Stella Dimoko Sensei Uche Agbai Needs Your Help To Beat Cancer


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Monday, July 31, 2017

Sensei Uche Agbai Needs Your Help To Beat Cancer

This is a cry out for Help.....Please help if you can!

Hello everyone, my name is Uche Agbai, many of you may know me as ‘SenseiUche’ of City 105.1FM. Those of you who do may have also noticed I have been off air for an unusually long time. In appreciation of the concerned messages and loving support that I have received I would like to take this opportunity to explain the circumstances of my absence.

The story began sometime in December 2016. I had slowly come to realise that I was losing sense of hearing in my left ear. With the onset of persistent nasal congestion and a recurring sore throat I sought medical attention. After visiting a number of hospitals all of whom subjected me to several tests, I was told I had simply been suffering from an infection. I began my treatment in the hopes the symptoms would clear. The symptoms worsened and I started having severe nose bleeds. I was then advised to consult an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist. After several scans, an MRI scan of my head revealed an unidentified growth in my upper nasal tract measuring 8.5cm and 3cm wide, my blood ran cold.

The discovery cast my life into limbo, suddenly confronted with several frightening prognoses; potential blindness, partial deafness, anosmia or worse. After undergoing surgery, a biopsy of the mass returned the diagnosis; cancer. Analysis of my scans would show I had a stage 3 nasal lymphoma. To this day I cannot quite find the words to describe the emotions of helplessness and despair that beset me. It was as though my life had suddenly and without fair warning, been brought to a screeching halt. I was advised on the high risk of my situation with the danger that the cancer could metastasise and spread to my brain. Compounded by my struggle in finding adequate medical care in Nigeria, I felt as though I was in a lopsided battle against time for my wellbeing.

It has been in no uncertain terms, thanks to the support of my family, friends, and dear colleagues at City FM that I have been managing to cope with all of this. The emotional, the physical and the financial struggles that accompany fighting such a disease are just too overwhelming for one person to hope to transcend. To those who have been there, my sincerest and deepest gratitude.

My treatment plan consists of 6 courses of chemotherapy and intermittent radiotherapy spread over a 7 month period. My fight has begun, and at the time of writing I have completed 2 courses of chemotherapy at Lakeshore Center in Lagos, with plans to receive radiotherapy in one of their affiliates abroad. With a projected cost of 21,000 USD/~16,000 GBP to complete my treatment, I wish to appeal to you all to help in my battle against cancer.

Yours truly,

Uche ‘SenseiUche’ Agbai


Note: If you wish to make donations in NGN please use the following:

Bank: First Bank
Name: Uche Agbai
Account number: 2008856221


  1. My miracle worker do that which only you can do baba.

  2. My miracle worker do that which only you can do baba.

  3. This is so sad

    Father LORD, you have seen how I have been suffering.. When it's time for me to enjoy, dear Lord, don't let the enemies afflict me.. I will not suffer any ailment... Amen.


  4. This is too sad.
    I wish him complete healing in Jesus name.
    Cancer is a terrible thing.

  5. We keep.hearong of new ailment everyday. Father Lord save your children. Paying into an account is easier than the go fund me. Maybe just for me.

    1. I was just discussing this with my friend. Like 10 years ago, cancer wasn't this rampant in Nigeria. Especially amongst young people.
      Just very few cases of breast cancer and normally amongst women of late 50s, early 60s. Now cancer is everywhere even amongst kids.
      So sad.

  6. Jesus christ operate on him n let him b made whole IJN, Amen

  7. The Almighty God will heal you Uche you are healed by his stripes

  8. I like this guy alot...I wish I have money I wud have donate...God please bless me so I can be a blessing to others

  9. God will heal u is well

  10. With the new GMO law that was signed by the previous government, people should be ready to hear of cancer daily.

    I can't seem to understand the reason the senate has not destroy that bill. The followed behind to sign a bill that will destroy of lives of millions of Nigerians.

    1. Abi? Nawa o!
      One man was really fighting against this GMO of a thing on air one time fa. Gosh!🤔
      Sad read up here by d way. Its well!

  11. God pls bless me ,if not for anything but to reach out to heart breaks whenever I'm helpless to help humanity....... Lift me up dear lord.

    Perfect healing I pray unto you sensei

  12. Stage 3! Hmnnnnn.

  13. Diagnoses of cancer are more common now because of increased awareness and the advent of social media to disseminate same,people no longer associate cancer to 'village' people...


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