Stella Dimoko Former President Jonathan Says Only PDP Can Take Nigeria To Greatness


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Sunday, August 13, 2017

Former President Jonathan Says Only PDP Can Take Nigeria To Greatness

Former President Goodluck Jonathan says nobody can intimidate members of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP), because “even God believes” in them.

Speaking at the party’s non-elective convention in Abuja on Saturday, Jonathan said PDP achieved “a lot” in its 16 years of leadership and is poised to do more.

He said the main opposition party’s achievements and policies have been acknowledged and replicated not only in Africa but in other countries of the world.

The immediate past president said: “This experience is not limited to the PDP in Nigeria alone. I have gone round most African countries and I have seen that when a ruling party loses power, it somehow affects the party.

“So the PDP, if anything, has remained strong. We should thumb our chest and I can tell you that we are ready for 2019. The PDP is indeed back to reclaim its position as the party to lead Nigeria to greatness.

“Our joint development strides are there for every Nigerian to see. As I have said before, we in the PDP are doing very well and the elections we conducted in this country were accepted globally. We are a party that is determined to place Nigeria among global standards.

“People always want to diminish the PDP. It is difficult to intimidate us. We have done well from the time of Obasanjo to Yaradua and to my time. So nobody should intimidate us.”

“I was told that some people were insinuating that if PDP stayed in power, our economy would have stumbled. We had a strong team that steered our nation’s economy. Our good works have been looked at not just by Nigerians but by other countries of the world.”

Jonathan listed some prominent achievements of the party to include the YouWin entrepreneurship programme, agricultural innovations, general economic management and policies aimed at fighting corruption.

“So many youths benefitted from the programme (YouWin) and if you read in the papers, the world bank did a study of the programme and said it is the best,” he said.

“We may not have done very well but even in the fight against corruption, we came up with innovations because of our strong policies topmost among them being the treasury single account (TSA).

“I am here to reassure you that nobody can intimidate the PDP. I believe in the PDP, even God believes in the PDP. You can see the weather today. This is August 12 and there is no rain because God wants us to celebrate the PDP.”

He said although the PDP has gone through a crisis, it is ready to “reclaim its position” in 2019.

“We are ready to present ourselves to Nigerians in 2019. We are ready to take over and to take over the presidency,” said Jonathan.

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  1. Does he want to come back? If yes let him say, people will vote for him.

  2. Correct!but we need the younger age to rule

  3. So true, they are way better than this failed Apc people,Apc means all Promises cancelled,Buhari ans his group moved Nigeria backwards

  4. I don't blame him at all. After dragging our economy into recession. It's well

  5. I don't blame him at all. After dragging our economy into recession. It's well

  6. None is better please. Y'all are the same, selfish and self-centered.

  7. God forbid, 2019 will be a revolutionary year just like what happened in France it will be a year where the youth send all pot belly wrinkled old men home. Those clamouring for biafra please forget about tribe or political party and use your voter's card wisely so that we all can have a Nigerian that works for everybody.

    1. God bless you. I wish Nigerians will open their eyes to know that our problem is the elite. They just use this tribe thing as a distraction while they rape us.

  8. A two clueless Jonathan is actually better than 10,000 Buhari.😞😞😞


  9. What is he saying? And u open eye diezani stole so much money abeg baba forget story

  10. Who the gods want to kill they first make mad... Oti weyrey this one... Always drunk. Abi he is not watching the news and hasn't been reading the papers... His government alone was the worst in terms of corruption... Abacha na apprentice.

  11. Oga former President go back to the wood and never come out again.
    Instead of you to apologize to Nigerians for squandering her common wealth.

  12. I will vote apc over and over again, not this dead people's party called pdp. I will even vote Buhari for second term if he wish to run again.

    1. Samen here dear.I will vote for apc a thousand times over

  13. Jonathan, you weren't better.. you join cause this recession...

  14. If PDP regroups and learn from their past mistakes and failures I just might vote for them.

  15. If pdp come out with worthy candidate I'll vote them. Who cares about party? That's Nigerias biggest mistake. Caring about sorry instead of individuals .. If you think party determines the success of this nation, then you are more clueless than Jonathan and Buhari put together.

    And oh, Buhari is as clueless as Jonathan and even more. But sentiments, tribe and religion will not let you lot see well

    1. This is the first time I am seeing that a Christian implies people are supporting Buhari because of RELIGION!!!

      I see that your sentimental being has not let go, to allow your intellectual self analyze things correctly.

      Continue in your world, Nigerians are moving forward beyond the failed government of GEJ.

    2. I think we need to take a crash course on UNDERSTANDING, COMPREHENSION AND ASSIMILATION.

      I said this in the redeem post. Alot of you lack it. That's why you jump on someone's comment to lash out. Because if you had read my post, understood and assimilated, you would have known that I meant people shouldn't worry about party but individual. You would have seen in the other post where I mentioned I would vote atiku who is a Muslim by the way. You would have seen a post where I also mentioned I would vote sanusi if he ever contested who is also a Muslim.

      Please explain to me you intellectual being where I mentioned religion as my guide to voting or I'm saying people should put religion, sentiment and tribe aside to vote. I have also mentioned severally here and even todsy that I didn't vote for jonathan neither did I vote for buhari because none among the 2 seemed fit

      I have the time today to indulge you becausd you have replied all the comment I made today in all political post without assimilating any.
      And you are suppose to be the intellectual person between you and I

    3. Stop the long post on nothing, you goofed big time.

      Please, kindly tell me what I should comprehend from this sentence "But sentiments, tribe and religion will not let you lot see well"

      What is not allowing YOU to see your own post well.

      Better stop that nonsense about people not comprehending when you don't even understand the meaning of the words you use.

  16. May we never go back to our vomit. Amen

  17. May we never go back to our vomit. Amen


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