what depression is because I was depressed for almost two years and a half. I fought the demons and I couldn't sleep nor eat. If i could managed to sleep for two to three hours at night, i'll feel a bit better in the morning. There were days I couldn't sleep at all, whatever that goes into my stomach hurts. Money was not the problem because I had enough just for me, I visited a shrink, it even worsen it.
    I turn to drink, yes, I visited the best cava just to buy myself a bottle of whiskey, I was drinking directly from the bottle, I was sinking little by little until I found my faith in God and in humanity again.

    I held on to my bible, my bible became my best friend until one day I took a chair and invited the Holy Spirit to come and sit down that we needed to discuss. I believed and He came to my rescue.

    Depression is real but, ending one's life is not the best decision. The short cut to cure depression is speaking out and seeking help from the right people.

  27. Northie darling, God will comfort you and soothe your heart ache.
    Please,if anybody has her number, he/she should drop it.

  28. Does any body have her phone number? Please send it to my mail biko!

  29. Depression is a lonely place, no one really understands how lonely and empty a depressed person feels.
    You're just in a world of your own with your demons, completely shut down and out.
    I think North Dakota is overwhelmed with responsibilities on her young shoulders, coupled with the loss of her home vis-a-vis "how she died". I am no expert, but in her case counseling alone wouldn't help, she needs financial help, counseling, friends and family, and probably drugs (that's for specialist to prescribe).

    Hang in there dear, you mentioned younger ones and being an orphan. Do you want to leave them to their fate? Some people don't even have people to look up to nor platforms like this to seek for help. Whatever it is has an expiry date, hold on you will surely overcome.
    Do not beat yourself up about your mum, she's in a better place, please do not let her down. Surely, there must have been good times with her, love, laughter, hugs and kiss, jokes and banters; dwell on them, it gets easier that way.
    Stella said the money is yours, turn this lemon into lemonade and be an inspiration to others. We need to pull more people out from the pit of depression, don't sink in dear, don't be a statistic.

    I know this might sound same old same old, anchor your life and everything in it in Christ, immense yourself in His word, ask the Holy Spirit to guide you. He alone knows our inner most heart, He promised to bear our burden, He does not and cannot lie. It is well!


  30. Babe please you can pull through,donot let the Devil win dear.hiw would your mom feel about these feelings?im sure she was proud of you till and even in death,don't let her struggles go in vain!your siblings will never recover from your own death too,please just chat me hi on WhatsApp,you can do it north!!!!!!

  31. Northie this is a heart cry, whatever you're going through please don't end it all. I was in a dark place a very dark one for that matter,I felt worthless and ending it all. But then I always thought of my late dad, I drew inspiration. I know even in death he still believes me and I will always be his sweet little girl.
    My dear keep hope alive,we may not be there yet but we are on way. There is no gain in death. please reach out to anonymous person that's what I did and it helped me a lot.
    I hope you get to read this.
    Yours sdkly dazzling lizzy

    1. Dont give up. There is light at the end of the tunnel. If you are born again, Pls speak in tongues for a long time telling the Holy Spirit To Help you if u speak to you In tongues. I lost someone very dear to me 2weeks, my heart almost busted but in d midst of the hurt I kept praying in tongues and am better, though I cried reading your story. This person was always there for me. The holyspirut will comfort you and fill the vacuum your mum left. Joy comes in the morning. God is always there

  32. Please If you have her number post. So we can call her. She might not read her mails on time but she will take calls

  33. There are times I get lost and empty but when it gets to this stage of going off something just snap me out after I do all of the above. Please I beg you in the name of God just pick your phone and read comments. Pick your calls and talk to people. You will be fine. Nothing is gonna happen because affliction shall not rise the second time on this blog. We love you so much.

  34. Stella can we have her phone number? People saying this is about money, it's not true. Depression is a very bad emotional state, suicide and self mutilation is the twin brother of depression. Please if there is a phone number to reach her, let us have it. She needs to be spoken to, let us show her how much we love her and how much she means to us

  35. I feel so bad now. Wanted to ask for her number the last time we had a chat via mail but I didn't because she told me she was fine.

