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Tuesday, August 01, 2017


Hailings...............Have a great start in August!
God bless us all
In house news......#dramafreemonth? #dramafreesdk #sideeyes 

Good day Stella,Hope me and my friend qualifies for the face of IHN. Call in for your furniture and house hold items@ BARE NECESSITIE@ No 2 Ikpokpan road G.R.A, Benin city. Chinenye

*side eyes*



Good day Stella darling and our wonderful BVs. especially Queen and boss, her comment always make me laugh my ribs out. Stella my love for you is like Honey and bees. Lol....
I have been a bv for year now, I hope I'm qualified for face of IHN. I must say you are doing a great day by impacting lives and putting smiles on someone's face. May God continue to bless you richly. Amen.

Beautiful queen......lolqhoney and bees.


Good day BVs, please I need one room self contained for rent in town or anywhere I can easily get to Area 11 junction from. My budget is 300,000.
I can be reached on

What city is Area 11 Junction?


Hello Stella. I typed this with my phone so there might be lots of errors. I really appreciate your work on the blog, may God bless your good heart and perfect all that concerns you. 

I don't know if my story is worth posting on your blog but I just need someone to share my happiness with ; someone I don't know, who might be able to relate with my struggles and victory. I attended Obafemi Awolowo University. I got admitted in 2010 and as the first child of my family, my parents were overjoyed. I didn't wait at home at all after secondary school ; I got admitted it my first jamb and waec. I felt like I had nothing else to ask for in this world. My four years were super smooth. The worst result I had on school was one 48D in a course called stylistics- Language of poetry back in school. I was so sure I would graduate with a second class upper and that was enough for me. 

The problem started the day we did our final year sign out. My part adviser called me to her office and told me they couldn't find any records of my 100 level results. My heart went cold and I had to remind myself to breathe. She promised to intensify her efforts to get my results found as my results showed that I was "too brilliant to have an extra year". The mention of extra year sent chills to my bones but I kept praying to God to never let it get to that level. I kept checking on her and she kept promising to help me with it. I couldn't tell my parents ; my mother would be broken and my father would be disappointed. 

We finished second semester part 4 exams and I went home, trusting God and believing in myself. I had the best results in part 1 and I just couldn't believe it would all go down the drain. The new session resumed towards the end of 2014 and I decided to go to school to check again when I heard the worst news of my life. I had to retake them all except one: introduction to phonetics and phonology, which was found. Registration for the new semester was the end the following day, so I had to call my parent to just explain under the most uncomfortable circumstances, over the phone. My dad sent money into my account that day and by the following day, I already registered for the new semester. I moved back to campus to attend lectures and do course works. I found myself where I never thought I would but I still had faith that it was only just another hurdle I had to go through to get closer to my dreams. 

First semester came and went, I wrote my papers with 100 level students who were still in Jss3 when I gained admission. Stella, the day my former classmates did their convocation was the day I wrote EGL 101 exams. I tried to be so strong, ate some people's rice and took pictures but before I got back to the hostel, I had started crying. I cried to bed that night. I resumed second semester and it was the same cycle. First semester results came out and I aced them all. I wasn't so lucky with second semester papers. I failed one. 

I thought I had offended God. I cried bitterly and called Him names. I was disappointed and broken. Just one course. I couldn't tell my parents, I refused to the the cause of their sadness. I traveled to Lagos that year. I told my dad i found a journalism training school and he gave me 60k. I attended the school for 4 moths while my mates were serving. My mum's friends daughter, who got admitted the year after me finished and went for service. My parents were worried and by then, I had gotten a job in Lagos. 

So I refused to go back home. My mum would call and beg me to tell them the truth but I felt the lie was better than the truth; it would hurt them so I didn't. That was how I spent 2015. Sometimes crying to bed, avoiding nysc talks with my friends, removed myself from group chats that would remind me how unfortunate I was. The day my friends did their POP, I cried for the dreams I was losing and the times I would never be able to regain.  

