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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Chronicle Of Blog Visitor Narrative...

This story is serious!!!

Good day madam Stella,

Please help me post this so i can hear from your audience. Please hide my email.

My name is deji and my wife's name is Ruth.
I have been dating Ruth since she was in university. I got married to her in a legal way(court wedding). I'm way older than Ruth with 17yrs. Ruth gave birth at a early age of 19, she bore me 2 beautiful kids. During our courtship, there was a time Ruth left me for more than 4 months without no fights or arguments and i started dating someone else along the line Ruth came back and was begging coupled with her mom's sis that she was possessed, that was why she was misbehaving but she is okay now and i accepted her back because of the love i have for her but my family were totally against it because i didn't wrong her, she just left without no argument or fights that later in future she will do more than that.

Ruth is very aggressive and violent that whenever there is a misunderstanding between us she destroys things in the house.
She has broke our TV before and up to the extent of taking a knife that she will stab me.

Ruth chase away my friends and family from me that it was just all about her and the kids.

She frustrate me that i don't have peace at home again that I'm always scared of going home and have called her several times that whatever have i done that is making her to treat me this way she should please forgive me but she said i haven't done anything.

I earn a good salary but i cant account for something tangible at the end of the year that my mom was even saying wont i come to the village if Lagos isn't favourable for me. Ruth earns over 200k monthly but she cant assist me financially with anything.

what she says to the kids is that is the responsibility of a man to care for his family. I do fuel her car full tank that she takes to work and she brings it home empty without topping it up then ask me for refund when she gets back home.

I got the job for Ruth that earns her over 200k monthly. She is so fake that she lives a fake life, she has a lot of runs friends, divorcee, single ladies, celebrity as friends and she want me to be living in that kind of lifestyle that i cant afford.

She drained me financially from one expenses to the other that whatever she says is final, that she made sure i sent our 1st born to a secondary boarding school that i pays over 400k per term and the 2nd born to a school over 150k per term coupled with house rent of 700 yearly.

I caught her being fetish that she adds something to my food and i called the attention of my family and when they left she told me my family cant control her.

She has gone fetish up to the point she cover up herself up all this white garment cloth and she add all those white garment stuffs in her bath water when i questioned her, she said she has to protect herself.

Have sent her and the kids to over 3 states abroad during summer breaks all expenses on me.

The last one she left for with the kids they spent over 3 weeks when she came back her attitude changed totally right from the airport she wasn't happy to see me, didn't hug and she was just nagging.
When we got home she moved her things to the another room that she want to be sleeping there that she snores and doesn't want to disturb me and i was like i haven't complained.

Meanwhile i do caution her to make her stop the snoring by telling her to adjust during the night but she left and started sleeping in d other room but when she is horny she comes to my room to have sex and she leaves immediately.

There is nothing she doesn't compare me to by calling me all sorts of names like "its only dick that i av ", I'm stagnant, is this where my mates are financially.

How would i not be stagnant where I'm the only one providing for the family with no helper up to the point of pencil, eraser, salt and Maggi is my duty to buy.

When its her birthday and the kids i drop at least 30k on every celebration.
What she does with her money is to buy aso-ebi, makeup, shoes and bags and go to owanbe.

Last year Sept when it was time for the kids to resuming she was disturbing me to bring the money for the kids school fees that she should pay it on my behalf because normally i do transfer to the kids school account but i didn't answer her which was so unlike me because she do pay the fees for Them, so i went ahead and credit the school account and i informed her but saw her countenance that she wasn't happy about it.

Every weekend i do notice  Ruth's aunt do come over to our house and when she is going they park loads unknowing to me my wife was moving her things out of the house gradually and i asked her about the loads she said it was the things she doesn't need anymore that she was giving to her and i said okay, i do give the aunt fare whenever she comes not knowing i was a fool.

On a bad Thursday, Ruth packed out of the house and took one of our kid that have paid the school fee without informing me and she sent me purposely faraway to my daughter's school(boarding) and she lied to me that she was going to work.

When i got to work i was surprised that she didn't call me to ask if i was back, i tried reaching her but her number wasn't reachable..
When i got home i saw that Ruth's picture in the living room were all gone, i ran to her room all the clothes in her closet were gone. I almost ran mad.

