Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 193


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Friday, August 18, 2017

Labour Room Drama 193

This one began asking people to help her dial JESUS when labour

Good day madam korkus, God bless you for the good job you are
doing,this is my own LRD experience.

So after carrying my little prince for 41 weeks omo I became really
uncomfortable and let me say apprehensive and I just couldnt wait to drop,
from that stabbing pain in my 'pekus' to all the restlessness at night
then the never ending calls from my mom to find out what is going on....

meanwhile my pregnancy was very smooth no problems whatsoever,so the
doctor gave me a date to come to be induced, a day to that day my
water broke in the house and I was so happy, 3 hours later I was in
the hospital,the doctor checked and told me I was at 3cm .

At this point I was not feeling anything,was just chilling my thing helping the other woman in labor to run errands sef,as 12 knack like this na so my eye
clear,like joke oo the thing start,back to back till morning 7am the
doctor checked me and said i am at 4cm, 4 Ginni??? 

All night, na so I burst cry ooo,by 10 I was given oxytocin drip and everything changed MA, I was in terrible pain,I started telling everyone oya call God for me
now, pls call Jesus for me plz tell him not to forsake me plus
cleaners,doctors,nurses,attendants everybody call Jesus for me lol e
nor funny,by 2pm they checked me n said 6cm am like that's it,call my
husband to sign them papers I nor dey do again,the doctor told me to
hold on just a little bit I still don't understand what happened 10
minutes later I was screaming I want to poop oooo at 2:30 I pushed my
little one out.

1 month today I feel truly blessed,thank you everyone may God answer everyone waiting.
like they say the pics is for your eyes alone.
God bless you

*Abeg,I didnt see any pics
Congrats on your bundle of Joy...


  1. Jeez women! A million gbosas for Una.... Ehen I didn't see the pics resend it abeg

  2. Congrats dear. To all dose that are pregnant,we shall all deliver safely and send our LRD too. Sharon, God has answered ur prayers, just a little faith.....

  3. Buahhahahhahaha
    I can imagine.

  4. Lol. It is not easy.


  5. Call Jesus for me, call doctor for me, very funny, was laughing all through. Congrat Ma.

  6. Congrats....Sharon, u shall share yours soon in Jesus name

  7. Lol @ i didnt see any pics. Congrats.

  8. Congratulations dear, thankGod for safe delivery. Every ttc mum shall conceive supernaturally and those of us on the que will deliver safely like the Hebrew women in Jesus Name.

  9. Congratulations amen

  10. HaaahaaahaaahaaaHaaahaaahaaahaaa! Funny someborri!
    Congratulations on your bundle of blessing.

  11. Lol, I can relate,me I was shouting I want epidural o.God is indeed great motherhood rocks

    1. This is fiance was saying no epidural,the way I shouted at him ehn. The pain of childbirth is indescribable.

  12. Congrats dear and so shall it be on all pregnant women.

  13. Replies
    1. Congratulations madam....God will keep him safe, Amen

  14. imagine being in critical pain for over 7 hours. God dey

  15. Hahahahahaaa call God ke madam u funny o..congrats kisses to ur little one..#motherhoodreallyrocks.....I pray for All the TTC women receive your bundle of joy IJN


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