Stella Dimoko Brouhaha In Brila FMSports Radio Involving Former OAP's Murphy Ijemba And Sean Amadi


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Thursday, September 14, 2017

Brouhaha In Brila FMSports Radio Involving Former OAP's Murphy Ijemba And Sean Amadi

The above mentioned men decided it was OK to bite the fingers that fed them and now they are regretting their actions!

Obviously having given deep thoughts to their action, as well as the implications, ‘Away-Without-Official-Leave’ OAPs with the Larry Izamoje-led Brila FM, Murphy Ijemba and Sean Amadi, are now begging for pardon and forgiveness.

We learnt that the duo, after days of abandoning their duty posts, following a re-organization exercise at the popular radio station, on Friday, September 8, 2017, officially tendered their letters of resignation – which the management was still looking into as at the time of writing this.

Sounding very remorseful, Ijemba and Amadi, this time, adorned a totally different toga – thanking Dr. Larry Izamoje, Brila FM chairman for the opportunity he gave them and also urging him to forgive and forget.

Mr. Amadi, for example, ended his own letter thus: ‘And as a true son, like the proverbial prodigal son, I will not hesitate to call on you whenever the need arises. I am eternally grateful for the opportunity God gave me to work, learn and grow within the Brila family…’

Mr. Ijemba, on his part, said: ‘…I would like to sincerely apologise to Dr. Larry Izamoje and the Brila family for whatever embarrassment my regrettable actions and inactions might have caused them personally and corporately”. Adding that, ‘To err is human, to forgive is Divine. I am indeed sorry. Please accept my sincere apologies…’

Ijemba and Amadi, hitherto of Brila FM, Nigeria’s pioneer all-sports radio station, it would be recalled, had taken to the social media days back to spread some negative stories about their employer following their redeployment to other belts in the station. However, to set the records straight, Brila FM issued a statement, stating exactly what happened. Now, they are begging for forgiveness.

Ijemba, an insider squealed, was yet to liquidate a N2 million car loan which he got from the company before his regrettable action.


  1. dynamics, one thing is constant in life and that's change. I didn't see this coming

  2. See what hasty decisions has caused them.

    Anyway goodluck on your new search for jobs. Next time, think before doing nonsense. Just because your fans and tables says you two are doing good jobs, you allowed it to becloud your sense of reasoning.

    Una forget say, once you leave, the next person eyeing that seat has already taken over even before you carry your books or pens from your table.

  3. That's what you get when you act without taking the time to weigh the pros and end up looking foolish and taking back your word which also makes you lose some if not all your credibility built over the no radio station would want to touch them coz of their childish outbursts...lemme come and be going biko....

  4. Exactly Brenda, I hope other radio stations will consider them, because truly they acted wrongly

  5. Attitude is king!!!. No matter how good you are on the job but have a bad attitude, you are destined to fall. If I was Brilla, I would let them go. No one is indispensable

  6. Okay oh. Goodluck to them in their new place of employment. Next time they would look at all the options on ground before they act.

  7. Hahahaha @ insider squealed 😂

    1. Me sef laff piss for leg.
      Same insider see both resignation letters.
      Same insider knows Ijemba get outstanding loan. Hian.

      Una go dey alright last last no worry.

  8. Chai! Hastily decided.
    They were a good duo though.
    Sad how it all ended.

  9. Hasty decisions at the heat of anger is not always the best. I have learnt from my past mistakes. These days no matter how angry I become I try as much as possible not to make any decision until I have cooled down. I wish them all the luck they need. It is just like mashee when she was at wazobia, she was winning award here and there, and then she took employment elsewhere, they killed her career there. I pray this should not be the case for Amadi and ijemba.

  10. I knew Larry way back in the late 80's as my senior colleague and I can authoritatively say that he is a kind hearted man! He is honest therefore those two had to eat their words! Dr Larry is a veteran sports journalist of repute and a man you can confide in.

  11. Good for them.....Once they get some little fame, they think too highly of themself......their eyes go clear soon

  12. They should go and open their own radio station if it's easy.

  13. Absolute thrash! That the duo apologised for their actions doesn't mean they're begging to return. Why didn't the Brila management quote the part of the letter where they were begging to return? Rather they shamefully mentioned he's yet to liquidate a car loan. The whole counter PR has hate & Pettiness undertone. I don't work there, but in another station and have been around for a while and understand this management thrash! Before you attack me, I'm a management staff, so have been a part of both sides. Whoever handles this Brila PR is VERY PETTY and won't cheaply deceive those who understand the industry and read in between the lines.

    Just to add, Larry could be a nice guy, but we all make mistakes which makes no one perfect!

  14. I don't believe this report for the following reasons:
    1. no picture evidence of the letters purportedly written by the duo.
    2. if management was still considering their letters of plea, why the rush to do this?
    3. still no evidence of the letters of redeployment to other stations as claimed by mgt.


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