Stella Dimoko Woman Set On Fire Over Dowry Demand Has Died


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Sunday, August 20, 2017

Woman Set On Fire Over Dowry Demand Has Died

This is so sad!!!...A woman continues paying dowry for as long as possible and is killed because she decides enough is!!!

A suspected dowry death was reported in west Delhi on Saturday as a 24-year-old woman died from burns after she was allegedly doused with kerosene and set ablaze by her husband and his family the day before.

In her dying declaration, Parvinder Kaur told a magistrate that her husband and in-laws set her on fire when she visited their home in Vikaspuri on Friday morning to collect her son’s clothes, almost a fortnight after she was thrown out of there.

She was writhing with 90% burns when her family, who lives in the same neighbourhood, reached her. Kaur was taken to Safdarjung Hospital, where she died on Saturday morning.

Deputy commissioner of police Vijay Kumar said evidence collected from the spot confirmed the woman’s statement.

“We arrested the victim’s husband, father-in-law and brother-in-law. Her mother-in-law is on the run. These people were at the spot when murder was committed,” the officer said.

Police pressed murder charges against the arrested people and might add dowry into the case after recording statements of the woman’s relatives.

Kaur married 27-year-old Gurcharan Singh in 2012. His family lives close by and runs a motor parts trade in Mayapuri. Her parents too are in the same business.

The woman’s family alleged that trouble began soon after the wedding as Singh and his family began demanding money.

“Initially, we obliged and kept giving cash whenever they asked. But we were unable to fulfil their recent demand of Rs 10 lakh,” brother Jasmeet Singh said.

“They were infuriated with our refusal and evicted my sister and her four-year-old son from the house,” he alleged.

In her statement to the magistrate, Kaur said her husband and in-laws were ready with kerosene and a match box when she entered their house.

Her husband and his family told investigators that they never demanded dowry, but the fatal attack happened as he suspected her fidelity and the couple often quarreled over it, police sources said.

India has strict anti-dowry laws as harassment, assault and murder of women are rampant in a greedy patriarchal society steeped in the age-old tradition of a bride bringing property or money to her husband on their marriage. The dowry demand often continues for years.

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  1. Wickedness of the wicked, oh my goodness, so her in - laws burned her?

    1. Yes o they burning her no b only burned

    2. Anonymous 14:54 burned or burnt can be used. You just exposed yourself

    3. Anonymous 16:51 keep kwayet the correct answer is 'burn'

    4. Without even reading I know say na India. Mtsheew

  2. Na wa oo. Wickedness every where.

  3. See d fine woman. I bow for Indian people and their annoying culture though. Not enough that a woman pays her dowry there but will kontinu kwa like wtf? Hianest!

    1. Annoying abi demonic, very wicked set of people with their fetish ways.

  4. What a culture. What a people!

  5. Isi gini?

    That yeye practice should be abolished. Useless man, i hope he burns on earth for this, Hell is too far off.

  6. May they all die a slow and painful death

  7. Can u imagin,,,u will marry me and I will pay ur groom price...
    Hausa people the bride comes with everything.. Bed,clothes, food,even if the man is unemployed all he need to provide is an empty room..the girl's family does it all.
    Rip to her

    1. Hello,@ Sharon.
      Good afternoon.
      Good to see you back.

      God got you..
      You double testimony is loading soon.

  8. Na wah oo for India culture.
    Rip pretty lady.

  9. India with their upside down culture,
    Very demonic.
    I tell these empty-brained girls to forget all the glam they see on Zee World(how one can watch that channel beats me).
    Not surprised though; the serpent who tempted Eve when cast out of Eden landed in India.

  10. Evil family, may they all rot in hell

  11. Wickedness in high places..
    Sickening tradition....
    See as they wasted this beautiful woman...

  12. #When people say they'd like to be in your shoes, it's usually after the difficult journey is finished*

  13. Indians are so wicked. Unbelievable wickedness; whether you live or work with them, all you experience is wickedness. How were they created? Some research needs to be done on Indian genetic make-up.

    1. And they will come to Nigeria and be behaving any how.

  14. Wickedness.

    RIP woman.

    God take care of your soul

  15. Man inhumanity to another..
    May she RIP

    chim-oma a.k.a. Miss Kapusu

  16. Such sad news.


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