Stella Dimoko Pro-Buhari Protesters ‘Shut Down’ Abuja


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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Pro-Buhari Protesters ‘Shut Down’ Abuja

Some Nigerians have shut down Abuja, the nation’s capital in support of the President Muahhamdu Buhari-led government.

The protesters, under the aegis of Coalition for Good Governance and Change Initiative have converged at the Unity Fountain, Abuja singing solidarity songs in support of the Nigerian government.

Some of the placards being displayed at the protest ground include: ‘the system is working, no cause for alarm, ‘we repose confidence on President Muhammadu Buhari,’ our president is recuperating, Nigeria is moving forward.

Meanwhile,DAILYPOST reports that the anti-Buhari protesters have deserted the Unity Fountain.

They are currently marching to the Presidential Villa.

*The Pro might also be same people from the Anti-team.


  1. How much were they paid?

    *Larry was here*

  2. Lol.Country full of dramarians

  3. No police tear gas on this one?

  4. These ones must be paid campaigners.
    Area father- Charly is spitting fire accusing Nigerian senators and honourables for joining hands with Buhari to sabotage Nigeria


  5. Will they use tear gas on them? na question ooo since na pro buhari.

    Nonsense people

  6. Replies
    1. Don't mind the power drunk old man!

  7. Confused set of people. Mtchewww.

  8. They should continue. Must be always have anti and pro. What point are they trying to proof, they don't need this protest to show some still sympathize with the president.

  9. Stella you are so right. Nigerian youths and the little bribe they can receive from politicians explains the reason why these old folks will remain in power.SMH

  10. Paid supporters or brainless supporters.

  11. Exactly Sdk! Kikikikiki
    Na laff I dey o! Naija kenan!

  12. This one "shut down"? Nah,I don't think so. These are a few hungry folks paid to hold up placards. Jokers.

  13. Let them continue to deceive themselves. Which system is working? The good thing is that been a pro- Buhari does not mean you will go to market and carry bag of rice for free or for less the price.

  14. My people, did we elect President Buhari just to treat him? A great conflagration is coming to consume these placard carrying sycophants. Their mates are in the farm...

  15. Stella you are soo right
    For a thousand and five hundred some people are ready to sell this country I'm pretty sure some of them there don't even have money for their children's school fee's
    Anyways someone will say all na hustle

  16. Stupidity is when you can protest that Buhari must return from London or resign for being on medical vacation for 3 months but you cannot go and protest at British embassmy in Lagos and Abuja to return Deziani that ran away for over 2 years also in London after running your country's treasury empty.

    Stupidity is when in the 90's you led the million man match for General Sani Abacha to continue his reign of tyranny in Nigeria, you now cannot match for the unity of our great country which is threatening to break up all over, but you can protest against a honest president who's on medical leave. A president who has promised to resign if his health doesn't get better. A president whose actions haven't gone against the Nigerian constitution. As if them too no dey sick or affairs of government no dey continue coz he is not around..

    Nigeria is more like a lost course coz we only celebrate criminals, murderers, and corrupt people. Everyone is waiting on Buhari or government to come and clean their poop for them after toilet. They think Nigeria ATM has a president problem, but they don't know that the problem is majorly from you and.

    They think the problem is from buhari now and they are in a haste for him to resign and leave the office, but mark my words, few years after he's gone/left, these same Nigerians eyes will clear and they'll start singing his praises of how he was the best thing that happened to Nigeria in recent years.

    I'm in my house come and beat me

    1. Can't wait for that few years to come abeg

    2. @Otaswifey dis ur mouth na ebelebe!!! U is wicked... Are u Floyd Mayweather or Antony Joshua chai u just murdered EESAH choi....

  17. Buhari has succeeded in tearing Nigeria apart and now he is no where to be found, let him come and finish what he has started, cos what he created must consume him. he wants to rule by fire by force, oya come and rule na, na sickness. You must rule oo!

  18. hmmm
    e reach to demonstrate na!
    Don't know where dis country is headed to. If the law is backing these guys den buhari better resign

  19. Thsee are paid protesters who don't even care for the country as long as their 5k is available...I weep for my country Nigeria😢😢😢


  20. Oga police, no tear gas today?

  21. These are certainly paid to counter the previous.. It's a shame!


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