I ran outside i noticed Ruth's car that i gave her was with old tyres and i just bought the tyres not up to a month and i went to check if she wasn't kidnapped to my surprise i saw a nasty letter from Ruth that she has left the house that she has gone to the north for a job.

I called her mom and brother their numbers were switched off, next day same family called too same thing..
My family said we should go to her place of work but i refused because i didn't fight with her and this was still the same person that was teasing me in the morning that i look good with my outfits that enough babes for me today.

I'm someone that doesn't know how to cook but i do house chores very well.
More than 7 month Ruth didn't call me, in between was my birthday but she didn't put a message/call through i was going crazy i started drinking and keeping late night hanging out with people i haven't been with for years. Thank God for a female friend that i had then she would come and cook for me and talk sense into my head.

Later, i was picking up gradually. Her friends do see me with the female friend so they were updating her.
There was a time her car (ruth) got faulty on her way home she called me to come and pick up my car that it is faulty, so i went there with a mechanic she was in the car with her aunt gisting after they left the mechanic asked me how is the person in the car related to me and i told him who they were that she has packed her things out he said i should not allow her to come back again but he refused to tell me why.

I started a business and the daughter told Ruth about it and sent her pics she started finding a way to get back to me.
Ruth has been with me for more than 16years without any achievement of a house/establishment.
And Ruth has bought a land and started the foundation it was the daughter that showed me on Ruth's phone but she lied that it was for her mom and this is the mom that isn't working.

What do you think i should do? Some people are saying i should forgive her and take her back because of the kids while some are saying i should just let her be because her coming back is to destroy and kill me.

Don't forget this is someone that made me go tru hell and i never achieved anything when she was with me for more than 16years.
Immediately she left i started achieving things gradually.
I'm at peace now, i sleep well, no more blood pressure.
Your sincere advice is appreciated and welcomed.


*Mr Deji,please before anything else go for serious prayers and deliverance abeg you because you sound like someone that a dozen pigeon was nacked on his head!....Haba!


  1. Well, if a woman sent this, I would say run, same applies to you, oga get a woman ur closer to ur age, small girls will kill u, imagine as u old reach go marry n impregnate 19yr old girl.

    1. If you love your life, stay away from Ruth.
      She is demonic, jeez.

    2. Oga deji never you accept her back. The jazz she used on you has cleared biko get your life back together.

    3. Domestic violence from a man's perspective. Stella this story is no joke but you made me lol...

    4. Pls dont take her back if you still want to be alive. she obviously has done alot of fetish things on your head. Stay away from her and stop all communication with her

    5. Can "Ruth" be this bad? You painted her all bad and you painted yourself to be a saint. I am not supporting her in anyway but I think you are not 100% truthful. If you are, "Ruth" are known to be "abokoku" in Yoruba land ( a lady that dies with her husband). Why is your "Ruth" different? Maybe that is not her real name but if it is, check yourself, women aren't that bad. Goodluck Sir.

    6. For you to go and help her with her car after she moved out, it's either you love her very much or the pigeon them nack for your head still dey work.
      You need deliverance indeed and don't take her back haba. Run far away.

    7. Anon 17:03
      U don't sound intelligent. Its a chronicle and not a call out so the name Ruth and Deji may not actually be their names.

      And who says women aren't that bad? You of course

  2. Oga deji I'm seeing your spirit inside bottle already!😈😈😈😈.Go for serious deliverance then proceed for divorce sharp sharp!Don't ever allow that woman enter your house again I repeat don't ever please!

    Wish you the best!

    1. "You see his spirit inside bottle" wow
      πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ sexy daddy please stopeeeeet

    2. One sided bull!!!!! when " Ruth" comes now we will hear mind blowing account of what you did to warrant this. A reaction from either couple in a marriage is caused by something Abi she get mental problems? which woman does not like a good man? Oga DEJI, you have painted a perfect picture of yourself and sorry but I smell a Fish!

    3. Mr. Deji, pls runnnnnnnnnn very far from this ur Ruth. If she comes back to ur life, it's to end it.

  3. Haba....this woman has really Jazzed you
    God just loves you and want to set you free
    Please don't take her back
    Give your life to Christ , embrace God so her evil powers won't work on you again.
    Abi you wan take her back and enter early grave?