I saved up enough to go back to school the following session again: second semester. I squatted with someone off campus and attended every lectures. I did the course work, wrote my test and was very sure this was finally the end of the problems. Stella, I missed the exam. It was written on Friday instead of Saturday. It was shifted back and no notice was given. We were many that missed the exam and unfortunately, I was one of them and no considerations were given between........

I begged the lecturer, implored her to multiply my C.A by 2, anything not to make me retake the course but no, she refused. I couldn't blame her, she was just protecting her job. I felt like my life was over. I wanted to die. I was avoiding home by all means, avoiding my parents calls, avoiding explanations. Some of my friends came back to school around that time, April 2016 to purchase the Masters form, some to request for their transcripts, some to collect their certificates, some got retained where they served, some got new jobs, some traveled out of the country. 

Stella, I just wanted God to end it. People might not understand but I felt like it was the only thing I could do. Finishing school was supposed to the the first step towards chasing my dreams of becoming a lecturer or writing; just anything to make sure I make my own money and do a little something for my parents. 

I went back to Lagos. The pressure from my parents was becoming choking. I was tired of lying to them and giving them excuses. They didn't deserve that. I didn't get a job and that was when I stumbled across your blog. It became my daily job. Read all day, eat, sleep, read comments, get mad at people for no reason, apply for jobs and get turned down. I just had to go back home. I went in December and my dad threatened to follow me to the department to know what was happening. Their friends were asking about my service and they were tired of acting like I was alright. In tears, I explained to them and my mother started crying. I had never seen daddy look so disappointed. I withdrew from everything and they didn't bother me. I got shouted at, I insulted, reproached,  shamed by my parent. My mother was just so angry about everything one day that she beat me I was 23. I didn't stop crying all day. I thought of how well my mates were doing and I just lost passion for everything. I'd wake up, sleep, eat, check your blog and sleep again. 

It was like hell until I opened a blog and started writing. No one was reading but I was pouring it all out. I swear to God, I contemplated killing myself. People shouldn't blame me. It seems like a small issue but it was like the key to my life. I learnt bead making, bag making, makeup, everything! Nothing stuck; somewhere along the line, I just didn't want to have any dreams again, I stopped applying for jobs, I believed I was destined to fail anyways.  I lost all my fire  I was disappointed in myself and my failing visions. My gp was getting lower and lower. 

February this year, I had to go back to school again and retake the course again. One course. I prayed, fasted, begged God and read like I had never done before. I had never been lucky with boyfriends and i lost all my friends when I shut myself in and shut them out, so there was really no one to encourage me. I met a guy here during February S&M and when I told him everything that happened, he was supportive. 

Too supportive for a stranger. This time, I was told at the department that if I failed again, the school would automatically terminate my studentship. I can't have beyond 3 extra years for a 4 years course. Stella, even though I had prayed and had one supportive friend , me I was just lifeless o. They guy I met just kept supporting me even though he might not have known he was doing just that at the time. My friends reconnected with me and they started supporting in their own ways too. I wrote the exam in April this year and yesterday, I saw my result. 

I was with the S&M guy. I visited him and we were in the kitchen; he was cooking spaghetti for me when he asked about my result again, he asks every day, so I jokingly told him that it couldn't be out yet. I had been checking my eportal page everyday since April 2nd that I wrote the exam and it wasn't released all along. 

I had 58C. We were so happy. 
Stella, I'm finally free. I'm going for service in November. Your blog was my Haven when I didn't have friends nd your s&m gave me a great friend. Stella, I wish you all the happiness in this world. May God's blessing, mercy, favour and benevolence never depart from you. Stella I'm finally a graduate of English Language after 7 years. 

The school still can't explain the disappearance of my results and instead of them to delete them and make me retake them afresh, they calculated F for 12 courses. Now I'm going to graduate with a 3rd class but guess what, I don't care. You're a living strength that I can be anything I want to be with a 3rd class. 

Stella, between February  and now, my blog is now moving well.  It may not be anything huge but I'm doing something for myself. I still write everyday, I got 2 freelance writing jobs and adsense has verified my blog. I didn't go back home but I will soon. 

Dee is not a regular bv, so if you post it, he might not see it but he's a great friend. God bless him

I'm Jummy by the way. 