    God take control.

    1. You should have asked, mailing takes time,call is instant response,since you know she stays on the island,and I guess you too do,get her contact address.

    2. I spoke with her already. I've asked for her address. When she sends it, I will go and see her.

    3. Nice one swaggy
      I just spoke with her, she doesn't sound fine at all.
      This too shall pass.

  36. God is your help at this time, dear. He's by you to guide and direct you North Dakota. Please, lean on Him, bc you can't help yourself. Every issue in this life, financial, emotional, social, st all, has an expiry date. This one will soon pass, stay strong.

  37. I can relate with her, depression is real,I know cos I ve suffered it. If I share my story eh,u will start crying for me,even though I haven't gotten over it completely but I'm much more better than I was.

    Pray God sees her through. Please, let us always be conscious of what we say to ppl,some ppl are going through lots of challenges and depression everyday. Wish I could reach her n share my own experience with her, I believe it will make her a bit stronger. Stella, if u can drop her contact pls do.

  38. Stella please drop her number, if she is in abuja,i can help her..

  39. 😒😒😒 oh my. This is heart breaking. Why is life like this atimes! Oh God pls help this young woman. 😒. Oh God pls. It's scary.

  40. Oh dear, at this point do not even try to continue to fight this on your own. Yea I am talking from experience. Go out and gist with random people. Laugh as much as you can. At this time, stop thinking of where you are supposed to be and what your mates are achieving. Stay away from social media like Facebook.
    Let everything out to your siblings who may not be feeling the same way as you. Cry, cry and cry yourself to sleep.
    To the most important, pick up your Bible if you are a believer in Christ and read Psalm 34:17; Deut 31:8; 1Peter 4:12-13 and more chapters you can lay your hands on.

    I don't think money will solve the problem you are facing now. You need alot of love,an overdose of it from anyone.
    It's well with you. You shall come back here to testify.

    It's good you spoke out unlike me that kept hoping until it finally dawned on me that action needs to be taken because I lost myself and my mojo in it. Once depression sets in, it becomes an unending cycle.

    The life of an ambivert!

    1. Darkhorse...You're so right..sometimes it's not about the money..I'm kinda still recovering myself..i definitely agree with going off Facebook &others..i realise on & off chats with friends helps. Getting hooked into stuffs that would help ease the feeling..t.v etc..I was/ still kind off a genius @ masking it..i would smile chat..hang out..soon as I'm alone..the horrible feeling comes's really good talking about it..I pray she feels better soonest and gets the right support..nothing sucks like feeling you're alone..

  41. Stella please drop her number, if she is in abuja,i can help her..

  42. OMG! Not again! Stellz can we, please, have her phone number and her location, if possible? She might be too emotionally exhausted to read her emails. Phone calls and visits would be more effective.

    For those of you comparing yourselves to her, if you haven't suffered depression, please don't judge. You have no idea how easy it is for some people to slide off the edge. What may break you may be a walk in the park for them and what make break them may mean little to you. You overcame your struggles? Good for you! A resounding round of applause! What a strong individual you are! But guess what? IT IS NOT ABOUT YOU! It is not a survival of the fittest contest. It's about one of us having a rough time. Channel your strength to make her strong.

    Obviously, this isn't primarily about money. Northie has been trying to deal with the loss of her mum. Like the saying goes "when it rains, it pours." Financial hardship is one of the resulting factors of losing her mum. She had to relocate, a decision that wasn't planned for. That can destabilise even a financially stable person. Moving into a new house can be as nerve racking as dealing with a loss. She has to deal with both and more. When a person is overwhelmed with grief, the rational mind ceases to exist. The person becomes irrational and acts in the spur of the moment. She can do anything just to make the pain go away. Please let's all say a prayer for Northie.