    1. This man sounds like mercy aigbes, okay sir it's not by force divorce her na, sheybe that's what you want to hear, sorry for all you have gone through

    2. Hahahah Push up u are right o. He sounds like Lanre

  4. I feel so sorry for you Mr Deji. May Jesus fight all your spiritual battles for you. It's well with your soul.

    1. Oga Deji don marry smally wey be novice then. She has opened eyes now.

      My advice is that you should RUNNNNNN as fast as you can. Don't take her back please.

      It's well

    2. The story just doesn't add up. I pray its fabricated(i'm almost sure of it) or poster, you're seriously demented

  5. please dont take her back, even if its because of the kids,DON'T. The kids can always come around to see their father, but this time her coming back would destroy you completely, be wise, for that kind of woman she wont care even if you die today,and will still paint you a bad father to your children. Do you father-duties to your children but don't even think twice about it. BUT ITS STILL YOUR DECISION.

  6. Choi!!...
    Oga,I like Ruth oh!...
    She is my kind of person!...
    I wonder what you have been doing her that made her deal with you like this!...
    I'm sure you cheat and have many baby mamas!...
    Who knows Ruth should tell her to send her own side of the story!...
    This man isn't sincere!...

    1. Lol
      When I was reading this Chronicle I said to myself that Queen and Boss is going to like Ruth, because this is your teaching...πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    2. Stella's advice killed it for me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    3. Linda Eze uno well at allπŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€.If na me eeeeh Ruth for don't hear wiiii by now!
      Let me wait and see what the blog Feminists will say on this matter!

    4. I also had a feeling there is more to the story! No sane woman will just leave like that!

      There is a huge red flag with both of them though.. who pays 700k rent instead of living small and buying a land and start building! They both like the appearance of what they are not!! Sending your kids to 400k schools etc, why?? There are good schools way cheaper than that even if it is for few years so you can make some crucial investments

    5. Queen and boss, na only you get sense for here. See as the man paint a perfect picture of himself? hian! DEJI the perfect, how come as you sweet like sugar so yet it wife no gree stay?? you and your "female friend" ! when u ready talk true for everything when happen eh, come back we go advise you....when The wife comes now you will hear a weird account of all the pain you out her through. For a woman to willingly leave you, when women like wearing ring and parading " Mrs Status" even with DV set dem go dey die put!but if she ran away from you, pls go back and check it silly sef jare! Who out a gun to your head to pay 400k fees? if I insisted you can't afford it will you die??? All the rubbish you listed above who forced you? which jazz? abegi!! All I see is a woman who dealt with a man who hurt her. shikina.

    6. Why wouldn't you like Ruth?
      Isn't it the same witch doctor that you all visit?
      Isn't it the same coven that you all attend?
      Don't you all belong to the same Queen of the Coast club?
      Only men under God's wrath are cursed with vixens like your kind!

    7. "What you have been doing her?" (sic)
      I thought she has been doing to her what you taught her;
      To go to the native doctors and collect charms to ruin men

    8. Hahahahahaha, Nne mo, I know what you can say. Funny enough I opened chronicle to search for you, you know chronicle is not complete without your advise. Anyakwa? I even asked Stella about you not quite long.
      Take care dear and make Mr Deji take your advise and comment serious.

    9. Omo see dp. Hahahahahaa, Queen Queen, onye amarogi mere onwe ya.

    10. @AsslickerdiEkwensumma
      Shame on you for trumpeting aru; abomination.
      Well meaning single men should mark this as "null and void"
      They are the Delilah clique that ruin men
      Fetish, desperate women with fake lives
      Vixens with babies burial ground in their wombs
      And if in marriage, they look for "spare husbands" and "sugar boys" in marriages
      Daughters of the Queen of the Coast that multiply diseases and destruction on the world
      Do not fall into their evil traps

    11. If you see how far frantically I scrolled to see your comment ehn. I knew for sure you won't disappoint πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      Anyway, this is a lesson for many men who say that 'wives are plenty' and when they want to marry they will choose one. That afterall men on the earth are more than women. I keep telling them, women are plenty but wives are few. This one is an example of 'woman not wife'. Oga, RUN!

  7. Wawuuu!! I support Stella. Pls go to MFM for deliverance since she's diabolic. Never accept Ruth back. Life is too short. U ve lost 16yrs of happiness and progress already.
    And again I say Wawuuu!!�� #saynotoRuth

    1. In as much as I don't condone Ruth's behavior, I need to hear Ruth's side of the story. The write up smells like, "two can play the game but now, I am tired".