Congrats Jummy,so so happy for you!...Say hi to your singles mingles friend who gave you a shoulder.....Mail me una foto make i see naaaaaa *rolls eyes*



There is a vacancy for a corporate driver in Lekki phase 1 .He must have a valid drivers license , 5 years working experience . He must know the nooks and crannies of lagos very well . Working hours will be discussed during the interview 
Salary is attractive  with benefits (accommodation )
Applicants must be loyal and trustworthy and have guarantors willing to sign .
Working environment is very cordial 
Please if interested contact 08099526001 from 9am to 5pm 



Do you need an experienced home tutor for your kids in Nur/Pri or about starting secondary school this summer for some revision and preparation for next session/class, then call me 07035788993.
Location is Festac/Amuwo Odofin ,lagos. Thank you.


Hello Stellz, it's me again, Slimqueen. So I have a testimony to share. I used to weigh 45 and it wasn't so good. Although I have always been skinny but I am so happy that I weigh 60 now even if it doesn't really show. I guess I gained weight because I decided to be happy and it worked! I hope this works for IHN. Thanks Stella and yes I still need that booty! Love you.





Lol. I have no girlfriend ooo. I am very single and I dont mess with ladies that way. My dad was always faithful to my mum all thru my growing up till date. I am a one man, one woman person. I dont know it any other way. 

Been single since Oct last year. We broke up cos of genotype wahala. I didnt meet her on SnM but in church. I lost my last born sister in 2015 cos she was SS. I cant go thru that emotional wahala with a future child. 

There are plenty people who write similar. She has me mistaken with someone else. I don't mess ladies up emotionally.


A BV asked for the contact info of face of Friday in house news and someone has been dropping comments saying the person is her boyfriend and she knew from the format of the email.I contacted him and that was what he had to say up there.......I believe him and if you the accuser who has been posting those comments I have been deleting still insists that he is the one,do the right thing and mail me..I know what he looks like so send me a photo of the two of you together of even of him as single...if not,please move on and stop trying to spoil another mans garri with your suspicion...Both are single and I have connected them...#fingerscrossed.



  1. Shout out to all lovely people here. God bless us all richly

    *Larry was here*

  2. You may not be where you want to be, but that doesn't mean you won't get there. Through struggle, adversity and conflict, you're still here. Sometimes life will confuse and make you question your purpose, but it will always balance itself out with a lesson or opportunity. Struggle breeds success. Don't get down on yourself, be proud of how far you've come and go get what it is you desire. #mattysmotivation

  3. Yesterday i went shopping with my big sis, we met a man there that was shopping for his wife and he asked us to help him out with the selection
    I don't know that we still have good men out there that still shop for their wives because the stories i hear about marriages this days are scary

    1. Yinmu 😎,thee are many successful marriages out there!

    2. Better not let online stories mess up ya thinking oooooo

    3. Arab money don't be scared biko!Just pray to God to give you your own.

      Marriage is too sweet. I'm a witness.

    4. Hope you didn't collect his number?

    5. Lady bug i know there are successful marriages out there but who are the people sending in those chronicles

      Monkeynofine my parents own already messed me up

      Sexy daddy I'm scared o

  4. *Think about it!!*.
    The moment you get out of bed, wash your face, *Pure Water Companies * will be counting on you and when you brush your teeth, *Pepsodent, Macleans* or similar brands will be earning on you. When you Charge your phone *NEPA* will be reading their meter. When you move from your house to the office, *taxis, buses, Okada or Keke Napep owners*, if u are driving *Filling Station Owners* will be collecting their share and when you check your *WhatsApp, Facebook* and other social media, telecommunication companies will be making money on you!

    So before you get out of the house you have already paid all these companies something. You have already spent money. Let me not even talk about the rest of the day. *So if you are going to bed without making money*, how are you going to foot all these bills??.

    *Food for thought*
    Do something about your life today. Start thinking about how to make money everyday. *Think Residual Income* Start with a small targeted amount and grow as you go. Start with something that will give u even if its *50 Naira a day. Its better than going to bed without making even a *kobo*.
    *Let's Put our faith into action, take risks and start something!*

    *SALARY* alone can not solve your money problems. You need Secondary Source of income to balance.
    *SALARY* is a *MEDICINE* for managing *POVERTY*, it doesn't *CURE* it. Only your *BUSINESS* or *INVESTMENT* Cures Poverty. Be Financially Intelligent... Have a Plan B! Good afternoon.