    Northie, my darling, If you ever get to read this, please hang in there. The last thing your mum would want is for you to die prematurely, worse off by your own hand. Who will look after your younger ones? Would you want them to end it all as well? Please, my love, we need you to stay alive. We love you and there are people whose lives would be royally messed up without you. Please honey, just take it one day at a time, don't even think about tomorrow. Let's get you through today first. We, your blog family, will do the best we can to support you and help you through this dark times. Hang in there, my angel.‎

    1. Oh!! This is sweet

      @North... ..please and please just hang in there

      We love you
      We need you to survive

      Thank you.


      I love this Blog die

      We are one closely knitted family

      @Anonymous Orubebe

  43. I bind every spirit causing the feeling of emptiness, worthlessness, hopelessness, sadness,self pity and grief. All their holds on you be destroyed by the name power of the name of Jesus. You are a life giving spirit, a ch8ld of God and very much loved by him. There is no place for negative tots, the joy of the Lord will fill it heart, you will experience rest, perfect peace that passes all understanding you will enjoy. The Holy Spirit will comfort you. Where there is fear u will have faith, . Babe you are going no where I stand in the gap for you refusing the devil to win.
    You shall get thru this. You must come out of it. God has given us life to enjoy and that you must do. Stand up and declare u are Gods child. You are a new creation and you enjoy rest. You are healed from the spirit of suicide and depression.
    I cover your mind, body and soul in the blood of Jesus. Amen
    You are loved

  44. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

    1. Just drop the no and let God deal with the evil ones,we want prayers on this post please!

    2. Not available

    3. No, please @lady bug let the anonymous warn them. I can remember when i shared my loved ones battle with depression which led to so many other things and they used it to taunt me for months. Up to calling a mad woman. Chy Ozo still does when shes bored. So allow the anon make it very clear because there are some evil souls here who can send her messages that would worsen the situation. That curse is VERY in order cos many people think everything in life can be used as a joke.

    4. Thanks got the nΓ²
      BV North Dakota, I love ❤️ you
      I love ❤️ you
      I love you 😍
      Be strong and hold on.
      Sdk is truly a loving family.
      We quarrel and settle right.

    5. This is really sad.I will call her but I'm afraid I might not make much sense.
      Northie please promise to fight this thing, don't let it win, you can do it. Think about what would happen to your siblings, and people that cares about.
      I care
      Stella cares, and am sure 99.9% of the people here cares too.
      I survived the lose of my dad some years back because I willed myself to fight, it was a difficult period for me then. I was with him in the hospital when it happened. I don't want to go into all the details but it was bad. I couldn't sleep or eat, if I have to eat anything then I have to take it the way you take drugs that was the only way that worked for me sometimes after managing to swallow it I'll still induce myself to throw it up, i pushed a lot of people away then even went as far as f**king some random guy just to feel something but it was a temp Best friend and God's word helped me pull through. I kept willing myself to study the word and each time i did, I feel a piece of me being mended.I'm fine now, the pain is not gone but I've learnt to compartmentalize.
      You'll be fine I promise, what you need is a great support system.
      People in lagos should reach out to her, take her somewhere the beach, the park anywhere outside her house and you don't need to force talk if she doesn't want to.just be content to sit with her in silence.
      Northie nwanyi oma biko kwa oh, this joke dikwa very expensive!

    6. I just spoke to her
      Please lets continue praying for her

  45. For the first time I got very emotional reading this post. North is one bv i really like. She's got a very gentle and free spirit. I feel very sad right now. She needs urgent help. This isn't about finance alone. She needs urgent therapy. It is well with you northie. God always protects his own. Stella, I also think a voice call will be more effective. Please post her number if you have it.

    In the meantime, let's flood her inbox!