      All other ground outside Jesus is sinking sand even if you are at peace.

    2. I think I know the poster. You've wronged someone in the past you better apologize.or Ruth will be your everlasting karma

  8. Na wa ooo, some women can be very wicked. Please just forget everything about this wicked Ruth. DO NOT GO BACK TO HER and I repeat DO NOT GO BACK TO HER unless you want to die soon.

    What an old man sees sitting down, a young man cannot see standing up.

    May God give us all wisdom.

  9. The pigeon knacker on your head was both white, black and purple.

    Oga to to MFM, and finally winners for prosperity blessing. Oga please don't allow her back

  10. Mr. Deji

    Stella has said it all. Do not take her back. This is not a wife. I feel for you. Please if you are not a christian give your life to Christ only Him can show you the way. Do not take her back. This woman will end up hurting you and I pray this does not happen. You are a man, she has turned you into something else. The only way you can overpower her at this point is through prayers and fasting. She has a spiritual hold over you. She did not create you therefore she can not destroy you if you do not give her the chance to do so. Thank You and may God bless you. If you are in Lagos you can go to Fountain of Life Church where you can learn about the Word of God and be saved or you can worship online.

  11. Queen's follower is at work hahahahaha.

    Mr. Deji your wife get serious kolo for head. The plenty pigeons she dey nack don they affect her. Better sare before she do drastic thing to you.

    See as you just turn mumu for ya house, you no head of family again with all these you pour here. Chai

  12. Stella so you too believe in pigeon. See what Linda has caused.

  13. End time Tonto dike

  14. You sou d so naive and too meek. If all you say she did is true, please why are u considering bringing her back? A wife is supposed to make your life better not to destroy it. Be wise oga

  15. Oga please wear your running shoes.

  16. Mr deji run for your life.

    Also take custody of your kids and when you do make sure they are not in contact with her less she uses them to monitor your progress.

    You have been used severely for diabolical means and it's just surprising that you aren't dead by now.

    Avoid this woman like a plague.
    infact run for your life😯😯😯😯😯

    LEP πŸ˜›

    1. I forgot to mention...let go of the new woman.

      Quench the fire you have in your house before you start a new relationship.

      If it's the cooking part...oga get a house help that can cook and clean so you have no need for the new woman.

      Mr Deji do not take back your wife or else you are ready to die.

  17. How can you hope to achieve anything in a toxic environment? I would say, you guys should stay separated. Also, you can try counselling not necessarily for the sake of getting back together, but for giving the kids a meaningful life together even while separated, while living under different roof. You married an unexposed young bride, unfortunately for you, her eye com tear reach back, she also keeps bad company. Even though the age gap is so wide, there are still couples with such living peacefully.

  18. this ur wife resemble queen & boss of sdk o...... na the same thing tie them, oga thank God for ur life, don't let her come back, continue to grow ur business, continue with your female friends (I know u were not entirely truthful in his aspect of the story), but u can send send money for ur sons schooling, but DONT ALLOW HER BACK, na Marine spirit she be

  19. Mr Deji, are you sure you did not offend your wife? You said your wife first packed out for four months and you couldn't just wait to see how things will turnout, you started going out with another woman. That was a bad move, if you ask me.

    Firstly, are your children safe and ok? If yes, I will advise you give your wife some more space. You both need to visit a marriage counsellor and inbetween, go for deliverance. The spirit of adultery has contaminated your home.

    Your wife is that kind of woman that want an open marriage, she want to have her cake and eat it too. So, you better be careful the way you sort out things with her.
    She's your wife but if she is endangering your life, I will suggest you let her go. But, make sure your kids are safe and ok, make them your first priority.

    Stop complaining about her not helping out with the financial responsibilities of the house, that is your duty.

    1. "Eat her cake and have it". Thank me later

    2. Mrs R...I do not support that last paragraph of yours up there.

      Women are supposed to help with financial responsibilities of the home and if as a woman you cannot then do not make life miserable for the man in the house by been inconsiderate or a spendthrift.

      It's talks like your last paragraph that make some women drive their men into HBP because they refuse to help at home.