  5. Beautiful faces of IHN. Thank God for your testimony. Good day all

  6. Thanks for posting
    Area 11 junction is in Abuja

  7. I still insist he is d one. We met on july snm n we've been grooving. He's lieing stella. Christabel stay away.

    1. Then mail Stella or face d guy man and trashed it out with him one on one. As far as he isn't married the dick is for all!

    2. Do what you were asked to do or shut up. Hian

    3. If you're sure of what you're saying, just do what Stella asked you to do and resolve the whole issue. On the other hand, if you ain't sure. Sister no put sand for another man garri oh because me I'll say the truth that #face of IHN na fine girl# No come spoil show for another human being. Mrs korkus!!! I hail you. Fine fine faces for Ihn these days. I'll soon post my own picture self.

  8. You really added weight with your padded nyash.Ihn

    1. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ‘

    2. Is my butt giving you hypertension? Oga/madam abeg rest. Not every girl is fake like your sisters!

  9. Slimqueen you are a beauty, keep it up. Me too self wants to add. Let me continue with my zobo jare.

    Face of IHn you guys are fine. May God bring customers to your business Amen.

    What can i do self, let me keep working jare.

    Good afternoon everyone. God is good

    1. Thank you my yori yori princess. I eat like my life depends on it and I try not to worry. Make me sef join you drink zobo.

  10. Ese samuel,how's ur Snm scammer phillip samuel that keeps toying with girls heart on snm. I knw him wella.

    1. I don't know any Philip Samuel n hope u r not mistaken me for someone else

  11. Who has info about perfume oils?
    Are they really like the real Perfumes?

    1. Buy from real Arab stores cos most of what ppl peddle is fake. Trust me.

    2. Please where can I see a real Arab store? Or online shop?

  12. Now i have to stop making promises to girls when having sex.

    I owe some ladies 3 houses, 2 helicopters, 3 cars, 5 cinemas for movies, 10 #1000 recharge cards, 25 Mr. Biggs.😩😩😩😩

    Even chikito is among sefπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    TheQueen is among too
    Cookie too join😰😰

    Cookie demand plenty ehn..😀😀

    1. Ola u are so stupid
      You think this joke is funny? mentioning bvs names?, you are a fool.. that was how you mention Fab mum in one of ur stupid jokes sometimes ago saying she should come and twerk for you and she has been avoiding you since then. Can you greet Chikito if you see her? Among those u mentioned its only Cookie that is ur size that u can have sex with. Idiot boy

    2. @Ola wealth oooh I'm not anon 16:41 oooh pls πŸ™ŒπŸ½ If you see me please greet me πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Abeg wey my private jet?

  13. In house news has landed...first in house news of d month

  14. I learnt how to make braided wigs on YouTube
    You can try it and sell at reduced price

  15. Woow your sign out meme gat me thinking should i move?

    Let me go and drink Zobo i am coming

  16. On the memo to whom it may concern don't mind them Stella,shallow minded thinkers,that was how one low life was still accusing me of being the one that called victorious ehis out simply because of same stupid reasons up there that the writing looks like his grand parents own when i dont even know ehis in person,never had any issues with her before.some people write similar and can't be judged base on that.if you don't have a concreate evidence for calling one out then better take the back seat.

    1. Not only you. Dt was how one frustrated guy accused me of being the person he me on s and m and the lady messed him up when he was in London. He said some horrible things to me but after so much pain I let it go. I dont even live in england.

