Stella Dimoko President Buhari's Media Team Visits Him In London


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Saturday, August 12, 2017

President Buhari's Media Team Visits Him In London

President Muhammad Buhari has added some new pep to his step, even as his recovery process seems to be in full swing.

In new photos shared by a Presidential spokesman, Femi Adesina, Buhari was spotted out and about taking a stroll in the Abuja House garden in London.

The President who has been abroad for close to a 100 days receiving medical treatment and recuperating seems to have added some flesh to his cheeks.

Adesina who shared the picture, captioned it “Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora Matters Hon. Abike Dabiri-Erewa, Senior Special Assistant Media and Publicity Mallam Garba Shehu, Minister of Information Alhaji Lai Mohammed, Special Adviser Media and Publicity Mr Femi Adesina and Personal Assistant Digital/Online Media Lauretta Onochie as he receives Presidential media team as well as Senior Special Assistant on Diaspora Matters at the Abuja House London on 12th August 2017.


*LMAO......Some people wey una?hahahahahhahahahahaha
Bubu good to see you smiling.


  1. Excited much. PMB is hale and hearty. Complete healing is all I wish him in Jesus name, AMEN.

    1. Me too. Really excited and happy... Complete healing in Jesus name Amen

  2. This nonsense is too much. For crying out loud, If you can't rule due to illness then respect the constitution and peacefully resign. African leaders and mentality. SMH

    1. He has respected the constitution and handed over to Osibajo. What more do you want?

  3. Who cares please.
    We await him in 2019. Waiting for the lies they want to spin again.
    What single campaign promise did they deliver on.
    He can stay there 365 days for all I care.

    1. Maltina and well meaning Nigerians care 😛

  4. I saw the video on cchannels tv and he was very audible speaking with them .Thank God for his healing and it shall be permanent in Jesus name.
    Thank you Lord for silencing his haters

  5. God is Great...My beta president.

  6. OK now but when will Fayose visit? Be wasting our money travelling upandan. Where are the Edo 🎊 pics mbok. When will Lagos have theirs?

  7. Waka pass. Mr President is alive and taking baby steps like toddler

  8. He sure look good. indeed he will live long on earth

  9. Who is paying for all these tickets, etc. Can you guys imagine how much has been spent on this Visitation pilgrimage? Trust our Political office holders to bump up the amount spent. PMB needs to tell them to stop and they all need to make account of how much they have spent to visit him. So much for Change and transparency. If someone at the top in PDP was ill and in London and every one trooped there. We all would have heard the loud outcry and condemnation from APC. They clamored for Change, ran on Change yet, Nigerians have seen no change in their lives. Let us call a spade a spade.

  10. Imagine this charade of madness...
    What manner of wickedness is this?
    Is this what the common man voted for?
    So,we should start jumping up bcos he has taking baby step
    What happened to stepping down honourably due to I'll health?
    Imagine the millions of Pounds they're spending on his illness and that of the visitation group of APC?
    People are suffering, dying of hunger and starvation,no job,no economy growth and development.
    The whole country is held at stand still because of one wicked old selfish man that held onto power like the oxygen he breathes.
    Buhari and APC ,has ruined this country.
    Thank God 2019 is around the corner.. I can't wait to vote out this clueless administration. This is the worst administration since I was born. Even military regime is not as bad as this.
    APC and Buhari ,listen and listen good we Nigerian youths have refused to kowtow to your useless lying propaganda and we can see through you guys now.So get ready for us come 2019.

  11. Mrs Stella your political sentiments is simply appealing! Isn't it obvious this man is not healthy.

    "It's good to see him smiling"... after over 70 days away from a troubled country that he governs? so we are now celebrating a president learning how to walk like a toddler? Please everyone should rise above political sentiments and ask this man to Resign!


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