      Marriage is union of 2 contributors and not slave & master affair.


    3. Anonymous please, get off my comment!
      Since you are "English professor", I expected you to know the right adage and not the "popular adage"


    4. Mrs R is right anon.

      Mrs R, the 4 months was before marriage not after

      There is a cultural song in my language that has to do with marrying an old man because they can care more for a woman than a young man but I daresay Deji that yours has passed the regular old man - young wife care. Read your chronicle to yourself and you would begin to see how far along the path you have fallen as a man and head of your home. This is why I advocate that men be more spiritual than their wives else you leave your home open to snakes and rats. If you believe in God, ask him for help.

  20. Hmmm.....! Eleyi gidigan o! My advice is don't take her back. Forgive but don't let her back into your house, or else prepare for your final destruction!

    This reminds me of yesterday's poser on self-fulfilling prophecies! This here is one of the exceptions to the rule! Ogbeni flee!

  21. Mr Deji,please don't take her back,life is too short to stay married to unreliable partner.You have to be very prayerful cos of her fetish way

  22. (Proverbs 25:24)- It's better to live alone in the corner of a roof than share a house with a quarrelsome wife.

  23. Mr Deji you need serious deliverance... But please don't take Ruth back because she will always be the root of your problem

  24. Please just like we tell women to leave violent and no good men, I'd also tell you to do so Mr. Man. Go and get a divorce to end these leave at whim and come back whenever she likes when things get tough for her out there. She clearly feels stifled owing to the fact that she got married early, so any opportunity she gets to leave the house and explore she does so without a second glance that she chose this new married life. Forgive her but let her go. You are also always in a hurry to move to other women when fire in your house is yet to be quenched. Solve one problem at a time. Take care of your kids and leave this woman alone. She'd kill you and tell people you enjoyed it. 16 years is a long time to spend in sorrow like you have, your wife and home should be a place of comfort and rest. Go and return her bride price with your o people. Your kids would be fine but they need their father alive. She keeps coming back because she is yet to achieve her aim of making you useless and dead.

    I posted my comment here and saw it on IHN.

  25. Marriage is not a do or die affair, if all you have written is the truth then you are better off without her.
    Both of can agree on Co parenting. Your wife doesn't love you. I think she has mental problems. She need help.

  26. Mr. Deji borrow yourself brains na. Do you want to die? Get your lawyer to officially divorce her. Your wellbeing should be Paramount to you. You should love your self more. You want to take back a woman who disrespect you and despises you. Haba naaa. Everyone deserve love in their lives, please try another woman who ll love and appreciate you. Ruth will wreck you and this time, you may not survive it.

  27. hahahahaha all I see is someone that a dozen pigeon was knacked on his head. Lwtmb. mother pigeon knacker come and see your ppl oo. lol

  28. Was that all you could come up with?


  30. Why are you bringing her back. You want to go back to square one. Her coming back will be to re-strategize more for final disappearance. Move on with your life abeg.

  31. I didnt even read to the end.
    Oga you dont even love yourself, she'd guve u HIV from her runs then you'd say women are evil, yet u planted ur destiny & ur scrotum sack in her hands, its hers to juggle as she pleases! Dont u have one stubborm family member to open ur eyes? Frankly, i dislike weak men, cus most weak men end up raising wayward kids, & society will judge u by ur kids behaviour.
    If youre a masochist then let her back into ur life.

  32. Well. She too needs serious deliverance bcos no one in her senses will behave this way.Again how often do you pray together. Every thing is not all about much that comes in the house. Marry another one without God it will be worst than this. Good luck

  33. Once beaten twice shy! No no no do not take her back for all the gold in Johannesburg!

  34. Oga as u old reach u nor get sense? u still dey ask if u fit take her back,b like say u wan die abi? U better divorce her and be free,take care of ur children and ur new woman.

  35. Na wah for wetin human being dey see for this life! some people suffer so much in a mere human beings hand.
    I couldn't finish reading this thing right here, I'm even scared for Mr Deji
    This is the time to hold tight to God o, surround yourself to good & strong men of God, stop giving that evil woman anything,infact leave the house & take ur kids if she hasn't bewitched them too

  36. I can't say until I hear both sides of d story

  37. See somebody that God delivered from the fires of he'll is begging to go back there. Either you remarry or focus on yourself but don't ever go back to her.