  46. I'm going through depression too but I'm just too close to Jesus to drown. It's really a bad place to be in, emotionally drained and just tired of living. I'm Almost 36 single not even a prospect of a boyfriend not to talk of husband. I have always been comfortable but lately it's even difficult to eat and I turn it to fasting most days. It's well. Nobody seem to want to help. I feel so alone and isolated but I just trust God too much to give up. I know he's faithful, I was thinking of sucide again yesterday but I always remember my life is paid for! Jesus died for me so I cannot end it, so I will keep fighting. I won't give up! Poster life is hard, it's a miracle to continue breathing but you are a fighter and I will advise you to get closer to God he has made me so strong. I already prayed for you, it's well with you.

  47. Stella pls post a number we can use to communicate with her. She might not read our mails. Just showed my grandma and aunt this post and they really want to reach her in person. Pls make this happen Stella, pls I beg you. It's so sad.

  48. Has anyone been able to reach out to Vice and Virtue? Has he posted any recent comment(s)? Sweetie, just in case you are reading this, you can see you aren't the only one battling depression. We are here for you, Papi‎, keep fighting. You can be an inspiration to those fighting or those who will fight depression. You've been there, done that, got a T-shirt and can, probably write a Country song about it. You have to stay alive, we need you to stay alive.

  49. Remember, you have a beautiful illuminating soul in your body regardless of any physical limitations you are dealing with.

    Dear Lord, please don't let North Dakota hurt herself.

  50. Oh dear, this is so sad. Stells, I post her number so we can call. That's a faster way to reach out to her. Northie...please hold on, don't trow in the towel just yet. Biko, the best is yet to come. Keep your chin up and believe. Things will change for the better, someday and soonest too.

  51. Ah! Northie, pls don't. I'm finding the right words hard Now.
    VnV, we love you too. Pls you guys are not going anywhere😩😩😩

  52. Depression is real..lord knows I'm still recovering..northie pls take heart..take each day as it's easier said than done..but trust me it will end in praise..I was on anti- depressants and it messed up my system..i have days when i feel helpless tired and unloved..i have days i pick myself up..i read this blog daily.God,good friends and your inner strength can pull you through..hang in there dear.people( in my case)feel she's abroad why is she depressed.until people discuss their journey in life,you never know what others are battling..God be with're in my prayers.

  53. Northie dear suicide is NEVER an option to ending one's pains. What happens to your younger ones that are looking up to you as the mother they don't have? They would really be so disappointed dear and I bet you that you won't ever like it.
    Besides,God commanded us not to harm any hair on our body cos we would give account of the life we lived here on earth.
    You may think that what you are passing through is worse but go out there and see people passing through worse things than you. You even saw who could call or write you and give you money..they don't even have anyone.

    The bible said 'Come unto me,all those who are heavy laden and I would give you REST'.


  54. Its hard when the very centre of your existence falls apart and every thing goes wrong at the same time,am currently standing at that spot now.But what is giving me strenght is that I do not want my family to recieve another shocker.
    Northie,Be strong for your siblings pls.Your mummy left knowing they are safe in your hands and you wouldnt want to disappoint your dear momma.
    Cry all u can,dust yourself,brace up and live life each day as it comes.

  55. This is sad.
    Northie I pray God steps into your case.

  56. Northie,

    Pls Make d scripture Ur Daily Manna,expecially d Book Of Psalms...dat was wat saved me from my Depressed State two years Back!
    Do Not Be Afraid and Always Remember dat Jesus Loves You!
    *Kisses n Hugs*

  57. North Dakota, I ask that the hand of God rest and sooth you from all that troubles your mind.....we all love you.....

    Depression is real, I have been there countless times and God always pulls me up...... I lost interest in things that gives me joy, I stopped opening blog and visiting social media cos of depression, my solace came from always attending church and listening to inspirational songs,then suddenly, I started seeing the bright side of life again.......

    I'm grateful to love me jeje who reached out to me to inquire what's up with me.......

    All I'm tryna say is that this too shall pass, north Dakota, God got you......
    Vand v....God got you too.....

    The Bible says, rebuke the devil (depression)and he will flee from you...
    *Faithful bv*

  58. Oh Lord!!!

    Depression is real people. It doesn't help when you try to make light of their situation by comparing it to yours, or telling them to snap out of it like it's that easy.I know because I've been there.