  17. Chinny you & your friend is foine
    Queen you are pretty
    Congrats Jimmy
    Kidjo where are you??
    Ibukun where are you
    Omotola where are you??
    Barr OMA where are you??
    Bloggie where are you??
    Tetrina where are you??
    All of una come outta hidingπŸ˜₯

  18. Happy belated birthday Mami Xp, may God bless your new age πŸŒΉπŸ‘‘πŸ°

  19. #That awkward moment when you do everything to try to avoid someone but you still end up bumping into them πŸ‘ˆπŸ˜‚

  20. Beautiful faces of In House gist.
    Pls a kind bv should do shoes giveaway in Lagos pls. Check your shoe rake, there are shoes you don't wear. I need good shoes in my life, maybe they will attract good luck. Size 39/40

    1. Make do of what you have!

      Your first ever comment is to beg😎

    2. Lady bug, this not her first comment, she was the one threatening us with suicide in one suicide post like that, saying she want to drink sniper.

    3. I've never heard a beggar sound so entitled.
      *BBM baffled look*

    4. It's shoes that u want now, u are not killing yourself again

    5. No be only check shoe rake, we should check shoe shovel join sef.

      The shoes that random people have sweated up and down with. Where dead skin cells lie. Where micro organisms and bacteria are flourishing. Those are the shoes you are looking for 'to bring you good luck?'

      Because your feet are cursed or what?
      It's no more sniper you want to drink.
      You have belleful for that one abi? Today it is shoes.

      Tomorrow it will be rent, next tomorrow it will be weave on. Because your natural hair is bringing you bad luck too abi?

      No worry nne,you and your bad luck go dey alright.

      *goes back to chewing tapioca.

    6. Why are you people so mean here?why are you mocking her? you want her to commit the suicide or What? if u don't have kind o encouraging words why don't you just pass? Later now you all will come out and show fake sympathy I anything happens to her.

  21. Happy New Month Everyone. May August be your best month yet.

    Onye Omam, sure you had a great one yesterday? Wish you an amazing new year.

    My lyrical maestro Xoxo, how are you boo? Plenty hugs and kisses.

    Swaggy, how are you darling? How preps? Kisses

    Congratulations to everyone celebrating one milestone or something else.

    It's been a year of great things for me and mine, can't thank Jehovah Overdo enough.

    Have a blessed one guys...

  22. Stella I love your sign out post

  23. Yayyyy, we here.

    Spoilers, kindly leave the young to find happiness be it on this Blog or another.

    Slimqueen, there is nothing slim about this your backyard ohhh. Lool.
    You look nice by the way, weight gain suits you.

    Jummy, i am happy for you, do not let 3rd class deter you from being happy

    1. @dreamcatcher, at least my back side is brighter than your future! I have shared my testimony please share yours. Ozwor

    2. Shut up with your dry comeback!
      Foolish thing

  24. Some people has bitterness as their surname. Na wa.

    Faces of ihn, una fine

    Thank God u @ bv jummy.

  25. BV Jummy though I've never been in your shoes but I understand your pains. Thank God for your positive spirit. Keep moving forward.

  26. Hello IHN!!
    Happy new month everyone! God will bless us more this month. Great lady, nah I didn't disappear. Well my book goals is for the whole year and so far, it's 27 both novels and otherwise and it's sweeting me. Iphie Dearie!! You're magical!!.
    Chikito bae!! Thank you!!. I'm a Super star already, and you're a super star too as far as I'm concern.
    Pipi Lee with that fun personality ehh, you will age gracefully.
    Stella of life issa a baby girl for life.

    I was talking to a friend, and she asked me to describe myself with just one word. And I'M like, I know I'm a Goddess.

    1. Muaaaaaah. All girls should really see themselves as princesses and goddesses. Its a pity some girls see themselves as mops to clean the floor with.

  27. Goodafternoon stella please check the thank you mail I sent to you , for the giveaway (shirts) I received on Saturday for my brother . Thanks

  28. When you’ve done something wrong admit it and be sorry. No one in history has every choked to death from swallowing his pride....sometimes the things we cannot change eventually end up changing us....BLESSED UP EVERYONE

  29. God why me at the age of 29 I have just 3k in my account no husband no friends (both male/female) no job no hand work I am so tired of this life d only food I can buy everyday is bread thinking has also become my nxt food I can't even change my hair I can't buy cloths, shoes my toiletries it seems my own world is different from others I cry and pray every day and night for God's blessings Lord I knw you will surly remember me one day I will keep on worshipping you I can never think of suicide because I know u will put a smile on my face one day

    1. It is well with you babe. Keep pushing. As for the skills, you can beg for someone here to train you for free or for a token in any skill you love. Some bvs have benefitted from free training in the past and some even got their start up tools here too. You can come out with your blog id and plead without being ashamed, you will surely b blessed. Remain strong.