  38. Mr Deji should first go and learn punctuations... if I were Ruth, I would leave with the way you write.
    You referred to Ruth's daughter as "the daughter " like she is not your daughter. THIS STORY IS NOT TRUE period.

  39. Excuse me sir, please if you love your life so much and don't want ur mum to weep over you, pls, DO NOT TAKE RUTH BACK, don't even give her or anyone connected to her audience..... She's your downfall.....
    Go for deliverance cos it's so obvious that she has bottled you up hence your reasoning this way...may God deliver you from the she-devil.

  40. first of all, i had headache trying to assimilate your write up.
    secondly, do not accept her back, she is coming to finish her mission.
    thirdly, move out of that environment for security reasons.



  42. Oga finish your fufu alone o and make sure you drink water.. I no get anything to tell you.. Lol

  43. First go for English classes and tush up yourself a bit. You sound like you have money but you're not polished. I think your wife is embarrassed by you that's why she acts up. Your English is very bad

    1. Are you alright at all..?

  44. What kind of a question are you asking? Let me summarize the answer for you. You have the option of
    1. Take her back, die young and leave your children to suffer in her custody and they will grow up causing you for abandoning them.
    2. Run, drive her away and live long enough to take care and be there for your children.
    The option is yours....Who in his right senses takes such insult and abuse. If truly you earn as much as you claim and capable of taking care of your children kindly get a divorce and move on to another chapter in your life.

  45. Mr. Deji
    How many more times do you have to make same mistake in your lifetime?
    So if you were given 10 lives this is how you would waste them?
    I am a woman and was shocked to my bones reading your story.
    FLEE!!! from that devil.
    Y do men do these things? they will break hearts of virgins and 100 yards wife material(s) and be chasing girls with eyes wey don tear.
    If you don't like to achieve anything in this life at least you should want to die old and in a peaceful manner not like this na.
    It is not only a man that has to prove his love to the woman even the woman has a part to play as well.
    Always measure how much she loves you in turn and not how much she wants your material possessions. Instead many men be forming hunters for this Africa. Always ask DOES SHE LOVE ME ENOUGH to care for me?
    Else you are on your own.
    Sha na u no just know wetin good for you.
    I am weak for thee, Mr Deji

  46. My lovely Father would always say that a one should always look well into the family background/values of prospective inlaws before stepping...

    I come from a family where as girls, my father would never support your wrongs towards your hhbby or inlaws. He would caution you and tell you he is not and would never be a part of any misbehaviour from you. That has really really shapen me as a woman.

    Mr Deji, you married from a very diabolic, selfish, greedy and wicked family. That is why you were unable to reach your inlaws after their daughter left your house.

    Pls, count your losses, thank God for loving you so passionately and start afresh without Ruth in the picture. She's evil

  47. Mr Deji please do not allow Ruth back into your life, else she will ruin you completely this time around, don't waste time to divorce her and take custody of your kids

  48. Mr Deji, your own don finish ooo. i swear! haba!!! even if dem nack pigeon for your head e no suppose reach like dis na. Kilode? i suppose you're around 52-53 years of age now, please i beg pick the pieces of your life and move on without looking. This your Ruth is baaaaad news.Look for a matured woman who can be your friend and subsequently if possible be a wife.This your Ruth has proven not to be an "aboko ku".

  49. Fvck that lady to hell!!! Bros ...... buy yourself some sense and move on pls....your kids will be alright mbok! You too read your second to last paragraph as follows...

    I'm at peace now, i sleep well, no more blood pressure.

    You don't need that gurl for any reason please move that fvck on!!

  50. She obviously has some issues with herself, will advice you both go for counselling. If she doesnt agree to counselling please dont take her back cos nothing will change. You deserve better.

  51. Poster forgive Ruth but do not let her be your wife again, you don't know the men she has been with all this while, she may even have deadly disease that can kill you. Let her go biko there are so many women out there who will love and worship you, Ruth is not a good woman, Am sure she is broke, she need some money, let her and her bfs, her friends, her aunty continue living a fake life. Do not accept her cos she will just kill you this time around.