    North sweetie, I don't know you personally but I like your blog persona and comments. Suicide may seem like the easiest way to be rid of your troubles but trust me sweetie, it isn't. This is only a phase and it will pass.
    Fight Fight! for your siblings and everyone who breaks a smile remembering you. Starting a business isn't the right route. Go out and be in the midst of children, they are 'angels' you know. They will show you the way and guide you out of the pit.

    God be with you.

  59. #God is bigger than your problems*

  60. OMG!!!! Northie!!!! Kai, what we need is an address, not even a number because she can decide not to take calls, she is not in Control of her emotions, she sounds really tired and might not want any help..... My God!!! This is sooooooo deep, her Mum's death really pulled her down!!0

    God of the Orphan, God of the all times and seasons, God of all. Flesh, please for the sake of your Son Jesus Christ, help her, you alone knows exactly how she feels, we as humans can only guess, we can only try to compare her situation with ours, we might offer only temporary solution, but You Oh God are the one who can give your beloved child a permanent healing and Peace, please Father, speak that Peace that surpasses human understanding into this situation, God please hold her as she goes through this extremely trying times Jesus, you did it for several people, Father, you did it for me, Wrap your loving hands around your child, let her feel the warmth of your embrace Jesus, let her know that no matter how difficult life is, you're always there for your Own!!!! You are the one who knows but exact location, Father send help to her, in your infinite Mercy Oh Lord, comfort her, we have no power of our own, Lord I join my faith with the Faith of others here who genuinely care for her and her situation, Lord please speak Peace, Jesus calm this Storm, it is written in your word "healing is your children's bread", Father heal your Child, Comfort her, see her through, give her Strength, the strips of Jesus has Atoned for our Sins, therefore the devil doesn't have any right over this particular life, I bind and cast out every evil thought oh Lord, every thought of emptiness, fill it with your grace, every thought of failure, fill it with your success, every thought of death, fill it with Life, every thought of darkness, fill it with light..... This Life is Yours Father, the Devil cannot take it through depression, fear, the devil is a sore loser and we claim victory in you Heavenly Father.... Thank You Jesus, because you live, She will live and face many more years!!!! Amen

    I use Northie as a point of contact to anyone going through similar issue, touch every life Lord, heal Every broke heart Jesus!!!!

  61. #God is bigger than your problems*

  62. North Dakot, I understand. I am in your shoes even after 5yrs of my father's death! It is HARD! When a parent is everything to you! It is so hard to move on. I still have a mum but my dad was my everything.

    I have not seen another human being as kind, thoughtful and compassionate as my dad and he also had a very painful death. He never reaped one kobo of all his struggle and he was so so prayerful. Most people don't understand the pain.

    My boyfriend then treated me soooo bad at that time because he was thinking about himself. Never for once thought to support me. I took it upon myself to destroy his life in my anger and sadness, now he is in his own depression let him now learn some sense and know how it feels. People can be so wicked and he chose the time of my father's death to be wicked, big mistake of his life. But let's keep that aside for today.

    I am still sad most times and down but I take life one day at a time. God will see you through just hold on. Take baby steps and you will start to feel better.

    If you feel this way as the eldest being that you spent the most years with your mum. Think how the youngest feels and how she or he really needs their mum and you. It is so hard and this is real depression. Most people are here being depressed about boyfriend and other stupid things. I laugh at their stupidity. God will make all things good in his time for you. Hold on my sister... hold on... channel the pain, the hopelessness, the emptiness, the confusion, the fear.... into survival. It is all going to be fine.