  30. Fab Mum adding to Great lady 's suggestions, i think you should get e books too cause it's more convenient for me. Carrying books everywhere can be a job sometimes but once I have the e book, as long as I'm with my phone, I'm with books too. That way you can read when you're in your business place. And you won't forget to bring book along due to other domestic things occupying your mind cause your books are in your phone.
    But I understand that the smell of books can't be ignored sometimes and you might prefer to inhale your books when reading. I know, it happens to me too. But just get some e books and see from there. I hope the zeal will be very much up, compared to before.
    Good luck!

  31. Happy new month Stella and awesome bvs. πŸ‘Œ

  32. Congrats jummy
    Nice faces up there

  33. hahahahaha stella you are now mama connector? Abeg continue connecting them jare.

    Goodluck to una ooo.

    Pastor's daughter you too join me dey drink zobo? Oya come and take 12 strokes of canes for ya ynash

  34. Stella , if not fair oo. See the way you made me run to open the domestic violence dairy just to realize is the old one you posted some time ago. Please we asking for the Diary 2 . thank you

  35. Never doubt your ability to be great. Always be on positive and firm on your decision as certainty is the master key to a successful life.

    Stellz doesnt know how much you do in peoples life
    You re God sent and never give up
    Afternoon everyone, come and join me...ofada toh badt with orisirisi

  36. Beautiful weather we have here today.
    countdown to Lagos Parry
    Ama slay that day meeeen....

    yinmu.... I never pay the money sef, I never sure yet whether I go fit attend

  37. That sign put post is all I see.
    people get complacent quick...

    That man coming here to claim woman, take your time o, don't spoil show for someone or you tender your evidence in peace.

  38. Bv jummy..... I typed enough but it all disappeared before I could post it,so am going to summarize it now lol.....I love how resilient you are towards being happy and how strong you have been despite all you have gone through as a result of the delay but I tell you this delay is never denial and God knows best why he allowed it all to play like this,if things are not working according to our plan it simply means it is working according to Gods own plan....that is just the truth and because we all still see a brand new day all thanks to him is just living proof.....see comedian AY who was also delayed in school due to one reason or another,and I know he also must have felt just as you do seeing his course mates and friends all graduate and leave and all doing things he wanted then but today the table has changed and we all know how he overcame all those obstacles and still came out very successful and that is just AY there are So many stories that starts like yours and always end up great....

    So keep the fire burning dear and never say never,make us all proud jummy😊

  39. Thanks to Stella and Isaac baba for the Data. First time getting something on Stella blog. To say I'm happy is an understatement.

    Anonymous preggo.

  40. My face is very rough I don't know what to rub that will clear my face

    1. Try natural remedy.
      I used mashed banana and egg white with original honey twice a week.
      The result was awsome

    2. use long rich tooth paste or Ethamol toothpaste.I'm not sure if i got d spelling. but dts how its pronounced.

  41. The lighter was invented before the match.

  42. Ahhh, Jummy your story brought tears to my eyes. Blessed.

  43. Chai,irony of life,someone is celebrating weight gain and am here working out everyday to loose weight

    1. Anonymous i tire oo, some doing everything possible to come down πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ some want to add. Congrats jimmy your story is going to change for good, God knows best why all the delay.

  44. I want to appreciate the kind man that did giveaway for men's shirt on Thursday last week, he gave me 6 beautiful shirts for my husband, he also gave me transport fare. May God replenish him and Bless his handwork.

  45. Afternoon everyone
    May this month favourite us all.

  46. I have dis Coursemate that I believe doesn't like me,anytime she sees me,she will eye me and pass but anytime I turn my eyes I catch her staring at me,I don't know if it's my mind or she's planning evil against me tho,I just can't wait to finish

  47. She sounds like an internet troll. If your man is two timing you like you claim, why not take it out with him instead of trolling SDK blog. As Stella suggested, share a pic of him with her so she compares and contrasts with the pic she has. Or else take a back seat and stop fooling yourself.