  52. I find more bitter than death the woman who is a snare, whose heart is a trap and whose hands are chains. The man who pleases God will escape her, but the sinner she will ensnare. Eccl. 7:26

  53. Thank you Stella for pointing out that this is what happens when "pigeons are knacked".
    Hope the disciples of Linda Eze are taking note?
    Men should seek God to avoid women like this.
    Poster: The decision is yours. You have been beaten multiple times and you don't seem to be shy at all?

  54. This man is the greatest mumu I have ever seen in my life and I am not young I am 55years old! Reality Slap Gboa!!!

  55. I am for make it work in marriage but this doesn't sound like marriage.It sounds like a user and usee situation.She was never into you and was in it for better for better.

    The Christain thing to do will be to forgive but even the Bible says when an unbelieving partner goes let him/her go. You both need counselling if you decide to be together again.

    The foundation was faulty and needs to be rebuilt but I wonder if RUTH is willingly to commit to this marriage.To find out ,you both should go for counselling.(I wish she can take a lie detector test for her true intentions to be revealed).I feel she is interested in just the good life.

    May God give you the wisdom to handle this situation meanwhile you need to fortify yourself spiritually.

  56. My brother the next chronicle will be your obituary if you don't want that stay away from Ruth intact marry sharp sharp

  57. I wonder the kinda people can you all judge Ruth with what the husband said alone.marriage is a complex and delicate issue so before passing your verdict hear from the woman.she cannot do all those bad things deji mentioned without reason. there's always a reason for everything and her way of fighting back might be through the husband is painting her black while he's the good one abi. please let's always learn to ask WHY. I'm saying this outta experience, manipulators, abusers, controllers knows how to themselves look like the victim.

  58. but really, i am getting curious now where is MRS. Ruth? we would like to hear her side of the story. cuz d story makes MR. Deji appear 100% pure. but we all know say no man is pure exactly.
    Na true o! a man should never let his post as the spiritual head slip into the hands of his wife. many women do use this medium take manipulate the man and their home.

  59. Another word for Dunce, Depe, Onuku, Itiboribo, Anumpama etc is Deji

    Chai poster Ruth na mammy water wife; ur head dey in between her punani- She is probably a disciple of Queen n Boss of SDK blog. Hmmmm
    The "efo" wey u don chop no get part 2
    Its well o, Jesus fix it

    1. Thanks for your comment
      A true disciple of mama iwota of this blog indeed.

  60. Stella as in eh she finished all the pigeons in Lagos State on dejis head, brother you need a very serious deliverance and closeness to God I will also advise you to do a DNA test on those kids please just to be sure now before it's too late. Lastly don't ever in your life take that satanic Ruth back hence she might kill you this time, that her worthless aunty might even be her lesbian mate.

  61. Stella why now?πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚making someone laugh in a serious matter like this?Oga biko Jesus will take the wheel.

  62. Mr Deji, I believe your story. Please for the sake of your children don't take back your wife. She can have them, send them upkeep. My mum lost her uncle to a woman like this. Love her from afar.

  63. There are always 2 sides to a story though. If this is for real, and the whole truth I'd say move on.

  64. Mr Deji,you had better FLEE from ruth if you don't want to die.Don't ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever,ever ever take her back and you had better go for deliverance.

  65. Can't believe this though....

  66. That ruth characters is nothing but a very bad witch character.
    her duaghter will never tell you all the truth about her mother but her
    mother will always using her to knows all about you,she will tell her .
    you have luck God delieverd you,second chance is death,,
    she will never pity you,is a naturing hatred from there evil kingdom,
    not only you but every man she has slept with,she took there names,birthdate to
    her evil kingdom

  67. But she told u she was possessed na, what did u expect. Go to mfm, Jesus is there

  68. yeah right. i don't know why i don't believe your innococence. Your wife packs out for no reason. please tell yourself the truth. WOmen don't just act up

  69. There are two sides to every story. Mr Deji, Ruth may have her faults too so do you. Ruth if you can read this, your own side of the story is needed. Mr Deji, you can't be all innocent. To a very large extent, the way you treat your wife or husband will determine what makes a marriage. Mr Deji, pls be honest to yourself OK.

  70. There are two sides to every story. Mr Deji, Ruth may have her faults too so do you. Ruth if you can read this, your own side of the story is needed. Mr Deji, you can't be all innocent. To a very large extent, the way you treat your wife or husband will determine what makes a marriage. Mr Deji, pls be honest to yourself OK.


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