    1. Do you mean you did something to your boyfriend that pushed him into depression? Madam!! I hope you're not letting depression bring out another side of you?? 😲 Don't bring God into that matter because he is a God of love and not one of vengeance. Try and rectify whatever you did. Having another depressed person doesn't make yours go away. I beg you

    2. C'est La Vie22 July 2017 at 18:08

      Chikito well said πŸ‘πŸ½

    3. That he knows how it feels gives me so much joy. Let him deal with his depression while I deal with mine. Look relationship is not by force. That someone is quietly going through pain gives no one the right to exploit and hurt them. Where did I bring God into this? Are you blind or just plain daft. Know this now that there are some games people play that they will get the same back... pressed down and running over. Don't kick people when they are down because they will bite you to your soul and boy will it hurt. If you have nothing good to add to anyone's life, leave them alone. He could have left me alone, but he found joy in causing me more pain. Now, I am sure he is wiser... I hope you have learnt a big lesson from my story too... it's not everyone you can mess with.

  63. Am even more touched by all the comments here. God will really shower his blessings on all those reaching out to her

  64. Dear dakota,
    I know nothing we all say might seen to make sense right now cos no one is living your life and walking your shoes, but let me share a bit of my story with you, maybe it might help.
    For over two years after loosing a very good job to sexual harassment, I've battled the worst form of failures and depression. I learned on my elder sisters most times but late last year they both lost their jobs too in the worst most despicable way (they work for the same person, managing a school), we could barely feed. We decided to start all over by seeking a place to start our own school and renting it on credit, we had parents encouraging us and people who knew how good we were. I also got a job, that I thought would be paying me enough to support the school we were starting till we can stand on our own. Everywhere we'd hoped we would get loan to pay for the rented property failed. I became a bigger cos I didn't want that dream to die, for the first time I reached out to Stella for help, sent pictures of my family, wrote epistles, except the help would come in my next life sha. At least she helped you with something. We paid part of the rent and the owner still kicked us out, I watched my sisters and my mom cry blood. But we found the strength as someone gave us a place to manage for a while. We built some planks and stuff, we lost students cos some parents said it looked too poor for their kids. We lost money too, but we decided to keep going.
    The job I got too isn't so hopeful as the owner isn't making the sakes she thought so she stopped paying last month, I missed a job interview this week cos I didn't have tfare, I could go on and on. I have a younger brother who is a first class graduate at home who just finished nysc and we mostly don't even have tfare for him to go search a job.
    I'm not saying this to trivialize your pain or what you're going through, I'm just saying some of us have it worse. But if we're still hanging on, then you should too. I stopped myself from committing suicide cos I knew another pain would kill my loved ones. So get up and fight cos of your younger ones and remember, we can beat this odd. I know we can!

  65. Dear Lord, we speak life into the soul of your child.

    We decree the peace that passes all understanding.

    We ask that she be filled with joy.

    You said whatever we bind on earth is bound in heaven so we take authority over the spirit of depression. We bring every evil thought she has under the authority of the name of Jesus and we decree our sister is whole

    Dear Dakota, I want you to recite every scripture that joy, peace, love and satisfaction is written. Recite them every morning and evening as well as anytime the evil thoughts come.

    I shield you with the blood of Jesus and decree that death will not have you cos the Bible says death is swallowed up in victory.

    You are loved and prayed for

  66. Depression is real. But suicide is not easy like that. I know how many times I have bought Sniper but could not drink. Just this morning I thought of jumping into the river on the highway as I waited for a bus. One spirit pulled me back. I feel so worthless, so empty. Now reading this I know I'm not alone. It is well with your soul North Dabota. We shall survive it

  67. Northie, I can understand your pain, I spoke with you more than thrice and I know how you felt. But my dearie GOD ALONE Can do what no man can except him, no to depression, be happy because I soooo Love you ,but you know what God LOVES you more and he has already perfect all in your life, Biko please, ejo, remember your siblings, for mummy to be happy wherever she is.

  68. please dear,dont let the devil to win.Dont give up on God cos He loves you so much,look at your siblings who will take care of them?