  48. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeees..d Lord has done it again..
    Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa if mouth were all over my body it still won't b enough to thank him..
    Stella and my fellow bvs God gave me and my household an August gift,its almost 6 months after my wedding and I just confirmed few minutes ago DAT I'm pregnant...
    I'm bursting with joy,I couldn't wait for my hubby to get home before calling to tell him..
    D lord DAT did For me,will also do it for all bvs praying for a miracle like dis.
    Onise iyanu,
    Awesome God,
    Miracle worker,
    Promise keeper,
    Lion of d darkness,
    Dat is who u are.

    I HV a secret to share abt dis testimony,God has a way of dealing which each an everyone of us,is all abt listening and practicalizing it.

    For indeed my case is different..

    1. I thought it was Lady bug I saw, I had to go up again and check. Cos the lady bug I know is a poor student and begs with her other blog Id

    2. Congratulations Lady J, we share in your Joy. May that Child bring you happiness and open doors.

      Bless you.

    3. Wow congratulations dear to you and your hubby....august will favour us all amen

    4. My sister is pregnant. πŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒπŸ’ƒcomgrats love

    5. Congrats dear. U shall surely carry to term. And deliver like the Hebrew women.

    6. Aawwuuuuu...thank u all,really appreciate and Amen to all ur prayers..@swaggie sis me...thanks boo..

    7. Aawwuuuuu...thank u all,really appreciate and Amen to all ur prayers..@swaggie sis mi.thanks boo..

    8. Congrats my Edo sister.☺☺☺☺☺

    9. Congrats dear..
      God is Awesome.

  49. Jummy I am so happy for you. I just realized what I have taken for granted. No carryover ever, no missing script, no result disappearance, nothing just a smooth ride in school even till postgrad and I say thank Lord. I pray that the years the cankerworms have eaten will be restored in your life. The way God does His things I believe your testimony is just starting.

    This life some of us celebrate losing half an inch in body size others are celebrating weight gain. Chai!

    DoppelgΓ€nger thanks a bunch. I have books waiting to be read. I am on 'The Thing Around Your Neck' by my favorite author courtesy of your beautiful self.

  50. In response to 'A Testimony Worth Reading'by Jummy

    Dear Jummy,
    I don’t know you but it seems you just reeled out my life story. I attended OAU also, started in 1997 and graduated in 2004.
    I was meant to graduate in Year 2000 but I learnt that one of the 2nd semester courses I had passed was not found. I cried my eyes out because this means an extra session. I felt like a disappointment being the only girl in my family. I went back to school, did few electives in addition to the course not found. I passed them all and was glad all has ended finally. I went to school believing I would be posted for NYSC, lo and behold, I was informed that the result of that same course which I had to retake could not be found (At this point, I knew forces from my father’s house were in charge :) :) :) )
    My parents could not believe I had not been rusticated, they came to school, met my course adviser before they believed I was still a student. Naturally, home was fire, insults at every opportunity. Just like you, I kept away from home, from friends, family and the world generally.
    I had the second extra session, did my exam and passed, (I was praying and fasting like no man’s business at this point).
    I was posted for NYSC and the joy in my household knew no bounds. I finished NYSC in March 2006, got a job in April 2006. I started working before some of my mates that graduated in 2000, earned more than some that started working immediately, did and still doing better than some financially.
    Jummy, I have seen God work and there is no questioning of His ways. He is the one that restores the years that we have wasted.
    I have been married, being through a divorce and now re-married happily to the most loving and handsome man …………………….. this God is the God of a second chance and many other chances, full of grace and mercy.
    My covenant with God is a covenant of peace. In all situations I have peace and I know you shall surely have also. Below is my holding scripture Ezek. 34 v 25 – 30, personalised for you my darling Jummy
    ‘‘I will make a covenant of peace with Jummy, and cause wild beasts to cease from the land; and Jummy will dwell safely in the wilderness and sleep in the woods.
    I will make her and the places all around my hill a blessing; and I will cause showers to come down in their season; there shall be showers of blessing.
    Then the trees of the field shall yield their fruit, and the earth shall yield her increase. Jummy shall be safe in her land; and she shall know that I am the Lord, when I have broken the bands of her yoke and delivered her from the hand of those who enslaved her.
    And Jummy shall no longer be a prey for the nations, nor shall beasts of the land devour her; but she shall dwell safely, and no one shall make her afraid.
    I will raise up for Jummy a garden of renown, and she shall no longer be consumed with hunger in the land, nor bear the shame of the Gentiles anymore.
    Thus the world shall know that I, the Lord her God, am with her, and they, the house of Israel, are My people,” says the Lord God.’’

