Stella Dimoko Labour Room Drama 196


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Monday, August 21, 2017

Labour Room Drama 196

Sweet Story ....

Hello Stella I have been meaning to share my LRD but I haven't had the opportunity.. So I finally decided to write in. Please bear with me, it might be a long write up.. And forgive any grammatical errors.

Well my pregnancy was a very stress-free one. I didn't even feel pregnant at all 1st trimester was OK just didn't like smell of perfumes and if I go to brush in the mornings I usually threw up because I couldn't stand the smell and taste of the toothpaste.

Fast forward to my EDD. It was supposed to be February 28 but it came and passed and funny enough my Tommy was really small. You won't even know I was due. I used to tell my hubby that I don't want to eat too much because I don't want my baby to be big and tear my ponyor

I said when the baby comes out I will feed him/her fat. 

So the week I was supposed to put to birth I went to see my doctor (female) and she checked me and said she wonder why the baby wasn't forth coming because everything was perfect.

 Then she decided to give me a little ponyor massage and told me to go home that it would hasten the labour.. Then at about 11pm I saw the blood spotting. And I panicked a little so I called my doctor and she said I should start going to the hospital. But I decided not to go on the 2nd thought because I read on Google not to rush to the hospital.. 

So I waited till day break. I wanted to make egusi soup,i already made stew and I was feeling the cramp like menstrual cramps and my doctor called Me to know where I was and I told her I was at home ,she said do you want to have your first baby at home? I just left everything out of fear and went to the hospital (my husband was unavoidably absent.).

When I got to the hospital my doctor asked me to go and meet another doctor for check up and the doctor just measured my Tommy and said he wasn't sure I was up to 9 months that my Tommy was too small, I just called my doctor and she took me to the Waiting room and said I have to be induced, so she just inserted the drugs and left.(3pm).. 

I was just busy watching other women shouting and singing and I was like *God I need you I don't want to shout like this women*

My husband was just disturbing me with calls and I told him *baby when the labour starts I won't be able to pick your calls o with what I'm seeing here*.. 

Fast forward to 6pm the original labour started .o boy I said this is it. The nurse told me madam Pls don't push oh.. I said OK o.. At about 7: 30pm the contractions became very close. No body attended to me. In fact one nurse said madam are you sure you're in labour with all this make up on your face.
Then finally at about 8pm I beckoned on one of them to come check me cos I could feel my ponyor opening (all this while no one even came to check how dilated I was)

So immediately the nurse said lie down she screamed bring wheel cheer ha! This lady Don almost born oo..

O boy see race to labour room. When I got to the labour room and laid down the midwife asked if this was my 1st and I said yes..meanwhile my water didn't break so the midwife had to break it. (I was really looking forward to seeing how my water was going to break)so she gave the Instruction to push when the contraction comes,(all this while Oga has been calling o.. Who dey see road to pick call but the man dey call, I just gave my phone to a nurse)

Back to the main event .after 2 pushes I just saw scissors and i said *O God my ponyor Don go oo* after all the I don't want my baby to be big talks.. After then, 1 push and the most handsome prince in the world came out.. He weighed 3.4kg. And I was sutured.

After delivery I had another terrible experience ..

The midwife told me to seat in warm water,with salt and detol so I did without knowing I wasn't supposed to let water touch my wound.

1week later when I went back to collect my babys certificate I decided to show my doctor and she said it has been infected I needed another suture (that was going to hell and back.. ) After the suture I couldn't even walk it was 100 times more painful than the very day of delivery.. Anyway my Prince Charming takes all the pain away because he is the happiest child I have ever seen.. He is 1yr and 4months now. I thank God for his mercies..

Thanks for reading...
As for the TTCs God will make you experience a stress free pregnancy and delivery. Amen..

Stella sorry no for your eyes only, I'm sure your gallery Don full....

*LMAO@Ponyor massage...are you serious?...your preggy was really stress free oh.


  1. Hope the ponyor didn't slack sha?

  2. Congrats dearie. Delivery is no joke mehn. To all TTC, may the Lord God Almighty put smiles on ur faces.

  3. Aww sweet experience, kisses to your Prince Charming

  4. Congratulations poster....I kept imagining everything...

  5. OK thanks for the story. .i was able to pick up something - don't let the hot water et al. , touch your ponyor

    That reminds me o. of friend just gave birth and they "Sutured " her with the new plastic abi rubber thread . So she told me that the nurse warned her not to sit on the hot water thing or else it will melt.

    Really ? Okay if yes how else will you heal that place quickly ?

    1. My dear,
      The water should be warm, not hot and it is suppose to touch your ponyor. The salt and dettol keeps the area from getting infected as you cannot wash until it is healed.
      I did this deligently (as instructed by my nurse) for about 6 weeks and it totally healed.

  6. You are one of the few lucky ones. Congrats to you. God bless and keep him

  7. What is it with Nurses asking aboit the makeup on your face?
    I still don't get it.
    Congrats to you maam.

    1. They probably expect you to clean it off or sweat it off when contractions come.

  8. Congrats dear , God bless your home

  9. Congrats.

    I have a question for the doctors. If the veejay is as elastic as claimed, why the need to cut it during child birth? I just don't understand this

    1. Its like a rubberband....if the perineum muscles are very flexible and the babies head circumference is ok...there wont be a tear.
      Some rubberbands are hard to stretch..*wink

  10. Mothers pls, how do u resume sex after delivery?
    Feels like im loosing my virginity again. Any tips for a less painful experience? Hubby has tried, waited abt 4 months.

    1. My dear,
      Me sef wan know.
      I abstained during pregnancy and 2 months after, we resumed...but even with lubes, penetration na work.
      Just keep at it will feel normal again.(so i've been told)

  11. Walahi very sweet stress free pregnancy and delivery.. Chai sorry o that stitching pain too no be here... Congrats madam

  12. Congrats madam.

  13. Congratulations dear I'm next to testify in Jesus name Amen

  14. Amen
    Congrats dear
    Beautiful story


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