Stella Dimoko Fayose Asks FG To Increase NYSC ‘Allowee’


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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Fayose Asks FG To Increase NYSC ‘Allowee’

Ekiti State Governor, Ayodele Fayose has asked the Federal Government to increase the monthly allowance of Corps members in the country from 19,800 to 50,000 thousand Naira.

The governor stated this in Ise Ekiti at the closing ceremony of the orientation course of the 2017 batch “A” stream

The governor of Ekiti state Ayodele Fayose has called on the Nigerian government to increase allowance of members of the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC).

The governor said Nigerian must collectively join him to mandate the federal government to increase the allowance from N19,800 to N50,000.

The corps members' allowance was increased by former president Goodluck Jonathan in July 2011, from N9,775 to N19,800.
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  1. Fayose have you increased your workers salaries too? Make you answer this question first

    1. Sdk, your emoji for this would have been yimu or side eyes jor.
      This is no good news to me at this point in time just because hes running for a seat he will not smell.πŸ™„ Wayo yaraba man.😏

    2. First ask d radio without battery if he has even paid his workers salary for d last 6 to 12 months.Despite what Jonathan's govt earned,all he could increase allowance by was #10,025 and now with recession he wants Buhari to increase it by over 100%.To think some cant see thru his nonsense make one wonder if dey went to school or maybe dey don collect bribe as usual

    3. Study abroad with Zita education

    4. Don't mind him. Na empty barrel dey make noise pass. Ekiti state is an eyesore right now, what has he done about it?? Charity they say begins at home.

    5. Sandy yo, so you've joined the clique of those who call 'yaraba' too right??? Smh

  2. Nigeria has all the money but I don't think the greedy oga at the top, will make it possible

  3. He should first pay lecturers in his state so they can call of the internal strike in Eksu so students can write their exams and graduate in peace

  4. This blowhorn talkative should shut up. How does he impact the corp members that work in his state? Later they'll say Charly Boy is seeking attention. Despicable governor of a man. Come and win election nau.......monkey man.

  5. Fayose! Wanna make his presidential ambition work

  6. Let him increase payment to workers in his state first also increase corps members state allowance then he can come out with clean hands. Those that come to equity must come with clean hands.

  7. This news would have been great IF
    1. Fayose pays Ekiti corpers at least 20K State stioend.
    2. Fayose is NOT owing Ekiti corpers allowances.
    3. Fayose is NOT owing workers salaries.
    4. Fayose is not owing Pensioners.
    5. Fayose is not owing Ekiti State lecturers their salaries.

    But as usual, he knows Naija peeps will just run with the news rather than do a check.

  8. I laugh in Ishang.

  9. All na political wayo πŸ‘

  10. Fayose just tell us what you want to say, hmmm, you sure like talking.

  11. Fayose keep on with your dirty game come 2019 we will show you the exit door to your village in Ekiti. We want a young, vibrant and visionary leader this time and not some old men who spend our money on medical leave.

  12. Has he increased his workers' salary and paid up his pensioners? This man sometimes talks like Rochas. When he talks you think he has done all the needful.


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