    1. Thank you so much Kiara, I am not jummy but I just had to thank you for this. God bless you abundantly!

    2. I am also not Jummy but thank you.

    3. Aww tnxx Kiara for looking out for Jummy with such powerful prayers.

      You're a good lady.
      Women assisting each other.

  51. Dear Jummy, let me share a story with you...
    When I was in final year, I had a bunkie who was in hundred level. She is older than me but smaller. I asked her how come she got in late and she told me of how she wasted years being sick. So sick that she had to be relocated to another country (a French speaking neighbouring country)
    Anyway, she got admission to study foreign language in my school and guess what? She graduated as the best student in her time. While she was sick and in that other country, she learnt French. While others were struggling to understand French as a course in 100l, she was tutoring them French.
    When I was graduating, in my convocation book, she was celebrated as the best student in her own 100l year and got a cash prize while me that I thought was ahead of her graduated with a 2:2. I so loved that girl
    And today, despite the fact that I graduated almost 7years ago, I'm not working, without a penny, very frustrated and she is successful at what she does. I think she graduated with a first class or maybe a strong 2:1.
    So my darling, encourage yourself in the Lord. Thank Him that he sent an amazing shoulder in the person of Dee. Dee, you are appreciated. God bless you.
    Stella, I love you. You have done beautifully well in the lives of blog visitors. Your reward is both on earth and in heaven in Jesus name.
    Cheers girl.

    1. Princess Scheherazade1 August 2017 at 17:22

      Anon 15.51
      God who sees all things will turn your delay into dancing in Jesus Name.

    2. 15:51 thanks for sharing.

  52. Anonymous 14:30, if you live in Lagos, pls, contact me. Let's be friends.

  53. Where is that bv that used to comment with 'get your own blog?" or something something like that, I need his/her contact. Pls comment with ur contact.

  54. hahahahaha slimqueen you too dey answer people. Dont mind them. You are beautiful and we have all seen it. carry go jare. Nothing do you.

    Join my ministry jare .....zobo drinking hahahahaha

    1. Hahahahaha. I love you much my yori yori princess! Thanks mami

  55. May the Lord bless me this month
    Favour shall locate me
    Showers of blessings shall rain upon me
    Testimonies shall not depart my lips
    I shall contiue to testify the goodness of the Lord upon my Life. Amen

    #I need a part-time Job, Location: Jos

  56. @ Affordable Accessories.

    I am not Foluke Daramola. Though we were in school at the same time, she graduated before me because of my two extra sessions. You must be an OAU graduate.

    People's stories may sound alike, you know.

    Have a beautiful day and God bless your hussle.

  57. Slimqueen you're beautiful!! Weight gain πŸ’ͺ🏼 Congrats to you 🍾 They won't understand how hard it is to gain weight πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    @queen face of iHN I think you're beautiful too πŸ’‹πŸ’‹

    @benin babes I hail oh πŸ™ŒπŸ½ The yallows!! 🌟🌟 Are you related to kidjo? Cc:night fliers association #jk lol

  58. Ahh, Stella. I read the DV post. What finally happened to Ms Kay. That her story is shocking, a human being passed through all that? Jesus!!!😱😱😱😱

  59. Oh Jummy​. Be calm. All will be well.

  60. Sister Jummy...Thanks for sharing ur testimony
    Am going through something similar to urs and This ur testimony just gave me little life.I key into ur testimony with faith


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