  69. I just spoke to her. She is alone at the moment but I have advised her to go visit a friend. She sounded a bit better by the time I dropped the phone. She would be fine in Jesus name.Amen. NA

  70. Hello North Dakota.
    Pull through whatever you are dealing with and ride the storm.
    God be with you.
    Never try to hurt yourself because of challenges you are facing.. No one's life is perfect.
    Pull strength from inwards and overcome.
    You will be fine.

    V and V didn't show up at EEI today,Hopefully he is alright.

  71. Please northie don't do this! Have you thought about your future,your aspirations in life,why are u given up?what about your younger ones,who are you living them for?pleeeeease don't take this easy way out!make your mama proud by being alive!!my thoughts and prayer are with you my dearest,you'll pull through this,i assure you ok.

  72. Omg!!!, I just came back from the market and saw this post
    Northie please don't try anything funny please
    We love you,yes we do!
    JESUS loves you more
    Be strong �� for your siblings and whenever suicidal thoughts comes,sing praises to GOD.
    Heaven is working on your case
    Be strong NNE oh

    1. Lol

      Always going to the market

      You too like FOOD

      @Dakota.. I love you

      @Anonymous Orubebe

    2. @Amanda Favour: I thought you said you've stocked up your kitchen, so why the market again. Looool

  73. I don't even know what to type,but I know God will see you thru whatever you are going thru,pls suicidal is not the next in line, consider your siblings and those who loves you dearly. It is well with you.I stay farther away from you ,I would have visited you with my church is well.

  74. C'est La Vie22 July 2017 at 18:34

    Why do Nigerians wait until something goes wrong to be nice?
    I read this blog regularly and see people writing foul stuff under people's comments that can make the original 'commenter' depressed but today they are writing kind words.
    Please be yourself always, in or out of blogs. Don't save your niceness until someone dies or is depressed or has suffered a calamity.
    Life in Nigeria is hard enough. Spread love and help people in any way you can-a kind word, a smile, compassion, some understanding, judging less etc. You don't know people's battles because it doesn't always show on the face. Don't add to their problems please.

    North Dakota, please find it within yourself to be strong. Fight. Refuse to go under. In 5, 10 years you will be glad you didn't give up because bad times don't last always. If we can hold on they ALWAYS pass.

    A blog visitor- Bipolar, said something about struggling with depression one time. I have been scouring this blog since then to see how he/she is doing from her comments but I have not seen any since the day she made that comment. I sincerely hope that he's/she's alright.

    Exercise helps as well.
    Long walks, jogging, gym, jump rope, anything that will tire you out and/or release good 'chemicals' in the brain will help. Jogging is a great one.
    And try not to be alone/with your thoughts too often.
    Seek professional help if you can. There's nothing to be ashamed of. And if you think there is then do it quietly without telling anyone but please do it.

  75. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  76. Nothie pls jesus loves u don't give up on God.
    God will be with you always.

  77. Northie you are one of those I admire here and this brought me out of my cave.
    the way you used to talk about the novels you read, your trips, your family and your spotless grammar. they all made me smile while reading and I loved reading your comments back then.
    Even in this storm, I want you to know that God is the father of the orphans, Husband if the widows and light of the hopeless. Stay strong for your younger ones. may God bless you and lift you above all your troubles.

    1. Amen and Amen

      @Anonymous Orubebe

  78. Northie,pls don't give up.Just focus on God & keep visualizing the beautiful future he has prepared for u.I may not know exactly how u feel but I have an idea.
    Pls babe,I beg you in God's name,don't give up.

  79. May the lord see you through this phase. You are not alone Dakota.

  80. I pride myself as the strongest woman you will ever know but I don't know what will become of me without my mom. I know this is not the most encouraging thing to say at this moment but I just had to. I have gone through stuff myself but she encourages me. When I see her, I know that all will be well eventually. This should be how it was with North Dakota but girl, you should also think of how she will feel seeing you like that. That's not something you want I assure. Take any help or reach out you will get from people here. I would have called but I know you will almost be overwhelmed by that today. I will some other day and I pray you will be up to it then. Be strong for your little ones. God bless you.

