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Thursday, September 28, 2017

Educative,Entertaining And Inspirational - 726

These are just pictures but they tell stories that will either Educate,Entertain or Motivate you.


  1. Interesting.......number 1 is so true, it is addictive.

  2. So true @fact 1.

    Wow @fact 3. All interesting facts today.

  3. My boy doesn't get close to my phone, I even warned his cousins never to give him their phone.
    I hate when some parents pets their little ones with phone or tablet.

    Fact 2, I'm a super fan of the walking dead! I read somewhere that they paid some of those walkers five thousand dollars per episode, and there are thousands of people trying to audition for the role.

    Dr. Ruth. Strong and intelligent woman.

    1. Bless you madam. The annoying aspect is when kids just pounce on anybody's phone and their parents will just be looking and smiling and telling you how they fight over their phones and the child will just be crying. The only day I allowed a child in my church touch my phone, he finished my one month data in like five minutes. I no fit cry I no fit talk. Next time he walked towards my phone I didn't know when I warned him off. Cone and hear cry. I no send. My child plays with his toys only for now.

    2. You're on the right track dear! Buy them a toy phone instead.

  4. I raise beyonce hands for sex therapist/Sniper.. shes good with the Pistol & Penis, aiming & firing the intended target, not everyday u see a lady that brings pleasure in the sheets & dsnt take shit in the battlefield.

    Ive always been against giving kids smartphones, it dsnt help in boosting their IQ level, they'd rather play games with it than use it for educational purposes.. playgrounds & fields are scanty lately, cus theyre busy indoors with gadgets, instead of stretching those bones & learning to be street smart, im proud to be born in the 80s men! we're the butterflies of the rockstar world.

    1. ๐Ÿ‘๐Ÿ‘.
      They bought my 15yr old sis smart phone recently. Everything she does is now with phone oo including her assignment which is on textbook. Every night by 10/11, she is still pressing phone.
      Annoying part of it, she opened facebook and was commenting 'hi' on all my recent post.
      Have told her I will make my parents seize the phone before I leave the house.
      One great disadvantages of 21st century. So much to deal with.

  5. Post 3: a like a woman that can handle a gun indoors and outdoors ๐Ÿ˜‹

    Post 2: unlike those black paint and red lipstick witches and spirits we see used to see in some Nigerian movies.

    Post 1: children and gadgets. Especially smart phones. When I was an Usher in my church's children department I had this terrible habit of ensuring civility by simply sitting with my ipad and playing a game. All the kids would gather around silently staring and drooling. That would always guarantee some quiet for about 10 minutes until their mums come to whisk them away. They would even be reluctant to leave. The next trick I used was promising the most disciplined child a go at the game after the church service. All the horrid Henrys would immediately become perfect Peters. And you'll be amazed at how quickly they pick up the games. I'm proud and embarrassed to admit that my high score in Temple run was broken by a 4 year old bespectacled boy.

    @TGW masquerade? Really? LOL! Well I've heard a child say he wants to be Jonah so he could ride in a whale and another say he wants to be Adam so he can make things right. Children say the most random things.

  6. That smartphone fact is soo true!

    I have managed to wriggle my way out of getting my eldest one for a couple of years now. Her birthday is in a couple of months.And I know we wil have the phone conversation again๐Ÿ˜‚

    We have Bn doing that for some years now๐Ÿคฃ

    I have exhausted all tricks and all gimmicks and all explanations as to why she can't have a smartphone now. I told her it doesn't even make sense cos I mean she has her IT gadgets. Then there is the computer and then her Smart wrist watch. So why a smart phone?๐Ÿค”

    And she looks at me with the most innocent eyes and tells me "But mommy it's not a phone and I have Bn a good girl"

    Awwwwww and my heart juts melts. But come when she goes to boarding school,there won't be any escaping the phone. Yes there wil be a phone quite alright but not a smart one๐Ÿ˜Š

    I loooove women who know how to use guns๐Ÿ‘Œ
    Sophisticated guns esp๐Ÿ‘

    Seeing her reminded me of that hot chick in "The Inglorious Besterds"

    1. TGW, you love women that know how to use guns okwaya. Are you sure you don't know how to use them urself ?

      I 'feared' you that day you were listing guns like they were juice.
      I have been suspecting you since that day. Even Atheist had to doff his spiritual cap for you.

  7. Sex therapist and a Sniper at the same time? Now, that's mind blowing.

  8. I love the walking dead!!!

    1. Why won't u love it. Don't u remember ur ID?

  9. Fact 1... Children should be kept from smart phones until they are well into their teenage opinion though
    Fact 2... I love love the walking dead
    Fact 3... so amazing...knowing how to beat females in the bedroom and men in the field.

  10. Mmmmm Mmm@ fact 3.... that's ehhh......

    But damn!... don't they have nightmares seeing themselves like that?... i hate horror movies!.. argh!!

    That fact 1 is quite true, even in some adult cases. My smartphone is slowly but steadly been addictive to me. My mind keeps reminding me God's commandment.... Don't have another idol besides me. Damn! life is spice less without smartphone nah.

  11. The 1st is 100% fact...

    chim-oma a.k.a. Miss Kapusu

  12. On the contrary, I really don't see anything wrong with allowing ur kids to use ur gadget, the world is going smart and it will be very unfair if u deny your kids the opportunity to fit in. I could still vividly remember when I was in Kindergaten, we use slate to write, before I graduated into using pencil and pen, but nowadays you can no longer find slate in our schools, and I believe that a day is coming when you won't even find pen and paper in schools anymore, so I don't really buy into the idea of not allowing your kids to use ur smart phones.

  13. Fact 1 is so true. .my daughter of 2years 5months can do unimaginable things with her dads phone. And u dare not interrupt her she will threaten to beat the person and even ask "am I your mate" lol

  14. @ fact 1 so true. Children with smart phone is something else. But as for me, no games on my phone so my kids don't even bother getting it. Hubbys so is a no no, cos half the time his phone is busy. @fact 2 yes now. That film scared me big time. Hahaha at dealt Dr Ruth both ways were it matters most.


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