Stella Dimoko Saraki Seeks Alignment of Education Curriculum With Industry Requirements


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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Saraki Seeks Alignment of Education Curriculum With Industry Requirements

President of the Senate, Dr. Abubakar Bukola Saraki, on Wednesday stated that Nigeria’s university curriculum and teaching methods must be upscaled to reflect the demands of employers from both the public and the private sectors.

Speaking on the need for the country to urgently reposition its educational system to reflect current domestic and global realities like rising unemployment and the need to strengthen the economy to make the nation more competitive internationally, Saraki emphasized that many university graduates from Nigeria, are currently not being equipped with the appropriate skills that they need to perform in employed capacities.

“This situation requires the urgent intervention of all stakeholders in the education sector,” the President of the Senate said in a statement by his Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, Yusuph Olaniyonu, in Abuja. “What we have on our hands is an influx into the workforce of many graduates who are unable to meet the demands of both the public and the private sectors.

“In order to reduce the incidence of unemployment and make our country more competitive going into the future, we must immediately work to ensure the careful and constant realignment of what our young people are learning in the classrooms, with what the employers expect from them at the workplace.”

The President of the Senate also cited a need for a deliberate approach to boost reading, writing and comprehension, starting at the primary school level, as both skills are necessary in all sectors.

“Both reading and writing must take front and centre-stage in all that we do moving forward. It is clear that these two skills constitute the foundation of all other subject areas.

"This is why even before they get to university, we must ensure that our children know how to write — because this inability to convey their thoughts clearly on paper has become the bane of many young and otherwise bright Nigerians that are seeking employment, both within and outside the country," Saraki said.

The President of the Senate stated that at the resumption in September, the Senate will mobilize its relevant committees to work with education stakeholders to develop clear-cut strategies on how to move Nigeria’s educational system forward.

“At this point, we can no longer sit by and watch our educational system slide below acceptable standard. Education is the bedrock of all development, and right now, our bedrock is faulty, so we must fix it,” Saraki said.


  1. I agree to disagree. Space booked. Will fire comment after mid-week service. 😁😁

    1. I'm not Saraki's 'fan'. But he is soo right. Too many half baked graduates produced by Nigerian institutions. The teaching curriculums need to be upgraded from the ones we used post-independence etc.

      Also, we need country-centric education patterns to fit into their economic system. E.g: An MBA in England will teach you how to function as a professional manager in an organisation, think for others and how they depict your action. But an American MBA will teach you how to go for the kill, speaking more about independence and how to develop contingent strategies to cripple your competitor. These two tutoring methods are specific to the economic environments. So if a country like Nigeria that is yet to develop its sectors are still using British curriculum to teach, then application will be a probelm for the learner. This is another reason why our graduates do better in well-developed economies.

    2. However, a very intelligent graduate who didnt have the right understanding of his economic environment, can gain it in the work environment. Many private organizations know this and they recruit unexposed intelligent graduates, pay them little in exchange for the personal developments they offer them, and groom them to fit into the world class standards of their international colleagues - incrementally increasing their paycheck. Does the Nigerian public sector do this? Most don't even use computers and won't encourage an 'ignorant' graduate to. So the Government has to start by stepping up their operations and basic work culture, remunerations, trainings, etc. Make the govt organizations enviable to work in (Not just for bribes) and use that to depict the kind of candidates you will be seeking, so that education boards will adjust their curriculum to fit, etc etc. So, Mr. Saraki charity begins at home.

  2. Lol is that what ur son that just graduated told u to do? Ok noted

  3. U must start by making sure that teachers are not owed salary because a hungry teacher is an angry teacher and cannot impact much on an empty stomach

  4. After doing all that, will their kids be graduating from Nigerian universities?
    "Politrickal" Rhetoric; the more you look the less you see.

  5. Preparation for the presidency. if you like go to the moon and back ,you will not rule Nigeria. Don't forget to increase the alfa's on your pay roll cos you need them now more than ever. Awon ole jatijati.

    1. You are very correct.. The juju he is using on people of kwara is deceiving him. Very evil man, wonder how he sleeps at night.. Holding a whole state captive.. May Almighty Allah judge you for the innocent pple of kwara suffering because of your greed.. Eni ibi, alaye baje, okanjua..olohun lo ma da fun e bukola saraki



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