Stella Dimoko International/London Tatafo Season 83


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Sunday, August 27, 2017

International/London Tatafo Season 83

Tatafo is live in Chicago!!

I told y'all that this amebo work is going global. So as a round off for the summer holiday, na so I take carry my legs travel enter Yankee. I never drop my luggage before I begin hear hot hot gists.

Straight from the airport my friend begin yan me say Chicago people hot pass my London people o. I say for where? Na so i put ear for ground. Tatafo was hinted about some ladies in chi town who are highly controversial. So Today, I'll gist you guys about two of the most talked about ladies in Chicago.

Oh la la la la la!!!!

Na people wen sabi them tell Tatafo say these two women are single mothers. One is in her early 50s, tall, light skinned and busty with numerous tattoos, while the other is in her late 40s, short, dark skinned with a massive something too.


The latter we gathered, is known to be a lewd talker who used to be a 'cause trouble' on social media until she was dealt a heavy blow. Rumour has it that she has sampled almost every guy in town and she's fond of disgracing them in public afterwards. A grapevine source also said that she has a case of sexual harassment pending against her by an American who accused her of molesting and touching him inappropriately in public.

Double Hain!!

We were told that she's a mother of one, but is finding it really tough living in chi town due to her poor financial status. Another amebo told tatafo that this lady migrated from a neigbouring country that sounds like 't*toh' to Chicago because the authorities in t*toh land were after her for an illegal act she supposedly committed. So she fled to Chicago with her child.


Tatafo was linked to an unhappy woman who wanted to bring a fresh case of husband snatching against this lady. Its a very deep story. But as usual I have to investigate it before I bring it here.

The other lady!!

The story of the second lady with numerous tattoos is as dramatic. The gist is that she's known for setting up her friends against themselves. And most of these friends are younger than her and doing better. We were told that she sleeps from one house to the other because she has no means of sustainable livelihood and cannot afford to pay her own rent. Also, nobody understands why she has refused to get a job. Gist has it that many ugly incidents in Chicago involves this single mother. According to friends, She's known to be a street fighter and is always buying goods on credit but never pays her debts.

Na wah!

An explosive story on the light skinned lady is also coming soon because full investigation on what she did recently to the person who brought her story here is still on full gear. This is just a peep into the main story. Coming soon!!

Una sabi Dem?

Mbok I'm still in sheridan in CHI town till next week, so amma put my ears to the ground for more hot gists about the people of Chicago. God bless America. Tatafo's next stop is....????

To send any hot gist to Tatafo, send a mail to Please note that all stories will be verified before we publish them. Thank you.

Tatafo Will be back
Catch ya!

Stella my bae

Helloo tat


  1. Tatafo is here....decoders oya o, food is ready.

  2. 1st lady Detola Aduke, 2nd i dont know!!

    1. Detola Aduke Sweetest ke !!! So it's true after all ... she took off from Toronto

    2. Detola Aduke and Eniola oke now known as eniola o abiodun. We dey wait una for Sept 9 o! Maximum shishi await una. Una colour go change.okbye

  3. The short,dark one is Detola Aduke.and the tall and light skinned one is Eniola oke abi na Abiodun. I don't live in Chicago,na London i dey but i sabi dis gist die. Hehehehe,amebo things

    1. Na wa oh. U decoders are the real Mvp's

    2. Tataafo come back ere n complete dis gist. So it's tru Detola gat issues from Canada hmmm. And eniola gist Sef. Old woman wiv no life in Chicago. Onigbese oshi

  4. I always look forward to London tatafo. Well done madam

  5. Nonsense story.. Successful eniola oke and detola Aduke the uber driver

    1. Taaaaaaaaa. Are you one of them?

    2. Kikiki so Deola drives uber for Real? Tataafo come tell us what chased her from Toronto to Chicago abeg.

  6. #A true relationship is someone who accepts your past, supports your present, loves you and encourages your future*

  7. Light woman is def eniola who was using Oke as her last name for years. Shameless ugly brokeass forced herself on that guy from Abuja.Stells buh her dirty gist was on dis blog dat time na. She has twin girls lives in section 8 house in chicago. Always Fighting over one otokoto man. Alapamasise kikikikiki

  8. Lmaoooo this gist sweet die!!! Chicago mamas Detola and Eniola awaiting full gist

  9. I be chi town person I live there yes na true tori oh no be lia 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  10. Dang! I fear una for this blog. Chi town people they here too.Geez!


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