  81. Hello North am trying to reach you with almost zero airtime cos am cashless but pls know that God loves you and your mum will be very proud of you if you stay alive for your siblings. You will stay strong so that the devil can continue to be a loser. Will keep trying your no. God has ur back cos He loves you more than you know and we Bv loves you too.

  82. DAKOTA, nothing will happen to you, you shall not die but live to declare the goodness of GOD in the land of the living.

  83. CrazyHornyWife22 July 2017 at 20:55

    Hi Northie! It's ok to feel so much pain because your mom was your everything. It's ok to have all the hurt in and feel sometype of way. What is not ok is sucide because your mom needs you to be strong for your siblings,that way she is so happy when she looks from heaven down to her kids. Take your time to cry,when you hurt. God made tears to take the hurt away. So while you cry the hurt away,step into your mom's shoes and take care of your siblings. Take the help (both financially and counselling) from this blog ,if anyone calls you out,i trust BVS to cuss them out on your behalf.
    No one knows how much you hurt,they can only try because our pain are all different. My heart breaks for you and your siblings. I pray God gives you all beauty for ashes.
    Big hugs!!!

  84. Northie,you will definitely overcome this in Jesus name,God will see you through

  85. Hey North,
    There are a million people in the world experiencing a similar pain. Be one out of the lot to get over this as a fighter and an optimist
    The things that don’t make sense or don’t seem fair are the very same things that make you stronger. Spend your life living.
    Be strong. Stay strong.
    You are going to be ok.
    Cheer up dear

  86. So Bv Oluyomi is dead?OMG,Lord have Mercy.

    1. Amen

      @Anonymous Orubebe

  87. I cried reading this. Depression is real and evil. When my friend had depression a few years ago, she couldn't get up or do the school runs. I noticed the children had not been coming to school, so I called her a few times but she din't pick up. I decided to drive to her place and the sight that greeted me was not funny at all. She had not bath herself or the kids in weeks, plates stacked high in the kitchen, in fact, the whole house was messed up. It took me and other friends weeks into months to get her out of it including prayers and medication. I could not understand why she was the way she was and was even angry at a point. She was also a single mom.
    Fast forward 2017, I almost took my own life. Life din't have a meaning anymore. I had been abandoned with kids in tow, no one in my immediate family came around me as I no longer had money. I had lost a lot of money in my business and shut it down. I also lost my new job some months after I found work because I could not concentrate and was a nervous wreck!
    My life was unbearable as I was struggling to even feed my children in a country like UK where food is cheap!
    I just did not want to live anymore. I was so down and lonely, I felt empty and wasted. Words cannot describe how I felt , so I decided to end it all. At that point, money did not mean anything to me anymore. I also could not tell my doctor for fear that my kids would be taken from me.
    It took the intervention of my daughter who walked in on me as I was ending it. She just said, mommy don't do it. I was so shocked because I had heard her snoring just a minute before. It dawned on me that God wanted to save me and I just went on my knees straight away. I am well now and I pray for you North Dakota, that the same God who saved me at the 11th hour, will come through for you in the mighty name of Jesus. Amen.
    People, pls reach out to your friends and family that you have not heard from. Sometimes, money is not even the solution.

    1. True!!!

      God bless you Ma

      The testimony you have shared is permanent in JESUS name

      Stay and enjoy Christ

      @Anonymous Orubebe

  88. Northie I pray God heal you of this depression it will surely end in praise ,i will call you I love you dear please be still

  89. Hi All...
    Northie is holding on well. God is awesome...she leaves right on my street. I am going to pick her up right away. God bless you for every call, SMS and prayers. I will make sure to keep Stellz apprised. Love to BVs

    1. God is great indeed! Thanks Jay. May the Lord use you and other kind bvs to help North Dakota through this rough patch.
      Northie chin up. It's well with you. No matter how low you may have fallen, God's arms are long enough and strong enough to bear you up again. Choose life sweetie!😘😘


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